Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 4: The First Step in Making Friends

Hime got a school uniform from Blue and he told her that she is supposed to go to school tomorrow. She was shocked and shy about it but Megumi convinced her that she can make new friends (at least 100 friends) in school.

May the Moonlight bless you!

Hime immediately can't wait to go to school after hearing that and the next day, Megumi told Seiji along the way that she will help Hime in making new friends. However Hime's shy character overcome her and she hide on the roof before Megumi could introduce her to her classmates.

Where did those sparkles came from?
Megumi convinced her again and this time, Hime got stage fright when she was asked to introduce herself to the class. Later, she was overwhelmed by her classmates that she fainted. Hime refused to leave the sick bay despite Megumi trying to drag her out of the bed. Yuko came in and offered some sweets to Hime.

Hime took one of the sweets and ran out of the sick bay. Megumi found her mopping in the ladies' room which force Hime to use the Ninja Card to escape. Seiji told Megumi that she could consider Hime's feelings as their characters are very different which she realized she has been pushing Hime too hard.

Hime hide in the gym shed when a male teacher was also mopping in the shed as he complained that he has problems communicating with his students. Hime gave a pep talk and the teacher decided to try again. However Namakeruda created a Saiark from the teacher and started destroying the school.

Hime discovered what has happened and transformed. As she battle the Saiark, Megumi was confronted by the Choiark and also transformed. Cure Princess tried to knock down the Saiark but got a body slam from it. However she didn't give up and managed to knock the Saiark with her shed of will power. Cure Lovely also arrived and used two Choiark as boxing gloves to knock the Saiark out. Cure Princess then used Sherbet Ballet to defeat the remaining Choiark and Blue Happy Shoot to cleanse the Saiark.

Nakameruda retreated while on a rooftop, Cure Fortune observed them from far. Both Hime and the teacher decided to try their best to communicate with the students. (Ribbon got four new Pre Cards for their achievement) Later, Hime introduced herself to Yuko (as she stuttered) and she accepted her friendship which Megumi was happy for her...

I think Hime is more like Tsubomi with her introvert character but she had it worse as she got stage fright and is overwhelmed by the classmates' questions. Megumi also learned that not everyone could make friends easily as her and should consider Hime's feelings earlier. Anyway, this episode is about Hime's first step to school life which I am guessing that she doesn't attend normal schooling in the Blue Sky Kingdom before the invasion and probably doesn't have friends or peers around her age which make it more difficult for her to communicate.

Sherbet Ballet was hilarious since it defeated the Choiark by turning them into ballet dancers (The only thing missing is a tutus which will be more funnier) Cure Lovely using Choiark as boxing gloves is awesome which make her a pretty unpredictable fighter as she doesn't follow the conventional way of Precure combat. Cure Fortune also appeared to observe them from afar so it is a matter of time before she will step in.  

Next episode, Hoshiwa set a trap for the two girls. Will they be able to spring the trap? Will Yuko find out their true identifies in the next episode since we are a month away from the New Stage 3 Movie? See you next week!

P.S: This week's Precure is Cure Moonlight as she grace her presence in the opening credits!

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