Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 19, Wake Up, Girls! Ep 5, Witch Craft Works Ep 6, Buddy Complex Ep 6

Log Horizon Ep 19: Crusty and his armies began attacking the Goblin forces while Shiroe remained at a communication center to co-ordinate the forces.

Marielle and her forces spotted a large group of Sahuagin forces advancing to their direction and began attacking them. Minori used her tactics taught from Shiroe to deploy her party members and were winning.

They spotted some disturbances on the bridge and headed there. They were however confronted by giant wolves and goblins everywhere. Miniori nearly lose focus by the numbers when suddenly Rundel held onto one of the wolves and wrestle it. He managed to kill it but was seriously injured.

Serara tried to used her spells to revive Rundel but it didn't work. Isuzu confessed that Rundel is actually a NPC of the game and is dying. Out of desperation, Minori called Shiroe for help...

While the battle with Crusty was awesome but it was Minori's party who are pretty good with their team work. She took notes from Shiroe and is able to plan ten seconds ahead during battle although Shiroe planned thirty seconds in his battles. But the reason why Isuzu is unable to add Rundel in her friend list is revealed as he is not even a real player in the first place but a NPC of the game. Knowing that the NPCs are unable to revive after death, Minori desperately tried to save him by asking Shiroe for help. Will Rundel be saved or become the first casualty?

Wake Up, Girls! Ep 5: Mayu met Shiho and she asked Mayu why she came back as an idol again. Mayu was unable to reply. Later the girls got a new song from Twinkle and began practicing for it.

However Nanase had some dislike with Mayu which later Twinkle pointed out that the girls are not being honest with each other. On the actual day of their mini concert, the girls performed with a crowd of less than ten while the I-One group have a sold-out concert at the same time.

The girls were disappointed at the crowds and they made several mistakes during their performances earlier. Tange and Matsuda brought the girls to see the I-One concert the next day and realize how small they were compared to I-One. During the hand shake session, Mayu finally told Shiho that she still like being an idol. Meanwhile one of the I-One managers suggested to Tange that he offered to manage the girls' careers...

The girls have realized how small they were and furthermore, everyone still have mistrust issues especially Nanase and Mayu. But Mayu also make her mind to start again which we hope the girls will rise to the top. Even Tange told Matsuda that the I-One group didn't start big in the beginning and it was by chance they became overnight sensations. So as long the girls don't give up, their dreams will come true but now a manager from I-One has eyes to manage the girls' careers. Will Tange accept it or decline the offer?

Witch Craft Works Ep 6: Kasumi was furious that Kagari is staying with them which cause her mother, Komachi to go into a slump. Later, one of the teacher, Mikage trapped Honoka in a realm and warned him that Kazane will be after him since he has released Evermillion from his body.

However Kagari broke the realm and told Honoka not to worry. She also announced to the school that she is using her power to fire the current student president and Honoka as her replacement. Kasumi was angry that Kagari is spending more time with Honoka and decided to kidnap him.

But Kagari managed to find her and blast her out of the sky. Honoka immediately order Kagari to save her too which she complied. Meanwhile, Kazane called Komachi to tell her she is coming for a visit...

We get to learn that Honoka's body contain five seals to hold Evermillion but since the first seal was broken, it will be a matter of time before Evermillion is revived. But according to Mikage, Kazane will capture him since the seal is broken which worried him. I got a feeling that Kagari will go against her mother since it is obvious that she love him and her actions speak louder than words-by firing the current student president and place Honoka as the replacement, the giant dragon she rode to shoot down Kasumi. Kagari also mistaken that Kasumi's love for her brother is an another expression of love and tried to make Honoka to call her Onee-Chan which was funny. So Kazane is coming by for a visit, what antics is going to happen next and by the way, Medusa and the Tower Witches are still in Kagari's room all these time?!

Buddy Complex Ep 6: The Cygnus crew received orders from the top to receive a camera crew who want to film a promotional video based on the Luxon and Braydon. An escorting pilot, Fromm came with the camera crew and recognize Dio as they were from the same training school.

Fromm was very sociable and Annessa was infatuated with him. But Dio ignored him which later Aoba learned that Fromm was just too friendly with everyone which Dio disliked it. However Fromm and Dio were unable to sync their brain waves during a test run in which Fromm suggested Aoba to be his partner.

Their brain waves matched each other which surprised Dio. Meanwhile, the Zogilia Imperial Guards led by Dolzief sortie out to attack the Cygnus. While Fromm and Aoba are demonstrating, they were attacked by Dolzief who seek to lure them into a trap. However Dio who is piloting a weaker Beryl managed to see the deception and shot Dolzief first.

After Dolzief retreated, the camera crew finally got their footage but Fromm stayed behind as he is assigned to the Cygnus...

Fromm is the typical handsome pilot stereotype which everyone especially Annessa who has a crush on him. But the strange thing is Aoba was able to sync with Fromm easily for the first time which could suggested that Aoba might not be an ordinary teen after all. But with the Imperial Guards planning another attack again, will Aoba, Dio and Fromm able to work together the next time around?

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