Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 20, Samurai Flamenco Ep 18, Wake Up Girls Ep 8, Wonder Momo Ep 4, Log Horizon Ep 22

Kill La Kill Ep 20: Ryuko refused to wear Senkentsu after claiming her whole life is a lie. Mako tried to talk sense to her but she refused. Ragyo and Nui appeared as clones challenging Ryuko to come to the school.

Ryuko went alone, leaving everyone behind. The Nudist Beach hacked into the school's system and found out that Satsuki is held captive and using Morse code (with her metal toenail) to communicate with them. The group took off with the Naked Taiyomaru warship and head to the school.

Ryuko arrived and started attacking the Life Fibers. Nui battled her and in the midst, revealing she is also like her-a complete Life Fiber being. Ragyo grabbed Ryuko and started brainwashing her and force her to wear Junkentsu.

Satsuki escaped her cell and met up with the Elite Four. They fled back to the warship but Ryuko has chased them and is wearing Junkentsu. Tsumugo hold her off while Satsuki arrived and wearing Senkentsu to challenge her...

The tables turn and now Satsuki wore Senkentsu in order to defeat a brain-washed Ryuko. Will Satsuki forced to kill her own sister or Ryuko's crazed powers wipe them all? (By the way, Satsuki looked great with Senkentsu but Ryuko is ridiculous ugly wearing Junkenstu. I guess clothes make the person?)

Samurai Flamenco Ep 18: Alien Flamenco's spaceship hovered the sky of the Capital. Masayoshi asked him to come down for a talk which he agreed. But he want Masayoshi to come alone which he followed suit.

Alien Flamenco told him he is responsible for giving King Torture and From Beyond's technology. He offered peace and evolution by assimilating the human race claiming it is for the universal peace. But Masayoshi refused, claiming it is not right. Alien Flamenco was furious and grew to a giant. Masayoshi took the core that gave King Torture his power and became a giant too.

They started battling on the surface on the moon. Alien Flamenco was too strong for him when suddenly he slipped on the America Flag (That Neil Armstrong placed it on the surface of the moon) which gave Masayoshi the final blow.

Masayoshi was too weak to move and fainted. When he woke up, he is in a peaceful place with Harakiri Sunshine beside him. Hakakiri explained this is the will of the universe and everything that happen so far is actually in Masayoshi's mind. If he choose to fight on as a hero, it will last for millions of years.

Masayoshi decided not to fight anymore and asked to led a normal life again. He also asked for Alien Flamenco to be given a planet to live on. The Will of the Universe agreed and send him back. When he arrived on Earth, Goto was waiting for him...

So it is all in Masayoshi's head and it was the Will of the Universe that granted him his wish to be a hero. But after learning the truth, he realised that everything should go back to normal which mean no Samurai Flamenco? Alien Flamenco is not really a true villain however forcing people to accept peace by assimilating is a No-no which got Masayoshi all fired up. Although it is funny that he slipped from a small flag and it is ironic, the America Flag which caught him off guard. So what happen now when everything went back to normal. I doubt that Masayoshi will remain a normal person for very long...

Wake Up Girls Ep 8: Hayakasa told the girls they are to join the Idol Festival and to enter the Finals by the end of the year. He later met with I-One manager, Shiraki and he is aware of Hayakasa coaching the Wake up Girls which he has no objection.

Nanami told Matsuda that she is planning to leave Wake Up Girls next spring as she has plans to study music which got him worried. Mayu later met Shiho in a cafe which Shiho taunt her into coming to the Idol Festival.

The girls began practicing but Hayakasa was not satisfied with their performances, claiming they weren't even make it to the preliminaries. Mayu later told everyone that they will not be able to beat I-One however Nanase was angry that she has not been fore coming with her past and her determination to beat I-One. Kaya broke the argument which was witnessed by Matsuda. The next day, Kaya suggested to him that everyone should go for an overnight trip...

Who got a feeling that Hayakasa and Shiraki have conspired to coach Wake Up Girls so that they could humiliate them later? But it is true that the girls are not giving their best to perform and the team morale is badly affected especially Mayu and Nanase. Mayu is not honest with herself about her past especially how Shiho taunted her. So will an overnight trip together is able to calm everyone down as suggested by Kaya and perhaps reveal their true feelings in the process?

Wonder Momo Ep 4: Momo and Momoko has visitors in their home-Glieger and Glooder. Glieger gave Momo her powers years ago and Glooder was the stranger who gave Momoko her powers. Glieger explained that the Warudemons have returned after Original Wonder Momo defeated them.

Momoko wanted to take over her mother's place however Momo refused but after some persuasion, she agreed and started a tough training menu for Momoko. Later, the Warudemons attacked again and Amazona arrived. However both Wonder Momo and Amazona couldn't work together until Original Wonder Momo asked them to make peace and they battled together as Team Momo...

This episode has some flashback of Momo's days as a super heroine which was nice. Wonder Momo and Amazona has some issues but thanks to Mom (Original Wonder Momo) she asked the two girls to make up and they saved the day. (Leave it to mom to get everything done!) I got a feeling we are going to see the main leader of the Warudemons as he is watching everything thru his monitor and eating a hamburger...

Log Horizon Ep 22: Everyone is preparing for the Autumn Festival however Shiroe shut himself in his office, doing his works. Henriette suggested that he took a break which both Akatsuki and Minori want to bring him to an all you can eat cake buffet. (Which only a couple get to eat for free)

Shiroe didn't think much and brought both of them. Everyone seems to be jealous of their table but the shock came when they are suppose to eat twelve whole cakes for free. The two girls forced Shiroe to eat but eventually he gave up.

That night, Shiroe decided to spend some time with his guild members when Akatsuki approached him. She started to touch his forehead with affection which Minori realised that Akatuski has feelings for Shiroe and she too like him. Tohya found her and told her it is okay since nothing really happened or begin which make Minori determined to win Shiroe's heart proper...

After the last few episodes of intense, we have a more comedic episode with Akatsuki looking for a dress for her date and eating whole cakes can be a torture for Shiroe. But the end could be set for both Akatsuki and Minori to win Shiroe's heart fair and square. Unfortunately, I am guessing Shiroe is pretty dense to notice both girls' affection for him... 

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  1. What i think is, Shiroe likes Akatsuki fro the very beginning. I mean, every time they are together, either each of them blush. I hope Akatsuki and Shiroe will end up together