Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 18: A Blessing from the Past

Megumi and Hime were having lunch at Yuko's eating house where she told them their family are preparing the wedding food for one of their regular customers. They even saw the engaged couple, Daisuke and Sachiyo to discuss with Yuko's parents about the wedding.

This week's Precure to open the show is Cure Peach! (All four members of Fresh Precure is complete!)

Megumi decided to help with the wedding preparations and dragged Hime along (Although she wanted to eat French food in a wedding party) Megumi got some of her classmates together to come up with ideas on for Sachiyo's wedding. Hime suggested "Something Old" which means they give something old, new, borrowed and a blue item to the bride as a form of good luck and happiness. Everyone agreed to Hime's idea after that.

Later, the girls were having tea when Hime asked the two girls what is their ideal wedding dress which Yuko replied a dress and Hime suggested Megumi wear a kimono for her wedding. Although Seiji preferred a dress for his future bride, Blue hinted them to remember the Precure rules. The girls later saw the wedding cake (actually it is a mountain of fried chicken drumsticks) and the engaged couple at Yuko's eating house.

Hime told Sachiyo about "Something Old" and wondered if her friends is willing to borrow her anything for the wedding. She replied that she wanted to ask her best friend, Hikawa Maria but she went missing for a while. The girls realised Maria is Iona's elder sister and they happened to meet her the way back. They explained to Iona about Sachiyo's request and she replied she will get back to her soon.

While the Saiark generals are looking around the city and Hoshiwa volunteered to ruin the wedding, Hime and Megumi got ready for the wedding and headed to the venue. Iona arrived and gave Sachiyo Maria's handkerchief as a blessing which she accepted it. After the wedding ceremony, Sachiyo was about to throw the bouquet when suddenly Hoshiwa arrived and turned the couple into a Saiark.

The girls quickly transformed and started battling the Saiark and Choiark. They were getting tied down when Cure Fortune also joined in the fight. Cure Princess used the Macadamia Hulu Dance card to make everyone dance along. Cure Honey then finished the Saiark with her Precure Sparkling Attack.

Cure Fortune reminded the girls to put more effort in their battles and she still looked down at Cure Princess. After she left and everything went back to normal, the wedding continued as the girls looked on...

Although this episode is partially a filler but it give some information and foreshadowing. We learned that Maria AKA Cure Tender has went missing for quite some time and her whereabouts are unknown. Hime asking Megumi and Seiji about their ideal wedding dress is foreshadowing of bad things to come. But since Cure Fortune is assisting the girls in this episode and the next, it will be a matter of time before she reveal her identify to them and joined them officially.

Next episode, the World Cup fever begin and our girls got involved in a soccer match. But first, Hime isn't very good with a soccer ball and Iona is an ace striker. See you next week for some Soccer Samba Action!


  1. Well according to wikipedia aswell as the wiki for precure, Ionas true identity is revealed in ep 22...looks like were about to enter the Iona arc and I expect things to get a lil more interesting with the enemies too because if you remember Queen Mirage told the 3 generals next time they mess up, it'll be bad (even though that was a while ago, lol)

    1. You should never trust Wikipedia.

  2. What a surprise that Cure Fortune isn't affected by Cure Princess form attack.

    1. So... the question is why she is unafected to Princess attack. Maybe because she still hate her?