Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 12: Tests is like a Ball Game!

The class received their test results from their form teacher. Seiji was 2nd in the school ranking while Hime scored full marks on her English. However Megumi and an another classmate, Yamazaki were the failures in the class.
Cure Heart...Your Heart is Big as your Love!
Their teacher told both of them that they have to take a retest in a few days time or else they will get extra remedial lessons after school. Hime and Yuko volunteered to help Megumi and Yamazaki in their studies in which Hime used the Teacher PreCard to "push" them harder.
After an intensive lesson, Yamazaki went for his baseball club training while Yuko cooked a meal for Megumi and Hime as a form of encouragement. At their lair, Blue and Ribbon walked in and learned about Megumi's re-test. Blue told her that if she doesn't pass the test, she will not be allow to become a Precure.
Megumi was determined to work hard but felt asleep during her studies that night. The next day, Hime continued to drill Megumi while Seiji helped Yamazaki in his studies. After the study, Yamazaki was walking back home and was complaining of his studies. Namakelda overheard him and turned him into a Saiark.
The girls and Seiji saw what has happened and quickly transformed. After clearing the Choiark, Cure Lovely was comparing the battle to her studies. Namakelda started tauting her but Cure Lovely rebutted that her friends will support her. The Saiark started firing baseballs at them and Cure Lovely created Lovely Rising Bat and challenge the Saiark in a ball game.
Cure Lovely was only able to hit the baseball out of the field but not a home run. Cure Princess called for a time out and Seiji was suspecting that the Saiark is throwing different curve balls each time and it followed a pattern. Cure Lovely headed his advice and was able to figure the next curve ball when it threw.
She scored a home run and finished the Sairark with Pinky Love Shoot. After Yamazaki recovered, he was motivated to work harder and the girls gained two new PreCards from Ribbon. Later, their teacher informed Megumi and Yamazaki that they passed the re-test and everything went back to normal. (Except Megumi want to do less studying and more Precure time which got Hime in a fit...)
A kinda of filler episode which show how intellect the girls are. Hime is pretty smart to get full marks in her English. I am not sure about Yuko but I think she is all right. Seiji was ranked 2nd in the whole school which I am wondering if Iona was ranked First since she is pretty smart too. Megumi was completely a klutz similar to Nagisa, Nozomi and Love in terms of studying. She tried to be optimistic about it but when Blue told her her ultimatum and that got everyone worried. But everything eventually worked well in the end. (sort of!)
As we reached the first quarter of the series next week, things are about to get serious as Queen Mirage has enough of her generals' failures and send in her trump card-Precure Hunter Phantom. Megumi accidentally landed into Blue's secret place and learned more secrets about the Blue Sky Kingdom and the Phantom Empire. See you next week!
P.S: I put up a poll to ask you what episode title you want for next week. If you can come up with a better title episode, leave it in the comments and I will mention you next week! Enjoy!

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  1. For next week a simple "The Hunter" seems good enough. Or if you want something a bit longer try "The Hunter and the Hunted".