Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 3: Can you keep a Secret?

Megumi got a new outfit from Hime and was admiring herself in the mirror. Blue gave the two girls the Cure Line communicator for them to contact each other. He also advised Megumi not to reveal her identify as a Precure to anyone especially people close to her as they might get entangled in their battles.

Hello, Cure Passion!

Kaori doesn't like to be called an Oba-san..she is too hot to be a Oba-san!

They met Seiji as they left the embassy and he find Ribbon a bit suspicious. However Megumi quickly shouted that it is a secret which got Seiji to leave after that. Later, Seiji and Mao came by Megumi's house for dinner as their mother is working late.

Mao told Megumi she want to see the Precures in person which got her startled and Seiji took notice of her reaction. After Megumi took a shower, Hime called her thru the Cure Line and she went out to the balcony to answer. Seiji was hanging the laundry next door which got Megumi worried for a moment. He replied that he doesn't care what she does but hope she doesn't make her mother too much.

Sorry Yuko, you only have one line this week!

Queen Mirage was angry that the Precures were not defeated and ordered Deep Mirror to do deal with them. The next morning, Seiji was out jogging. (and met Yuko along the way) Suddenly a Saiark appeared and the new general-Hiroshima watched as the Saiark turned everything into sweets and desserts.

The Choiark bullied an elderly woman's dog and Seiji rushed to stop them. At the same time, Megumi was awaken by Hime about the Saiark's appearance and rushed out to meet her in her pajamas. Hime was shocked by her appearance and they used the Roller Skater cards to get the location.

The Pre Change Mirror is able to deflect lighting attacks!

When they arrived, Seiji was knocked out by the Choiark which got Megumi furious. She decided to transform together with Hime in front of Seiji and started beating the Choiark. Cure Lovely used Lovely Explosion Bomber and the new card-Cherry Flamenco to defeat the Choiark. (Leaving Cure Princess to be startled by her actions) The Saiark was next but it's movements were too fast for Cure Lovely. Cure Princess rushed in head first and knocked the Saiark off balance.

Cure Princess then used Princess Tornado to hold it as Cure Lovely finished it with Precure Lovely Pink Shoot. After the Saiark was defeated (which is from the newspaper delivery man), Ribbon got three new cards as a reward. Seiji confronted the two girls and demanded an explanation.

They brought him to see Blue and was given a run-down of the Saiark. Seiji decided to support Megumi and Hime in their battles which Megumi was happy that he is on their side. However Blue asked them if they are dating. Both of them claimed their relationship is more like siblings since they were childhood friends. Blue warned them that Precures are not allowed to fall in love. Although Love is a source of power for Precures however it might cause conflict in their judgement and warned the two girls about it.

Megumi took it easy and Seiji was also given a Cure Line communicator to aid the girls. Although Hime was suspicious if the two of them are really an item...

After the last two episodes which focus on Hime, this week is about Megumi and her relationship with Seiji. Usually male characters in Precure were reduced to supporting or completely useless roles and they don't do much unless the plot required them to do so.

But we have Seiji who was pretty good and I think this is the first time a Precure identify was known to someone related them so early in the series. Usually it will take like almost the end of the series for everyone to know the true identifies of the Precures but man, this is a record fast!

We get to see the next general-Hoshiwa voiced by Okamura Akemi (Splash Star's Kaoru and One Piece's Nami!) It seems that the Saiark generals have different influences to their surroundings when people are suffering like Namakeruda can make molds to appear where as Hoshiwa turned everything into sweets and desserts.

We also get to see a pumped up Cure Lovely went all crazy as she used Lovely Explosive Bomber and the Cherry Flamenco which blow things up and pretty awesome too! Although I am kind of curious why Deep Mirror has a silhouette similar to Blue? Do you mean that Blue and Deep Mirror are connected which is the obvious question?

Of course, we have to talk about the last scene with Seiji becoming part of the team and Blue's advice on Precures not allowed to have a relationship. Why does this remind me of Aquarion Evol which also have the same warning about "No Dating?" For once, Blue isn't wrong about it. First, relationship tend to cloud your judgement and if the Saiark found out about the relationship, they might use it against them which is seriously dangerous. Love might be a powerful source for the Precures but it can be a double edged sword if left unchecked. Remember, love and obsession is only a fine line difference.

I know fans of Tomatsu Haruka are waiting for Cure Fortune to come back!

I hope this show don't go down this dark route in the future but anyway in the next episode, Hime's first day at Megumi's school as she tried her best to fit in but her introvert character might be a bit of problem and Yes, Cure Fortune is back! See you next week!

P.S: This week's Precure to start the opening is Cure Passion! (Yeah, my favorite Red Cure!) Plus I placed a poll to ask if Precures are allowed to have a relationship when they are active. Enjoy!


  1. A pretty cure not being allowed to fall in love is kinda similar to Mermaid Melody where if you confess to the one you love you turn into bubbles.

  2. Hime's still shy since she didn't shake Seiji's hand.

  3. You know I was very sceptical with this new series, but I think ep 3 has brought me around. I think all this love talk is just foreshadowing to something very dark down the road. It is also very normal for young people to not know the different between loving someone and being in love with someone. From tid bits from the opening and the dark mirror looking like Blue, I think love might have a dark history with him and the queen. As for, if Precure's should have relationships when active, I'll be a bad guy and say no. I'm military and have been in operation with "couples" and it misplaces your job priorities and priority of life. How can you protect others when all you're thinking about is protecting your boyfriend/girlfriend?