Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick Picks: Witch Craft Works Ep 7, Buddy Complex Ep 7

Witch Craft Works Ep 7: Honoka woke up to find Kagari making breakfast for him. His mother and Kasumi were out visiting Kazane whereas the Tower Witches tried to take down Kagari off guard.

However Kagari remind vigilant even during night time. Later Kazane, Kasumi and her mother came back and spotted the Tower Witches and Kazane ordered Kagari to catch them. Instead, Kagari raised her broom stick against her mother.

Kagari ordered Medusa to merge her powers with her which resulted in Honoka fainted. He was able to see what Kagari asked Medusa after his seal was released-If the Tower Witches were arrested by Kazane, they will have to reveal about Honoka's seal and Kazane will go after him. In order to prevent this, Kagari make a deal with Medusa that she will shelter them and in return, Medusa is to help Kagari defeating her mother.

Kagari tried to petrify Kazane but it didn't work and eventually, the Tower witches, Kagari and Honoka were all taken away. However Medusa was taken by Rottenburg's witches as ordered and Kazane has no choice but to comply.

Kagari then used Honoka's powers to get them out of the cell (Actually it is just a head lap and a Q-tip to do it) Kazane was of course furious but she forgave them for trying to fight her. The two were lucky that she is unaware of the seals. Later the Tower Witches stayed together with Honoka's family as Kazane was informed that Medusa has escaped again...

The first half was interesting seeing that Kagari was willing to sarcfice herself to protect Honoka. However Kazane overpowered her but she is still unaware of the seals as Medusa has escaped from the Rottenburg Witches. The second half was quite strange as Kagari rely on a head lap and Q-tip to escape (Whatever turn her on!) and Kazane just ordered them to go home which is kinda of weird. Anyway, things will cool down for a moment as we go to back Kagari and Honoka's past in the next episode...

Buddy Complex Ep 7: The Zogailia Imperial Guards led by Dolzief was trailing the Cygnus into a thunderstorm. Aoba and the other pilots were on stand by as they were briefed by Elvira about the Coupling System.

She explained that Aoba's brainwaves was able to synch to with other pilots. But since he has been coupling with Dio and Fromm, their brainwaves will so used to Aoba that they will only be able to sync with him in the future. The three pilots took a vote to see who should sync with Aoba permanently and it is decided that Aoba and Dio will be the official team.

Suddenly Dolzief's forces attacked the Cygnus while Alfried's ship watched from the sidelines. Aoba and Dio sortie out but they were soon surrounded by Dolzief's men. They decided to try the same method during the Chitose base escape and defeated Dolzief in the process.

Alfried ordered his men to fall back due to the storm but Hina goes after Aoba. They collided to each other and both fell off the sky...

In true Sunrise tradition, there will be an episode where two characters from different sides were forced to help other when they crash landed (Like Athrun and Cagali from Gundam Seed or Lelouch and Yuffie in Code Geass) So now Aoba and Hina are stranded and it is probably here that Hina might have a different view on him which will resulted in going back to the past...

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