Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 5: Helping is Happiness!

Hime has gotten a bit more adjusted to school and Yuko gave her a sweet as a form of encouragement. Megumi asked Hime if she want to come to her house for pancakes which she replied yes.

It's Ultra Happy!!! by Cure Happy!

As they were walking their way to Megumi's house, they spotted a boy who littered. Hime immediately use the Police Precard and ordered the boy to threw his litter into the dustbin. After that, they tend to an injured dog (Using Nurse Precard), finding a girl's mother (With Roller Skate Precard) and even help a man to prosper to his girlfriend.

Hime was tired after helping and wonder why Megumi still feel energetic. She claimed helping people will make everyone smile and feel happy about it. Yuko even greeted them as she went to deliver some bentos.

The two girls arrived at Megumi's home and was greeted by Kaori. She make them pancakes and let Hime try her home made jam which she like it. Later, Hime told Megumi that she admired her family as her parents are still trapped by the Phantom Empire. Megumi promised her that they will gather the Precards to free her parents although Hime asked what wish does she want if she gather the Precards. She replied she want her mother to get well as she is actually weak and needed regular medication.

Queen Mirage ordered her men to defeat the Precures which Hoshiwa volunteered for it. She disguised herself and pretend to be attack by Choiark grunts. The two girls transformed despite Hime's suspicion. They began fighting the Choiark in which Cure Lovely used Lolipop Hip hop to defeat the remaining Choiark.

Hoshiwa revealed herself and called Cure Lovely a fool in helping. However Cure Princess defended her which make Hoshiwa more angry. She called out the Saiark which was hiding underground and caught the two girls. Hoshiwa continued to mock Cure Lovely claiming she is just helping herself however Cure Princess rebutted she is doing for others and despite all the tireness and trouble, she still respect her as a friend.

Cure Princess managed to broke free and knock the Saiark out. Cure Princess then used Lovely Beam (Heat vision from her eyes!?) and Cure Princess used Final Bomber to weaken Saiark. Cure Lovely finally used Pinky Love Shoot to finish the Saiark.

After Hoshiwa retreated, Megumi told Hime she is happy to meet her and become a Precure. Ribbon also got five new Precards for their achievement today. As the girls walked back home, Cure Fortune and Glasses observed them from afar...

This episode is surprisingly subtle. No focus character, no major plot line. It is more like the day of a Precure when they are not fighting (Except the last part) But we get to know that Hime wished for her family back while Megumi want her mother to get well due to her health. Of course, they have to mentioned the word- "HAPPY" which Cure Happy appeared in today's opening. Also this episode, the girls used a lot of Precards to help and fight although I am wondering how many cards is needed in order to have their wishes granted? Did someone forgot to write that in the script? I am guessing 52 cards since it is usually the case for a year's worth of episodes but don't quote me on that.

Next week, Ribbon and Hime got into an argument and it is going to affect their battle!

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