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Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 23, Samurai Flamenco Ep 21, Wake Up Girls Ep 11, Buddy Complex Ep 12, Witch Craft Works Ep 12 FINAL, Log Horizon Ep 25 FINAL

Kill La Kill Ep 23: Ryuko and Satsuki began battling Ragyo who is also equipped with twin scissors blade and can hold both of them.

The others were battling the waves of Life Fiber and the Elite Four wore their new Goku uniforms to even the odds. Ryuko gave a signal to Satsuki and purposely got cut into two by Ragyo. But it was a diversion for Ryuko to enter the main Life Fiber core.

She tried to destroy it but she doesn't have enough power. Mikisugi turn the Taiyo Maru into a giant dagger and with Maho and the rest of the students, they pierce through the core with Ryuko. Ragyo was furious but Nui arrived with the ultimate Kamui-Shinra Kotetsu. She gave Nui a new pair of arms and even absorbed Honoumaru into her Kamui.

Everyone wore their new Goku uniforms and Satsuki and Ryuko prepared themselves for the final battle against Ragyo...

So it has come to these-Ryuko and Satsuki's final confrontation against Ragyo and Nui. Will the combined powers of the students will be overcome this almost unbeatable foe or the Earth be swollen by the Life Fibers? Find out in the finale next week!

Samurai Flamenco Ep 21: Masayoshi warned Mari about Sawada however both Moe and Mizuki were poisoned before going on stage. Later Kaname woke up from his coma and told Masayoshi that he saw Sawada briefly before he was hit.

He told Masayoshi to defeat Sawada, love is the answer. However he is not sure what Kaname mean and even asked Ishihara about it. Ishihara tried to explain love in general but he doesn't understand. Later Goto was lured by Sawada into a trap and he called Masayoshi to come alone. Sawada told Goto's gun and fired a shot...

In order to defeat Sawada is not by brute force but love. Masayoshi learned from Konno that Sawada is a lonely boy and his parents disappeared after his death. But since Kaname is able to see him too, it means he is real but how is he committing all these acts? However with Goto captured, will Masayoshi be able to save him and perhaps teach Sawada what is love?

Wake Up Girls Ep 11: Tange and the girls demanded an explanation from Hayakasa. Instead he gave them a new song for the girls to sing for the finals. The girls have no choice but to learn the new song in a month and Nanase is to be the center for the finals.

The girls practiced hard day and night with their fans and families supporting them. The girls together with Tange and Matsuda arrived at Tokyo and went to the venue for rehearsal. They met I-One after their rehearsal but Nanase tripped when she left the stage. Later she discovered she had a sprain on her ankle...

This is bad for the girls with Nanase getting a sprain. With everyone watching them, can the girls overcome this final obstacle and prove they can compete with the best. Only one more episode to find out who will come on top!

Buddy Complex Ep 12: Hina paid her last respects to her father. Bizon demanded to know her relationship with Aoba. She told him about her being adopted by her father and her contact with Aoba on the island.

Bizon tried to kiss her however Hina declined his love. Later Hahn learned that Hina is compatible with the Coupling system and brainwashed her. Bizon found her in a daze but instead want Hahn to make him her partner.

Hahn gave Bizon enhanced abilities and prepare for battle with Hina. Meanwhile the Cygnus and the rest of the allied forces head to the Zogilia base in Alaska to disable their super cannon. However the cannon was fired and half of the allied forces were destroyed. Hina and Bizon sortie out and were tearing the forces while Aoba and Dio wait for their new mechs to arrive by transport...

We finally know who was the masked pilot in the first episode and it is Bizon. This explained why he was to try kill him in the past and his crazed obsession with Hina. I mean, he tried to kiss her by force. But Hahn who is clearly a mad scientist brainwashed her and Bizon to battle the allied forces. Hope that Aoba or even Alfried discover his plans and he get what he deserved...

Witch Craft Works Ep 12 FINAL: Weekend activated her bombs and it actually destroy the other dimension with all the people's lives disappearing. Honoka realised what has happened and he tried to use Evermillion's powers to save them.

Evermillion asked for his life in return instead Kagari told Evermillion to take her life and return Honoka's original power to him. Honoka used his power to revive everyone and restore the city. Weekend was furious that her plan failed and stab him. Honoka removed the dagger and tried to stab her but he was too weak.

Weekend escaped while Atori and Mikage found Honoka and Kagari. Mikage suspected that Kagari is still alive and make Honoka form a new contract so that he could return his power back to her. He kissed her and Kagari woke up. Meanwhile Chronoire defeated Weekend and Kazane arrived to take to the authories.

Honoka met Evermillion again and claimed she never make any contract with Kagari and it was all Honoka's power that enable the contract. But once Kagari returned his power, Evermillion just aid him in restoring the city. Honoka woke up and Kagari was with him. They were walking to school and Tapopo and her friends tried to take her down but of course, Kagari defeated them easily...

I am still confused between Honoka and Kagari's contract so this assumption is based on what they were talking about. Anyway, Weekend is defeated and the city is restored so all good in the world.

Final Thoughts: It is an interesting show about how Witches integrated into modern society and the two factions of witches battling in the city. Kagari is clearly the heroine of the show with her cool and calm attiude although in this episode, she lost her cool because Honoka sacrifice himself to save the city. Honoka is pretty useless until the last two episodes but it is really about Kagari running the show. Kasumi is a bro-con while Tapopo and the Tower Witches are cannon fonder for Kagari.

I wished they actually explained Kagari and Honoka's past relationship proper in a flashback episode. Hopefully a second season will be announced so I can see more of Kagari whom I have a liking for her like how I like Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X. Until then, I have to be content in reading the manga on their continuing adventures.

Log Horizon Ep 25 FINAL: Shiroe and Crusty arrived to talk with Marves. Shiroe played the bad person to irritate Lenassia and Marves while Crusty saved the day and drove Marves away.

The celebration carried on into the night. Minori passed some food to Shiroe and in the midst asked why he played the "bad" person. He claimed he will do anything in order to achieve his goals. However Minori wanted him to think more for his guild members which make Shiroe rethink his methods.

Later, he met his messager he send to the west. However a lady named Dariella appeared and claimed she know him. Shiroe see through her disguise and revealed to be his former guild member-Nureha, Plant Hwyaden's guild master. Nureha tried to seduce him into joining her claiming she know a way to free the players. However Shiroe refused which Nureha claimed she will have him the next time they meet.

Shiroe had a celebration dinner with his guild in which he decided to change the world together with his members. They supported his goals and later Shiroe told Regan that he is leaving Akhibara and want him to join his guild...

Final Thoughts: When I first read the synosis of this show, I thought it will be like Sword Art Online with a similar plot. However this is done by the author of Wolf and Spice and Maoh Yussha so there are a lot of politics involved and action scenes were tone down. But the conversations are interesting and they actually explained the game's rules and system so that fans will understand better.

Shiroe was more of the calm and calculated male lead rather than a hot blooded lead. He know that being a wizard class, he can't fight head on and instead used his intellect and strategic thinking to overcome his enemies. Naotsuge is the comic relief, Akatsuki and Minori have a crush on him while Nyanta follow his own pace with Serara enjoying his company. But after knowing that Nureha is scheming against him, he know he must take the fight to her and decided on a journey to change the world of Elder Tales. Until then, we will see the Log Horizon guild this October as the next chapter of their adventures continue.

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