Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 8: Fortune don't smile on everyone!

A television program called Precure Weekly hosted by Masuko Miyo showed the different Precures around the world like America, France and India battling the Saiark.

This week's Precure to start the opening is Cure Pine and one of the more nicer Precure.

She introduced the newest group-Happiness Charge Precure who has just finished battling a Saiark and started interviewing them.

Megumi and Hime were very happy that they have became well known on television. Miyo also mentioned the town festival that is coming up and hope Happiness Charge Precure will watch over them. Megumi suggested that they go for the festival which Hime was curious what is it like. However Hime's only have 300 yen to spend for the festival and Blue advised her to use it wisely.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirage was furious that Namakelda and Hoshiwa has failed to conquer Pikari Town when the latest general-Oresuki volunteered to defeat the Precures. Megumi and Hime used the Yukata Precard to dress up and they met their classmates in the festival.

Hime was shy at first but slowly open up to her classmates after she saw the delicious food they were eating. She used her last 100 yen to buy a Jumbo size sauce Senbei from Yuko and shared with everyone. The girls saw Seiji promoting the "Miss Fortune" fortune telling tent and he claimed he is raising funds for his Karate dojo.

Megumi and Hime decided to see their fortune and Megumi realised that Miss Fortune is her next door classmate-Hikawa Iona. Iona told them their future will be the worst which got Hime worried. Oresuki arrived and turn Megumi's friends into a Saiark. The two girls transformed and started battling with Miyo reporting the action.

Cure Lovely and Cure Princess were about to use their combination attack when they were ambushed by an another Saiark. Oresuki claimed that with four people captured, he can create two Saiark instead. The two girls were about to get defeated when Cure Fortune arrived. She easily defeated the two Saiark and freed their friends. (Glasses also got two Precard after the battle)

Oresuki was impressed by Cure Fortune and swore he will defeat her next time. Cure Lovely want to thank Cure Fortune however she warned Cure Lovely not to trust Cure Princess too much as she will bring misfortune in the future...

Before I talked about Cure Fortune's return, I was right that there are other Precures around the world, battling the Saiark. Although it is not our senior Precures that we all know but we have Precures from different countries and they have their own styles like America Precures is all bright and wild, France Precure used paint brush like an artist and Indian Precures dress up in their traditional Indian clothing. So can I assume that Japan Precures looked like Pop Idol girls because seriously if you looked at the previous installments, they do look like Idol costumes. (Just my own opinion)

Oresuki is loud literately but I liked him since he is voiced by Koyasu Takehito who voiced over the top characters like Dio Brando of Jojo Series and Gym of Turn A Gundam. Compared to Namakelda and Hoshiwa who are despicable at heart, Oresuki is more of the manly type and hope to see him in action in the future.

Cure Fortune aka Hikawa Iona is still cold hearted against Cure Princess as I said before in my first episode, Hime must have done something terrible that make Cure Fortune hate her. Although I have a feeling it is unintentional on Hime's part but this is also part of Toei's famous cliches which I am guessing either Megumi will help to defend Hime or Iona will discover some truth that will change her mindset towards Hime in the future episodes.

But now Megumi and Hime decided to train for the upcoming battles and met Iona again in Seiji's dojo. But when things is about hit south, a new Precure appeared and her name is Cure Honey! Who could she be? See you next week to find out!


  1. Does anyone complain that no black skin Precure in US? I am. (And I'm Hongkonger)

    1. I'm surprised as well. Also those cures from India were really light skinned..

  2. I don't complain but I do wonder. In my fanfic I have a black precure though, it would be nice to see other ethnicities

  3. First, Kamen Rider Gaim,then Kill la Kill,now this...
    Seriously, I'm getting my ass kicked...

  4. What the names of those other cures....
    Cure Sheriff, Cure Deputy, Cure Tracker, Cure Guide, Cure Fluttershy(Stupid brony side of my brain), Cure Desperado, Cure Ram , Cure Rom, Cure Com, Cure Web, Cure Monet, Cure Artist, Cure Merci...
    Oh My (jerkass) Blue They need Names!!!!!!!

    1. The Pink Cure from France is called Cure Pinceau, means Paintbrush ^_^
      The other cures are unknown, but you can go to Pretty Cure Wikia for more information ^_^