Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 7: You can't have your cake and eat it!

Megumi received an invitation card from Hime for a tea party at her home. However she came earlier while Hime was busy making a cake on her own.

Hime stopped her work and talked to Megumi. However she dislike Megumi's casual clothes and make her wear a dress by using the Girly Precard. Megumi wanted to help Hime in making the cake but she insisted she can handle it alone. But Megumi and Ribbon help themselves to make the cake and it got Hime to chase them out of the house.

Megumi and Ribbon sat at the river bank and met Yuko who was out shopping. Blue advised Hime that Megumi and Ribbon were just trying to help her despite Hime wanting to make the cake herself. Seiji arrived but Hime just gave him the cold shoulder. He later met Megumi and Ribbon who just finished accompanying Yuko back to her shop.

Seiji wondered what happened between them which Ribbon finally spill out the beans. Meanwhile Hoshiwa created a Saiark from a newly wed couple and Hime decided to handle it alone. She transformed and headed to the scene. Meanwhile Ribbon explained that Hime wanted to make the cake as a surprise gift for Megumi. She now understand the truth and wanted to apologise to Hime however, Blue informed them thru the Cure Line that Hime has went to confront the Saiark.

Cure Princess arrived and tried her best to defeat the Saiark but it was too strong. Cure Lovely arrived and protect Cure Princess. She then created "Lovely Punching Punch" to knock the Saiark down. The two girls then apologise to each other but the Saiark attacked them again.

Cure Lovely used Lovely Rising Sword to shield them both. Although Cure Princess felt that Cure Lovely always have to protect her but Cure Lovely insisted that she is glad to meet her and learned more about herself. This gave both girls a new power-Precure Twin Miracle Power Shoot and defeated the Saiark.

After Hoshiwa has retreated, Ribbon got three new Precards and the girls returned to Hime's home.  Hime finally presented the cake she make to everyone. Megumi wondered what was the 100 sign was for in which Hime explained that today is the 100 days they became friends. The two girls then celebrated the party with the others...

100 days means the two girls have been Precures for slightly more than 3 months already. It could mean that the Saiark don't always attack every day which will be ridiculous if that happened. Anyway this episode showed how Megumi can be a little over helpful which got Hime all worked up. I know Megumi meant well but sometimes people need their private space in this case, Hime making a cake and oddly enough the cake looked like the Saiark they defeated.

I am thinking that Cure Lovely is like Green Lantern as she basically created constructs from her Cure Bracelet. The Punching Glove and Sword are definitely references to Green Lantern. Perhaps Cure Lovely is the most creative fighter in Precure history (Maybe?) Their new power-Twin Miracle Power Shoot reminds me of Captain Tsubasa's twin shoot kick although it doesn't create multiple shadows of it and still remain as a straight forward attack.

Next week, Cure Fortune disguised herself as a fortune teller and tried to dis-sow the two girls. But what is her reason behind it? See you next week to find out!

P.S: This week's Precure is Cure Aqua! My favourite Blue Precure and personal crush since she fired Sapphire Arrow to turn me on. I am not putting up the screenshots for NS3 during the credits as there are some spoilers in it. 

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