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Quick Picks: Date A Live S2 Ep 1, Gaworare Ep 2, Love Live S2 Ep 1-2, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 1-2

Date A Live S2 Ep 1: Our story opened with Shido handling Touka and Yoshino's little mishaps before they started an another space quake. Origami was let off with two months suspension for her actions thanks to an appeal from Sir Issac of DEM Industries.
Origami...there is a time and place for that!

Origami meet Shido again and somehow still not convinced that Kotori didn't kill her parents. However Shido told her to give him time and he will explain everything. Meanwhile Touka mistaken Shido and Origami's meeting as an affair after watching a similar plot on TV not once but twice.

Touka's emotions nearly caused a space quake but Shido kissed her in order to calm her down. That night, Issac ordered his assistant, Ellen to begin their plan for Touka while Kurumi has her motives to become the strongest Spirit in order to kill the first Spirit that landed on Earth...

So this first episode is a re-introduction of the main characters however things are going to get bad for Shido and company as Issac has his own motives for Touka and Kurumi want to kill the first Spirit which landed Earth thirty years ago. But next episode, we are introduced to the Twin Spirits who appeared in front of Shido on his camping trip...

Gaworare Ep 2: Sota had a dream of his dead sister and a mysterious girl on the cruiser before the accident. The next day, Sota's childhood friend, Kikuno transferred to his class and was over protecting him. Sota, Nanami, Akane and Kikuno went to meet Tsugumi to get some help after they wanted to repair Sota's broken dorms.

He's a Trap!

Instead, Mimori, the head of the Student council offered to help to repair the dorms and even Akane got everyone in the class to help. Later, Sota met a classmate, Megumu who was happy that Sota take him as a male unlike everyone who mistaken Megumu as a girl.

After the dorm finished reconstruction, the girls offered to stay with Sota but on the first night, Megumu dragged him to peek on the girls' bathing time which he got a beating from Nanami. Later Sota found a letter addressed to him claiming he must find a princess, a knight, a caster and a ninja. He then remembered that the mysterious girl's name was Sakura and she granted him his powers...

We get to know how Sota got his powers from Sakura and he need to find the following people in order to change his fate. But the price is no one remember his dead sister after the accident. Kikuno is the over bearing sister character with some klutz within her. Tsugumi behave like an old lady, Mimori is the passionate student head and Megumu is a trap like Haganai's Yukimura. But can Sota figure out who the people he need to find?

Love Live S2 Ep 1-2: Honoka was elected as the new Student head after Eri step down. However the girls found out a new Love Live competition is coming up and they have a month to enter the preliminaries. Honoka didn't want to do it since they have already save the school from closing down but after realising that Eri, Nozomi and Nico is in their final year and the only chance they could make a name for themselves.

Honoka agreed to enter the preliminaries and the girls went to Maki's countryside villa for inspiration. Umi, Kotori and Maki entered a slump instead Eri got everyone to split into three group for inspiration. After a night of crazy adventures and star gazing, the girls finally got a new song to perform...

The girls are back and it is fun to see them trying to get things done. Honoka is laid back, Umi is the mother hen, Kotori is sweet, Maki is a tsundere, Hanayo, Rin and Nico are comic relief and Eri and Nozomi are lovely seniors. The first season was more of an introduction to the girls and their goal to save the school. Although they miss the first Love Live, it looked like they have an another chance to prove how good they are against the best school idol groups in the country...

Oh Peter, you never fail to amaze anyone...

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 1-2: Akira and Hikaru were invited by their scientist father, Nozomu to come to America for his latest invention with Tony Stark-D.I.S.K which is a device that capture and hold people into mini disks. However during the opening of the invention which is held at the super villains prison-the Raft, Loki appeared and together with a group of masked men, they released the villains from the prison and created chaos.

SUPAIDAMAN!!! (The Japanese way of pronoucing Spider Man)

Peter Parker was knocked out of the building by Crimson Dynamo but returned as Spider Man. He defeated Crimson Dynamo and was ordered by Nozomu to escort his sons and a briefcase containing the Bio Code Installer to safety. Along the way, they met Jessica, Ed and Chris who got lost in the building. Green Goblin confronted Spidey leaving the kids to run away on their own.

The Avengers have their hand tight with the villains while the Shield Helicarrier were attacked by more villains being released by a spy in the Helicarrier. King Cobra held Pepper Potts hostage and Loki ordered the Avengers to surrender. Hulk was the first to get captured in the DISK and other heroes follow suit.

Akira wanted to help the heroes but Chris was reluctant and even want Akira to surrender the Bio Code Installer. However Hikaru has a plan to save Pepper and perhaps the heroes too...

I know many Marvel fans were wondering did Marvel took crack and get on with Toei Animation in the bed? As expected, this show is for kids and not for the hardcore Marvel fans. But if you ignore the typical Japanese anime cliches, it is pretty good and some dark moments for a Marvel show. (Better then that childish Avengers Assemble series)

The Avengers looked good well maybe Captain America who looked like Megaman Star Force with a Shield and Iron Fist who looked like Blanka from Street Fighter. I am also happy that Spidey is part of the show and not the movie Avengers that we are used to and Marvel is using Wasp instead Black Widow which is a good choice since Wasp is a founding member of the Avengers. The action were good although you have to get used to them saying out their attacks like Optic Blast and Shield Throw. Hey, if we can accept them saying their attacks in Marvel vs Capcom series, I don't see why not here?

Of course, the kids are your typical Digimon kid sterotypes. Akira is the hot blooded kid who get Iron Man, Hikaru is the intellect one who get Thor, Chris the loner get Captain America, Ed is the nerd who get Hulk and Spolit rich girl Jessica get Wasp (Perfect match since Wasp is also a rich socialist)

Overall, a good start but there is more to come!

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