Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 11: Secret Honey Part 2

Yuko proclaimed she is Cure Honey which caught both Megumi and Hime by surprise. Yuko then introduced herself to Ribbon however Hime demanded to know how she got her powers.

Cure March..your hairdo will forever remain unique!

Yuko told them that her name come from the honey ingredient which she love so much but she was too hungry to continue and suggested to get something to eat before telling them further. They went back to Hime's house and ate some pancakes. Yuko recommended to pour honey on the pancakes which they enjoyed even more.

Blue returned from India and gave Yuko the spices she eariler requested him to get. Blue then explained to them that when he first came to Earth, he actually released love crystals all over the world, hoping that suitable girls can be chosen to become Precures. Yuko got hers right before Megumi became a Precure. Hime asked further why did Yuko waited so long to reveal herself and she replied that she wanted to make a dramatic entrance when Megumi and Hime are in danger and it felt more "delicious" appearing like that.

Yuko took her leave and told them to meet her tomorrow at the Hikari hill bus stop and she will reveal everything to them. Meanwhile, Queen Mirage learned about Cure Honey which Namakelda voluteered to handle her. The next day, Megumi, Hime and Seiji arrived at the bus stop and they were informed by Yuko thru the Cure Line to head north to meet her.

Hime still have doubts about Yuko and they arrived at a paddy rice field. They spotted Yuko planting the rice plants and she told them the field belonged to her grandparents. The grandparents mistaken them as volunteers and told them to work in the field. Hime was complaining about the work and fell down. Yuko offered to help which she refused (and fell down again!)

Hime suffered some bruises on her arm and Yuko went to get the first aid kit. Namakelda appeared and turned Yuko's grandparents into a Saiark. Megumi and Hime quickly transformed after seeing the Saiark. The two Precures were moving slowly in the muddy field and the Saiark caught hold of them and "planted" them on the field.

Yuko tried to offer a sweet to Namakelda which he swept it away. Yuko caught hold of the sweet and was angry at Namakelda. She then transformed to Cure Honey and began singing her song. It affected the Choiark but both Namakelda and the Saiark were untouched. He claimed that he find her song annoying and has no effect on him.

Cure Lovely and Cure Princess managed to break free and caught hold of Cure Honey. Cure Princess then reprimanded Cure Honey that as a friend, she should told them earlier about her powers. Cure Lovely teased that Cure Princess do care for Cure Honey a lot. The three girls assembled and battle the Saiark. Cure Honey used the Popcorn Cheer Precard from Ribbon to defeat the Choiark. She then used Precure Sparkling Baton Attack to defeat the Saiark and save her grandparents.

After everything went back to normal, the group enjoyed some onigiri and Yuko told them her power come from the delicious food she make, the hard work and the smile of people that make her Cure Honey. She also admitted when she learned that Megumi and Hime are Precures, she was shy and worried at first on how to approach them. Hime knew the feeling too and their bond became stronger as friends...(After Yuko joked that they are going to another paddy field to work)

We now know that Yuko is a bit of "my own pace" kind of girl. She doesn't give a direct answer but instead take her own time to make sure everyone is comfortable but moving on. (Hime is the complete opposite by the way!) Blue is also a bit of a cock-tease. He claimed earlier that he didn't gave Yuko her power but in fact he "did" gave her power but indirectly. It was only after this episode that we learned that Blue actually spread the love crystals to find potential Precures which probably explained where the foreign countries' Precure came about.

Cure Honey's transformation look similar to Cure Rosetta with the clovers and her Baton is quite good since it can be an attack weapon or a spell caster item. However Namakelda is immune to her singing which I am suggesting that he might be more "heartless" than Hoshiwa and Oresuki. It could also mean that Cure Honey might have to change her song in order to counteract this problem in the future. By the way, did anyone notice that Cure Honey's first two lines when she is using Sparkling Baton Attack come from Splash Star's Sprial Heart Splash?

Next week, Megumi's grades are dropping and if it continue, she might not allow to be become a Precure! Can she overcome her grades and a Saiark baseball game to continue becoming a Precure?! See you next week to find out!


  1. I agree with you about Blue, he think he slick, lol. As for Hime, she definitely is the "pot calling the kettle black" right about now. How she gonna get mad that Yuko kept her precureness a secret when both her and Ribbon know why Cure Fortune is upset with Hime and refuse to tell anybody...smh. Theres a lot of secrets going around and I honestly believe Blue knows a lot more than hes saying as well, including info about the Phantom Empire which will probably all come to light towards the end

  2. I think Hime is a hypocrite. She wants to know who Cure Honey is so badly but doesn't want to know who Cure Fortune is.

  3. And thats because she know Cure Fortune dont like her as of right now, lol

  4. So Blue is pretty much the Precure Pimp, spreading his love seeds across the world like a stud and making these pure girls work for him ....