Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 6: Food for Thought

Ribbon was making breakfast for Hime however she wanted to eat pancakes instead. The two of them began arguing and Hime stormed out of the house after that.

Megumi has just arrived when she saw Hime ran out. Megumi taste Ribbon's food and commented that it is good but Ribbon started complaining about Hime's attitude toward her. At the same time, Hime met Yuko and Seiji on a jog. She asked Yuko for some sweets but she isn't carrying any. But knowing that Hime was hungry, she took her back to her eating house for some bento.

After having a bento, Hime was feeling good but she still complained to Yuko about Ribbon's attitude this morning. Instead, Yuko suggested that she help in the kitchen after finishing her meal.

Seiji told Megumi thru the Cure Line about Hime's location. Megumi asked Ribbon to come along but she refused. Blue advised Ribbon that she understand Hime more than anyone else and Hime will eventually understand her feelings.

Hime used the Chef Precard to dress up as a chef. She entered the kitchen to see Yuko's family hard at work. Yuko brought Hime to peel potatoes which she complained about the large amount of potatoes needed. Yuko then explained to her that she enjoy cooking as she like people smile after tasting their food and when people cooked for someone, they are always thinking for that person.

Megumi and Ribbon arrived but Hime still refused to apologise. Suddenly Namakelda and his goons arrived with a Saiark. He ordered the Saiark to destroy Yuko's eating house which she tried to defend it. Megumi and Hime transformed and started battling the Saiark.

The Saiark tried to run though the eating house which Cure Lovely, Princess and even Ribbon created barriers to stop it's movements. Namakelda mocked them that cooking food for others is a useless thought. But Cure Princess rebutted that she now understand the thoughts for people who cooked for others which touch Ribbon.

They pushed the Saiark off balance and Cure Princess used Macadamia Hula Dance Precard to influence the Saiark including Namakelda into a daze. Cure Lovely then finished it with Lovely Pink Shoot.

After Namakelda retreated, everything went back to normal for Yuko's eating house and they have a long queue outside to buy their bentos. Hime gave Ribbon a croquette as an apology which she accepted it. (Ribbon got a new Precard too) However when they are walking home, Hime still want her pancakes and they started arguing again...

An interesting episode for Hime, Ribbon and Yuko's character development. Ribbon is like Hime's caretaker who take care of her whims everyday. But when Hime refused to eat her food, it got her upset and the trouble started. Ribbon won't take no for an answer which indicated she has her limits. Hime being a Hime (Pun intended!) has her spoilt attitude which is understandable since she is used to getting her way before the invasion. With no one to guide her before Megumi's arrival, it is no wonder Ribbon will lose her marbles sooner with that attitude around.

We also get to see Yuko's family which consists of her parents and elder sister. They looked like a happy family since everyone do their part in the eating house. Yuko also enjoyed cooking as seeing people smile while enjoying their food is her source of happiness. She also gave advices to Hime about her attitude to Ribbon which make her the peacemaker when she officialy joined the two girls in the future. I could see in a future scenario that Megumi and Hime will have some conflicts and Yuko will serve some food to calm them down.

The battle was pretty all right with Macadamia Hula Dance being a strong card that could even influence general-type Saiark like Namakelda. Next week, Hime is making a cake for a surprise party but the Saiark arrived to cause trouble. As the title indicate a new combination attack from the two girls, we have to wait until next week what it is. See you then!

P.S: This week's Precure is Cure Egret and we have a sneak peek of the NS3 movie in the opening. From seeing the girls going through about their normal lives and the return of Ayumi,(Cure Echo) Geruru and En-en for this final chapter of the NS trilogy. Unfortunately We have to wait until September or October before we can watch the home version of it but I will review it when it come out!


  1. i thought july the movie was released online

  2. O.o Ayumi appeaars on trh OP sequense. As every year, I wish to live on Japan to see precure movie on theaters instead of waiting for the DVD and BD realese and the respective rip