Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 6, Gaworare Ep 7, Love Live S2 Ep 7, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 8

Date A Live S2 Ep 6: Shido in Shiori get up asked Touka, Origami and the female trio of classmates to form a band in order to compete against Miku. However Origami overheard the plan of capturing Touka and Shido leaked by her superior.

Later Miku invited Shido for a date in the festival but he dislike her using her powers to get what she want. This make Miku more determined to have him and hypnotise his classmates not to come for the performance. Meanwhile, Origami defended the school hall aganist the DEM forces alone while Shido, Touka and the Yamai sisters performed on stage after Miku.

However the sound system was damaged which Shido is unable to use his female voice. Suddenly Touka started singing and everyone seemed to enjoy her performance. Meanwhile Origami is losing powers and more DEM reinforcements have arrived...

This is an okay episode with more of Miku's character as she is a spolit girl who abuse her power to get what she want. Shido tried to talk some sense to her but she is too stubborn to listen. Though it is nice to hear Miku and Touka singing on stage but we got more problems as Origami is all alone against dangerous odds...

Gaworare Ep 7: Ruri concluded that the girl in the white dress is Megumu which Souta was surprised. Megumu explained she is visiting her sisters nearby in this get-up. (Souta still think Megumu is still a guy) Later Souta introduced Kurumiko to everyone and hope that Mimori could use her authority to allow Kurumiko to join their school.

Tsugumi even bride Mimori into letting her going out a date with Souta which she reluctantly accepted. She went out with him but Mimori was trying hard to be feminine. However Souta want her to be herself which she agreed to help Kurumiko. However her request was denied by the board.

Souta have no choice but to leave Kurumiko behind but when they came back, she was brought by Mei who somehow allow her to join the school. Souta and Mei had a talk on the rooftop which she explained her powers is artificial and has limits. She explained to him that she belong to an organisation who watched over the world's movements and is worried that Souta might shift the balance.

Mei showed Souta an alternative world where everyone he knew does not remember him or died if he did not come to their aid. He even met his teacher, Miyuki in the same ship accident who has now become the main character of that world. Souta could not believe his eyes and was accelerating his death flag. Mei decided to change his fate by absorbing his death flag however Sakura appeared and remove her powers and memories containing the alternative world. When Souta woke up, Mei has no recollection of what has happened...

If I put it in lay men's term, Souta is actually like the Fates in greek mythology in another word, a god. That why the organisation send Mei to observe him. However Mei has feelings for him and she risked her life to save him and lose her memories in the process. Although it is kind of sick to see Nanami, Akane and Kurumiko killed if Souta didn't came to save them which mean he has already alter the fates of everyone he know and is sending everyone to an unknown future.

We also get to see Mimori who has her issues with her sick older brother and why she has a superior attitude. Anyway with Souta knowing more about his powers, he must now choose if he want to know the truth of the world or led the world to disaster...

Love Live S2 Ep 7: Honoka's mother and sister showed her the results of her physical test and realised she has gained weight. However Honoka did not believe until she could not even wear her old idol costume. Hanayo also gained weight too which led Umi to have both of them on a strict diet.

Honoka and Hanayo skipped exercises for a week and went to eat instead. Umi caught both of them and trained them harder. Meanwhile Kotori accidentally allowed the Art Club to have their budget approved before the budget meeting and tried to make amends. Eri wanted to help but Honoka insisted they will handle it.

During the meeting, the three of them apologise for the blunder and tried to compensate the budget by 80%. Everyone gave in which Eri and Nozomi realised they should let Honoka and the others run the council...

The first half was pretty funny with Honoka and Hanayo trying to skip their diet and went to eat instead. Umi should be called Drill Sergeant Umi as she is tough on the them which even Maki commented to Kotori that Umi is tough on Honoka. But Kotori replied that Umi cared for her which is why she is strict on her diet.

The second half was more of serious and how a little blunder can go out of hand. Even though Eri wanted to help but she realised she is no more part of the council and even Nozomi said that it is not their time anymore. But I could see that Nozomi has some issues as we will see in the next episode...

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 8: Tony recalled his time with Nozomu who came up with an idea to categorise the different classes in the DISK and Tony suggested to have a party for the invention and asked Nozomu to bring his two sons to America. At the present, Iron Man explained that the DISKS allowed different users to use a specific classes of heroes or villains.

He volunteered to break into the tornado and pass the Hulk Disk to Ed or Jessica. Although Akira does not want him to go, Iron Man insisted as he make a promise to him to bring his father back. Ed spotted Jessica captured by King Cobra and the Wasp Disk is with Rosetta.

Iron Man finally broke through after Akira cheered for him and passed the Hulk Disk to Ed before knocking out. Ed called out Hulk which led the masked men to recall their villains who has beaten up Spidey. Diablo tried to hypnotise Hulk again but it didn't work and he flunked him up into the air. Captain America and Thor also arrived and Jessica broke free and called out Wasp too. The five heroes stand together with Captain America yelling the battle cry- "Avengers Assemble!"

Finally, our main five heroes are united and they are against Modok and the rest of the super villains. We also get an explanation of why different heroes and villains are classified in the DISK system. Iron Man is Tech, Captain America is Fight, Thor is Energy, Hulk is Power and Wasp is Animal. Tony also has a sense of guilt since he was responsible for organising the party and getting everyone into this mess. But now, our heroes are finally together and will they be able to handle the villains, plus something bad is going to happen to Spidey in the next episode!

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