Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 17: Supporting You My Way!

Megumi, Yuko and Ribbon wore Ouedan costumes for Seiji's upcoming Karate competition. Hime was reluctant to join them and suggested they should make bento for him instead as a form of support.

This week's Precure to start the show is Cure Rouge!!

The other two girls agreed and "pushed" Hime to do the bento. They told Seiji about it and he thank Hime however she claimed she was doing it for Megumi and Yuko. Later Seiji and Iona had a training session while Hime asked Megumi why she is willing to support Seiji. She even suggested that Megumi is in love with him but she denied claiming they were just good childhood friends. She told Hime that once she see Seiji performing Karate, she will understand better.

The next day, Hime tried many times in making the egg bento but she used up all the ingredients. Feeling frustrated, Hime volunteered to buy more ingredients and left. After buying the ingredients, she came across Seiji who is training alone. She started complaining to him that she is doing all the bento for his sake. Seiji apologise and told her that he will help her once he finished training.


Hime saw Seiji has bandages all over his body due to his training and she compare herself who only got a cut on her finger. She asked Seiji why he is into Karate and he replied that is probably Megumi's influence which Hime didn't understand. Meanwhile Seiji's upcoming opponent was training nearby and he was turned into a Saiark by Oresuki.

As the two were walking, they saw the Saiark causing a disturbance. Hime transformed and battle it. Cure Princess has her hands full when the Choiark was about to pound on her but Seiji stepped in and claimed he will handle the Choiark. But the Saiark is a Punching bag which absorb her attacks and she was getting beaten. Sudenly Cure Lovely and Cure Honey arrived to help.

Cure Honey used Coconut Samba to weaken the enemies while Cure Lovely handle the Saiark alone. Seiji told Cure Princess that when they were young, he was influenced by Megumi that she will do her best to help others which is why he was into Karate. Cure Honey also like her attitude which she asked Cure Princess that isn't everyone was influenced by Cure Lovely's attitude.

Cure Princess agreed and Cure Honey used her healing powers to restore her health. They then team up together and finished the Saiark. On the actual day of the competition, Hime presented Seiji her egg bento which he commented that it is delicious. (Ribbon got two new PreCards too) Seiji later won the tournament and everyone was happy including Hime who learned a valuable lesson...

This week is about Hime learning to support others. Initially she was reluctant to support Seiji claiming it is a waste of time and she felt embarrassed wearing the Ouedan costumes. Although I was kinda of wonder did Megumi and Yuko plan to have Hime to do the bento for Seiji so as to teach Hime the importance of supporting others. If they were, these two girls are pretty shrewd. Hime also saw Seiji working hard despite his injures when she compare herself she only have a cut on her finger.

Seiji and Yuko claimed they were influenced Megumi's attitude of giving her best to help others which Hime also agreed that they were somehow influenced by her. We also see some new skills like Coconut Samba can create volcano from the ground and Cure Princess's version of punching gloves which she called it Twin Magnum. Oresuki also spoke a famous line from his other character from Jojo Series-Dio Brando's "Muda, Muda, Muda" which means useless.

Next episode, the girls goes to a wedding ceremony for some reasons but Hoshiwa want to ruin it with a Saiark. See you next week!

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