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Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 22, Log Horizon Ep 24, Samurai Flamenco Ep 20, Wake Up Girls Ep 10, Witch Craft Works Ep 11, Buddy Complex Ep 11

Kill La Kill Ep 22: Ryuko managed to tear off Junketsu and regained her memories. Mako quickly sent Senketsu to her and she quickly activted it.

Nui tried to kill her however Ryuko sliced off both her hands with both of the scissor blade. Nui was unable to regenerate and Honomaru rescued her in a retreat. Ryuko tried to gave chase but she has exhuasted all her energy eariler. The Elite Four then used the sucking device to rescue the captured people from the Life Fibers.

Later, Satsuki offered her apology for using Ryuko in the past and wanted Ryuko to hit her. However the Elite Four stand for her claiming they will give their life to protect Satsuki. Ryuko gave up on hitting Satsuki and Mako's mother served everyone food to ease the tension.

Ragyo was transporting the Main Life Fiber back to Honouji Academy which Satsuki deduced she will used the transmitter in the academy to send a signal for all the Life Fibers to enslave the Earth. Ryuko and Satsuki decided to keep Ragyo occupied while the others will go and knock down the transmitter.

As Ryuko and Satsuki headed to the sky, their ship is being attacked by a giant Life Fiber. Mako appeared in her two star uniform and prepare to battle with the others...

A good episode as someone finally make Nui reveal her true emotions and it seems that the scissor blade is the only weapon that could weaken Nui and prevent her from regenerating. But it didn't stop Nui from creating the ultimate Kamui (with her mouth!) Ryuko and Satsuki finally make amends and decided to head on against their mother. With two more episodes left, will our heroes be able to overcome the impossible odds to save the world?

Log Horizon Ep 24: Shiroe called up his allies to update him on the raising complaints given by the People of the Land. However as more complaints appeared, he is unable to find a pattern. He finally threw up a fit and went to take a breather outside.

He spotted Soujirou and his party who claimed they finished all the cakes in the cafe. Shiroe then had an idea-by getting Soujirou and his female compainons to patrol the city, they will be able to assist in the raising complaints.

Meanwhile, Lenessia who held a party for the adventurers was interuppted by Lord Marves, a merchant from the west. He was rude to Lenessia and demanded that his goods are to be shipped right away which she overlooked at it. Shiroe heard about the distrabance and appeared to assist Lenessia...

So by reasons unknow, someone is influencing the people of the land to create as much as trouble they could against Akihabara. But who could it be? Shiroe nearly gave up but thank to Soujirou and his party, somehow the complaints became lesser. But Lord Marves is giving trouble to Lenessia but I don't think he is the cause of the distrubance. With the finale next week, can Shiroe be able to find out who is responsible and the festival be able to finish in one piece?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 20: Sawada claimed responsibility for the explosion in Masayoshi's home. However he hoped that Masayoshi will faced him as Samurai Flamenco and left. Masayoshi later stayed in a hotel and Sawada called him again.

He claimed that he was influenced by Samurai Flamenco's actions when he first appeared a year ago. Sawada was one of the kids who saw him got beaten during his early days. However he find him interesting and decided that he want to be his opposite or rather his adversary. He also warned Masayoshi that the people around him will be in danger if he does not become Samurai Flamenco again.

Later the Flamengers were hit by pranks and Kaname was knocked down by a lorry. Masayoshi was angry about it and spoke to Ishihara who suffered a broken leg. Masayoshi learned from the Police that Sawada has already passed away a year ago and he was a loner based on his classmates' statements.

Masayoshi went to look for Goto for advices however Goto does not believe him and got angry when Masasyoshi mentioned about his missing girlfriend. Masayoshi later got another call from Sawada as he taunted him to become Samurai Flamenco. He appeared in front of him but no one else could see him. Masayoshi wondered if he created this "evil" out of the peace he wished from the Will of the Universe...

We finally came to this conclusion-For every hero, there is always a villian. For Masayoshi, evil came in the form of Sawada who no one else could see. I am guessing that it is a test for Masayoshi to see if he can overcome evil on his own. Somehow Masayoshi created him unknowingly for the peace of the world which prove that deep down inside, he still enjoy the thrill of being a hero. Although it is kinda of creepy that Sawada is supposely dead but he pull off all these acts without anyone aware of it....

Wake Up Girls Ep 10: The girls studied the compeition for the upcoming Idol compeition and laughed at one particular group-the Demons of Oga who wore giant demon masks for their performances. Later Mayu and Nanase met the Demons of Oga on their way home and they challenged them for the champion.

Mayu spoke to her mother that she is now happier in the group and hope she will come and see her performance for the festival. Her mother never spoke a word and left. The girls trained hard every day and finally it was the day of the compeition.

Ota (The supporter from Day 1) and his small group of three friends wore matching clothes to support the girls while Minami's friends from the old folks home also came to lend their support. The girls began their performance and Mayu's mother was touched by them. Finally the results was out and Wake Up Girls were the winner and won a chance to compete with I-One in Tokyo.

The next day, Mayu learned that her mother has given her approval for Mayu to stay with the group. Matsuda turned on the TV and found out that I-One is singing the same song which Wake Up Girls used for the compeition...

A closure for Mayu and her mother who finally gave her blessings for Mayu to be an idol. However they faced another problem as I-One is using the same song as them. Since Hayakasa is also the same composer for I-One, this is going to complicate things in the next episode. But the girls are now given a fighting chance against I-One but with such odds stacked against them, can they as the underdogs able to prove their worthy?

Witch Craft Works Ep 11: Kagari brought Honoka back to his house and rested. He started seeing Kazane's past memories of her relationship with his mother and Kagari. Mikage brought him to the eternal plane and claimed he is able to see Kazane's memories due to him making the contract to the city.

Mikage brought him to see all the people in the city are safe in a different reality. Meanwhile, Kasumi was nearly defeated by Weekend's minions when Medusa arrived to kill the minion. Kagari was approached by Atori, one of the Workshop witch and she told Atori to take care of Honoka while she faced Weekend alone.

Kagari started battling Weekend and she was winning until Weekend waited till she run out of energy and trapped her. At the same time, Honoka and Mikage were attacked by Weekend's minion in the eternal plane. He send Honoka back to the real world and learned from Atori about Kagari's battle.

Honoka and Atori went to find Kagari and she was beaten. Honoka gave some of his mana to her and Kagari transformed to a flame witch. She knocked Weekend down but she has already activated her bombs to destroy the city...

So Honoka did met Kagari in the past but something must have happened which resulted Mikage who can re-adjust memories to do the same on Honoka and Kagari. Although Kagari looked similar to  Evermillion when she became a flame witch but time has run out when Weekend activated bombs in the city. Can our heroes defeat her in the final episode next week?

Buddy Complex Ep 11: Elvria and Mayuka showed Aoba and the others the first generation Coupling mecha-Sky Knight and Fire Brand which are Dr Fermi's creations. However both mechas are unable to perform properly.

Viktor and his team including Hina and Bizon infiltrated the base as the Zogalia launched an attack at the same time. They found Luxon and Braydon and prepare to escape with it. Viktor was shot while protecting Hina. They hide in a room where Viktor confessed that Hina is not his real daughter.

He found Hina in a war torn city with no memories when she was little. He adopted her and became her father. Hina was confused but Viktor told her to complete the mission. He later killed himself in a suicide bombing.

Aoba who was separated from Dio and Fromm, found Hina and she found comfort in him. But Bizon arrived and tried to kill Aoba. Dio and Fromm arrived to save him which let Bizon and Hina to steal Luxon and Braydon.

Aoba and Dio piloted Sky Knight and Fire Brand and used the untested coupling system. Bizon tried to attack them when suddenly all three machines suffered a glitch and the two pilots were able to see each other's past. Bizon and Hina quickly retreated as Aoba and Dio wondered what has just happened...

I am guessing that when Aoba and Hina went to the future in the first episode, Hina must have went 10 years further and became a little girl with no memories. She was wearing an over sized school uniform when Viktor found her. The bigger question is where did Hina came from in the first place? But now Luxon and Bradyon were stolen by the Zogalia which Aoba and Dio with two unstable mech with them. However they are unable to see each other's past which could be a good or bad thing in the future...

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