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Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 21, Log Horizon Ep 23, Samurai Flamenco Ep 19, Wake Up Girls Ep 9, Wonder Momo Ep 5, Witch Craft Works Ep 10, Buddy Complex Ep 10, Yuushibu Special Ep 13

Kill La Kill Ep 21: Satsuki activated Senketsu and battled Ryuko. At the same time, Maho was instructed by Satsuki to give orders by the Elite Four while Ragyo has began using the Life Fibers to invade the rest of the world.

Satsuki tried to use Senketsu to the fullest but she is not strong enough to defeat Ryuko. The Elite Four arrived and trapped Ryuko. By using the sucking device by Gamagori, he tried to extract Junketsu out of Ryuko.

However Nui arrived to tell them that Junkentsu is sewed into Ryuko's body and she will die if they tried to forcefully remove it. Ryuko broke free and damaged Senketsu which caused it and Satsuki to release the transformation. Maho tried to talk some sense to Ryuko and was nearly killed by Nui. Senketsu force itself to Maho to protect her and they decided to go into Ryuko's mind to re awake her.

They went into her mind and managed to bring back to her senses. Ryuko stabbed Nui in the chest and forcefully tear Junketsu out of her...

Maho and Senketsu are the heroes for this episode as they risked getting killed just to bring Ryuko back to her senses. Nui is totally sadistic as she tried to kill Maho and even taunt at their efforts. But thanks to the power of friendship, Ryuko regained her senses and tear off Junketsu in a bloody downpour...

Log Horizon Ep 23: Akastuski and Minori tried their best to impress Shiro on the second day of the festival. Akastuski bought a gold hairpin and show off to Shiro but he was uninterested. Minori offered to help Karashin in doing the accounts and trying to give Shiro a good name.

There have been too many arguments from the people of the land in the festival which even Nyanta has to chase off a NPC noble out of a bar. Shiroe went to visit Cresent Moon fashion show and help a player to chase off a NPC merchant.

However he sense something was wrong as there was too much tension among the people of the land. Minori informed him that the NPC's accounts were mostly wrong while she doing the calculation. Shiroe then realised someone is attacking Akihabara psychically. Meanwhile, a ship carried Lord Marves was approaching Akihbara...

As suspected, someone has influence the people of the land to create tensions towards the adventurers. But how was it done and who is responsible is yet to reveal. Who is this Lord Marves? A new enemy? Too many questions yet little answers. Can Shiroe find out the cause before it is too late?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 19: Six months has passed since Alien Flamenco was defeated. Masayoshi continued his normal life and people has been praising him and hope he will elected to be the first world's president. Everyone around him has also went back to their normal lives.

Masayoshi met with Goto and learned that he is returning his hometown to meet his girlfriend. Masayoshi told MMM about it which got Mari interested. Masayoshi and Mari trailed Goto behind and arrived at his old home.

They met Goto's mother and learned that Goto used to have a girlfriend during his high school days. But one day, Goto's girlfriend went missing and no one has seen her even since. The two of them found it weird as Goto has been texting her when they are around him.

They found Goto at the bus stop where his girlfriend went missing. Mari snatched his cellphone and realised he has been sending mail to himself posing as his girlfriend. Mari was disgusted and went to stay in an inn. She called up Mizuki and Moe who came by and cheer her up.

Masayoshi returned home and wanted to help Goto. A young teen approached him but started claims that Samurai Flamenco is a hindrance. He introduced himself as Sawada Heiji and a building exploded...

Despite this episode is more of an aftermath of the crazy stuff everyone went through, we finally get to know who Goto's girlfriend is and it is creepy. Goto somehow created an imaginative girlfriend from his past and started sending mails to himself in order to escape his sainty. No wonder Mari was disgusted as her image of him is completely ruined. But what happened to Goto's girlfriend is still a mystery. But more problems laid ahead as Sawada claimed Samurai Flamenco must be elimated which could be Masayoshi's own imagination acting up again in order to restart the invasion we go again, everyone!

Wake Up Girls Ep 9: Kaya brought everyone to her aunt's inn at Kesennuma for some bonding time. After a day of bonding, Mayu woke up in the middle of the night to find Kaya missing.

She found her on a bench and approached her. Kaya told her reasons of becoming an idol-She was orphaned at a young age and raised by her aunt. Kaya had a childhood friend who went missing in a shipping accident and ran to Sendai to get away from it. She job-hop frequently until she decided to try out being an idol. She want to quit at first but has formed a bond among the group.

Kaya then asked Mayu her reasons for leaving I-One. Mayu explained she joined I-One at 12 and had to keep up with Shriaki's unreasonable demands. Mayu's friend was kicked out of the group and she tried to reason with Shiraki. He challenged her that Mayu's next single must win over Shiho's single in sales and he will recalled Mayu's friend.

But Shiraki has set traps for her and her single didn't win. Mayu was fired from the group and her parents got a divorce because of her scandal. The other girls overheard Mayu's story and even Nanami decided to concentrate on being an idol than her music studies.

She tore off her application but some of the sheds fall into the river. The girls accidentally slipped and they fell inside but they are now more united than ever...

So we finally learn about Mayu's past and somehow I felt that I-One is kinda of mirroring real life idol group-AKB48 with their no-relationship policies and frequent changes in roster. Shiraki also treated them like numbers rather than names since he is only interested in profits which I am sure it will come and bite him back in the future. Kaya has her own reasons for becoming an idol and it is because she ran away after her childhood friend's disappearance. I am guessing she has a crush on him but what pass has passed. With the girls more united, let's hope they can do their best and probably outshine I-One in the upcoming Idol festival.

Wonder Momo Ep 5: Everyone discussed on the Warudemons' next attacks as they are attacking in different citites. Later, Amazona battle in Kyoto while Wonder Momo and Original Wonder Momo battled in Shibuya.

After defeating waves of enemies, Original Wonder Momo decided to take the fight to the Warudemons' home base. Glooder arrived with a portal that will take them to the Warudemon's planets. Wonder Momo said goodbye to Terashima as they went in to defeat the Warudemon...

So it come to this. The final battle between good and evil. Who will make up alive? Will Team Wonder be able to defeat the Warudemon and probably get back to being an idol on Earth. Find out in the final episode!

Witch Craft Works Ep 10: Kagari and Honoka escaped from their cell and discovered the city in ruins. Kagari ensured him that everyone is safe but because of Kazane lose her powers which mean all the workcraft witches also lose their power in the process.

Weekend held some workcraft witches hostage and demand Honoka to hand over her or the hostages will be killed by bombs attached to their bodies. Kasumi demanded Tampopo and her friends to help them in return of their rent. Meanwhile, Kagari and Honoka were heading to the center core which Kazane used to form a contract with the city.

They encountered one of Weekend's witches but Kagari overpower her with brute strength. They arrived at the core and Honoka was to form a contract with it. Rinon confronted Weekend but at the last moment, their magic power returned because of Honoka's contract with the core.

Rinon captured Weekend however it was all a trap in order to make Honoka become the new representative of the city. Weekend escaped and denote the workcraft witches' lair which Honoka is able to sense any sudden damages now. Kagari knocked him unconscious and proclaimed it is her turn now...

In a nutshell, the reason why the workcraft witches was able to use their powers is due to the core underneath the city granting them. It required large amount of magic to maintain it but when Kazane who is the original representative lose her powers, it resulted all of them losing their too. But with Honoka becoming the new representative due to Evermillion's large amount of mana, the workcraft witches regained their power but at the cost of their lair. Not just that, Honoka is able to feel any pain caused by damages from the witches due to him connected to the city. With Weekend still out looking for them, Kagari have to use every trick in order to defeat her...

Buddy Complex Ep 10: The Cygnus crew paid their final respect to Dr Fermi when Dio spotted his father attending the funeral. Later, Aoba, Dio and Mayuka were given shore leave and went shopping for the crew.

Along the way, Aoba tried to help Dio by wanting to talk to his father personally. But Dio was too stubborn to allow it and alight from the car. Aoba and Mayuka later met Fiona and brought her along for shopping.

Ryazan was glad to see Hina and want her on their next mission to steal Luxon and Brayon. Bizon volunteered to go along which Ryazan allowed him to. Meanwhile Fiona also advised Aoba not to talk sense to Dio's father as he dislike it. Dio at the same time, met his father and wanted Dio to leave the military.

However he refused and even claimed that Aoba might be a civilian but he respect him for his actions. Dio also thank his father for his concern and left. He meet up with Aoba and the others and told him that he spoke to his father.

The next day, Aoba and Dio still have their squabbles after a demonstration while that night, Ryazan and his team infiltrate the base in Liberty Alliance uniforms...

This episodes is about father and child relationship. We see that Ryazan raise Hina alone and how Bizon became her next door neighbour which understand why both of them are close. Dio and his father were both stubborn but thanks to Aoba's nagging, Dio finally speak his mind and got his father at ease. But now with Ryazan's team infiltrating to steal Luxon and Bradyon, nobody is leaving unscathed in the next episode...

Yuushibu Special Ep 13: Raul's younger sister, Miyuri arrived in the city to visit him. Raul appeared  in a knight get-up which got Miyuri mistaken him as a real Yuusha. Pino appeared in her demon king get-up and ordered him to save the Princess in a hot spring.

The truth was Raul didn't want to ruin Miyuri's image of him being a Yuusha and asked Sera for help. She agreed and rope everyone in to pull the act. Raul played "Remove the sand off Nova's body" with Lore in the first round, the second was a battle with Airi and lastly, overcoming waves of water from Elsa and Lum.

When they finally arrived to save "Princess Sera", Pino arrived with a giant demon plant which captured all the girls including Pino and placed them in cones that dissolve their clothing. Raul tried to stop the demon plant but it was too strong. Miyuri somehow was able to use her mana to free everyone and gave Raul a boost-up to defeat the demon plants.

Later, Miyuri was ready to leave the city and she took a photo of Raul and her together. Although she is proud that Raul is a Yuusha but somehow felt that the job is a bit perverted...

It is like three months ago when we see Raul and his friends from the Leon Magic Shop. This episode is an un-aired episode for obvious reason seems you get to see the girls in their naked glory! (Yummy!) Raul's idea to protect Miyuri's image of him is his way of expressing his love for his sister. Remember how Lore refused to wear the bikini swimwear during the summer episode? Now she wore it and even played a villain quite well.

The rest of the cast was fine although it was Pino who brought the wrong demon plant and nearly ruined everything. But why Miyuri is able to use magic is still a mystery? Maybe we will know that in another season. (if the green light is given) Overall, I like this episode as it is like seeing old friends again. Until then, see you in the next review.

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