Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 25: The Ocean Stirs the Heart Part 2

Megumi is resting in bed as she caught a fever the day before. Everyone asked her to take a rest and Blue volunteered to look after her.
This week's Precure is Cure Diamond-My favourite Cure from Doki Doki Precure!
Yuko cooked some porridge for Megumi while Seiji prepared a hot water pillow for her. Blue offered to take the pillow and porridge to Megumi which make Seiji a bit irritated (Since he saw Blue carrying Megumi to her room last night) but he acted ignorance to it.
Blue fed Megumi some porridge when Hime and some of their classmates who also came to the resort, visited Megumi. The classmates met Blue for the first time and make a wild guess that he is Megumi's boyfriend but Blue claimed he is Hime's relative. Iona told everyone to fall in for training which later Seiji asked Hime about Megumi. She told him about Blue feeding her but Iona was getting impatient and dragged them for training.
After running for a while, Hime complained she is hungry and wanted to start a barbecue which everyone agreed and Iona had to give in. Seiji volunteered to roast the food while one of the classmates, Rin told her friend, Kana that she wanted to know if Seiji and Iona are dating together but Kana claimed that they are just sparring partners.
Megumi could smell the food outside and woke up. She then asked Blue what is his relationship with Queen Mirage. He claimed he hurted her feelings a long time ago as a result, her heart was corrupted and now hate the whole world. Blue swore to battle against her but Megumi deduced that he couldn't do it since he has feelings for her. She hoped that maybe by communicating, the Phantom Empire and Earth could co-exist someday. Blue thanked her and told her to call him "Blue" instead of Kami Sama instead.
Hime was called by Rin and Kana and they wanted to ask if Seiji is seeing anyone however she does not know anything. She went back and asked Yuko if Seiji is seeing anyone which she hinted he has a crush on someone. (Hime's mind started cracking to find out who is it)
You know, Hoshiwa is hot in a bikini...
While the three Saiark generals are complaining about Love is in the air, Seiji went to see Megumi and she is feeling better already. She started calling Blue by his first name which got Seiji surprised. Megumi later came down with Seiji and told everyone she was all right now. Seiji decided to fish some oysters (I am not sure if that what he is saying) in the sea and went to the beach.
The Princess Mermaid!
Hime followed him and used the Mermaid Precard to dive into the sea. However she knocked herself onto some rocks and nearly drowned if Seiji didn't came to save her. He later gave her a band-aid which got Hime all flustered. Namakeruda appeared in front of them and turned Rin (who happened to meet them) into a Saiark.
The girls transformed and quickly defeated the Saiark. (This week's Saiark is not very strong plus Cure Lovely has not fully recovered) After getting a new PreCard from Ribbon, the girls returned to the resort. Later Seiji went to get a new band-aid for Hime and Rin followed him.
Blue is a Pimp!!!
She finally confessed her love to him however Seiji apologise as he has a crush on someone else. Hime, Yuko and Iona overheard it which Yuko told Hime that Seiji like Megumi. Hime's mind started overloading again from all the news and Megumi (Who doesn't know anything) wondered what's wrong with Hime...
A continuation of last week's episode and I got to say Blue is really a pimp. With his good looks and cool manner, every girl was flustered by him. However I am guessing he is oblivious that he is unknowingly giving wrong signals to Megumi and Seiji. At the rate things are going, Megumi or Seiji might do something foolish in the future which is going to hurt all three of them.
But Hime started to have feelings for Seiji as he saved her from drowning and gave her a band-aid. Yuko is the shrewd one since she know what is going on but rather see nature take it's course. Iona doesn't have feelings for Seiji for now but who know what will happen in the future.
Other than finding out that Seiji has a crush on Megumi and Hime is getting dragged into their relationship, this episode is pretty weak since the Saiark is Rin and she make a comment that she got turned into a Saiark again. Next episode, Hime and Seiji got tagged together and they got involved in a little adventure. See you next week to find out!


  1. I laugh so much when Rin said again!!?

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  3. I know that Hime has a crush on Seiji but I hope that Seiji and Megumi get together for two reasons one they have more history and looks so cute together and two in the movie preview it looked like Hime gained a crush on someone else and I loved that she was ok that Seiji liked Megumi in episode 26