Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quick Picks: Witch Craft Works Ep 9, Buddy Complex Ep 9, Robot Girls Z Ep 7-9 FINAL

Witch Craft Works Ep 9: Kagari started training Honoka and threw him off the rooftop in order for him to wake up his familiar. Instead he created a giant size Kagari wearing a nurse uniform with glasses and punching a building at the same time.

As they are resting, Kagari recalled a dream in her younger days as a young man believed to be Honoka told her they will be together in the future. Later, Kazane discovered magic bombs that are placed all over the city by Weekend, the mastermind witch of everything that has happened so far.

Weekend detonated the bombs and force Kazane to use all her magic in order to protect the city. Without magic, Weekend captured her and told her she will capture Evermillion. Kagari realised what has happened took Honoka to a secret lair underneath the school.

They were approached by Rinon and her witches who are aware what is going on (Except Honoka) and shot him with sleeping darts which caused Kagari to sleep instead. Rinon brought them to a room for their safety. But Weekend send a familiar and told Honoka what is going on. Kagari destroyed the familiar (and broke the wall in the process) and escaped to the surface...

So the battle for Honoka's Evermillion begins as every witch is after them since Kazane has lost her power temporally and need at least a week to recover. During this time, Kagari and Honoka will have to out hide and outwit everyone especially Weekend whose powers is yet unknown...

Buddy Complex Ep 9: Dio was suspicious of Aoba after he returned back to the ship. The head of the Coupling System, Dr Fermi arrived at the Cygus and wanted a demonstration from Aoba and Dio.

After the demonstration, Dio asked Aoba did he met Hina at the island which he did. However Aoba now know that the Hina of the past is gone. Dio then taunted him that he still doesn't believe that Hina could have brought him to the future. They started fighting and Aoba called him a siscon as he is more concerned about his sister, Fiona.

Lee and the others broke up the fight and the two guys ended up in separate holding cells. Dr Fermi came by and he was amazed by the "chemistry" between them and explained the Coupling system was a way of transmitting thoughts instantly without delays. Dr Fermi's former assistant, Hahn who defected to the Zogailia told Alfried and Margaret about the Coupling System's weakness-The five minute time limit.

Margaret led the attacks on the Cygnus and the pilots sortie out including Aoba and Dio. The Zogailia started firing waves of missiles at them hoping for the Coupling System to run out. During the battle, Aoba and Dio started arguing again but they were taking down waves of missiles. When the time limit is up, the Coupling system was still active and Dio defeated Margaret's mech.

She was saved by Alfried and they retreated. However Dr Fermi died of injures due to one of the missile hit his ship. Meanwhile, Alfried told Hahn of his next plan and they got reinforcement in the form of Hina's father, Lieutenant Commander Ryazan...

Somehow, Aoba and Dio have overcome the Coupling system's commands and is able to maintain even longer than expected. I am guessing that the minds have become so attuned with each other that although they are arguing in battle, their battle levels have far exceeded the system's parameters. But Hahn and Alfried plotting a plan to take down the two pilots, Hina got a surprise that her father who is supposedly an excellent military fighter has came to assist them. This is going to lead to some awkward moments between Hina and her father in the next few episodes...

Robot Girls Z Ep 7-9 FINAL: Baron Asura was in a slump after countless defeats by Team Z. When two strangers gave her a new mech which is basically a giant cute Baron Asura with destructive powers, it quickly defeat Team Z but at the last moment, the mech required a software update and was defeated.

However the two strangers happened to be minions of Ankoku Daishogun who proceed to take down Team Z easily. Luckily Team G which comprises of Getta Robo and Steel Jeeg arrived and defeated the minions. But Ankoku Daishogun was too strong for the five girls until Team T and Minvera X arrived but it is still not enough.

They spotted Ankoku Daishogun's back has a zipper and went to unzip it. It revealed a little girl, Yami no Teioh which is also the CEO of the Mikene Empire and evil super villain. Yami tried to escape but her gateway vehicle (the faulty giant Baron Asura) blew up and everything went back to normal...not after Z-Chan destroyed Texas Mack's van one more time...

Final Thoughts: For a show that poked fun at the Toei Super Robots series, it was pretty hilarious and sometimes ecchi! (Don't lie, you want to hug Grenda-San in lingerie or Gre-Chan in her school swimsuit) The only problem with this show is too short and only three episodes per month? I was expecting Getta and Jeeg to appear in the second set of episodes but it was nice they bring the original Robot Girls team-Team T to have some competition. I want to see more of Getta as she has her trio of butlers who are the original Getta Team pilots-Ryoma, Hayato and Mushashi and Getta Change is kinda of interesting somehow. By the way, with all the Robot girls together and using their version of Dynamic Special with the song "Robot Gudan" playing in the background was awesome!

Even the villains who are more of like bully victims are interesting especially Doublas M2 and Garuda K7 who are my favourite villains in the series. Of course, Team Z overpower them in every way which reminds me of Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner in some aspect. The running gag is that Texas Mack's van get blow up in every episode. Poor guy even in parodies, he never get the respect he deserves. Overall, I like the show a lot and hope Toei will do a full length series rather than shorts about the girls. Until then, ROCKET PUNCH!!!

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