Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 2: The Princess of Blue Sky Kingdom Part 2

Cure Dream start the show rolling with her catchphrase!

Cure Lovely began battling the Saiark but she is getting knocked down. Cure Princess was scared to do anything however she manage to free Cure Lovely from the Saiark's grip out of desperation.

Cure Princess used Princess Tornado to make a hasty retreat with Cure Lovely. They arrived back at Hime's home which is the Blue Sky Kingdom Embassy and met Blue. Hime claimed he lied about a sure-win if she got a friend. Megumi was surprised to learn that Blue is God and the guardian of Earth.

Blue explained about a special box (Not sure what is it called) that sealed the Saiark was released and they started wrecking the world. At the same time, Queen Mirage could sense love energy on Earth and seek advice from her magic mirror-Deep Mirror. It told her about Cure Lovely and Queen Mirage ordered for her defeat immediately. Megumi also learned that Hime's country-Blue Sky Kingdom was taken over by the Phantom Empire and her family were imprisoned. However Hime was too scared to do anything and flee out of the embassy. Megumi gave chase but she was too fast.

After Namakelda was ordered by Deep Mirror to hunt down Cure Lovely, Hime met Yoko and she gave her a honey candy for comfort. Hime thanks her and quickly left. Megumi used the Detective Costume Card given by Blue and search for Hime. After learning from Yoko that Hime is in the park, she found her eventually.

Hime claimed that she couldn't even defeat one Saiark since she became a Precure. However Megumi told her she didn't gave up despite so many failures and she should go all out for one last time. They also decided their intro pose and went to look for Namakelda.

They found him and the Saiark and transformed. Namakelda send out the Choiark (the foot soldiers for the series) to battle the two girls. After defeating the Choiark, they battle the Saiark and Cure Lovely told Cure Princess to purify it once she weaken the Saiark. Cure Lovely used Love Destruction to weaken it while Cure Princess finished it with Precure Blue Happy Shoot.

After Namakelda retreated, Mao reunited with her mother. Ribbon felt a new power appearing in her body and out came two cards for the girls. She also explained if they collect enough cards, it will be able to grant the user a wish. Hime was glad that Megumi was able to help her in her first victory and both decided to work together as a team from now on...

We finally get to know more about the origins of the Saiark and somehow I got a feeling that Hime was the one who released the box since she got a guilt look. Queen Mirage is like the evil Queen from Snow White and used Deep Mirror for advices. Deep Mirror is voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko (Kakashi from Naruto) and I have a vibe that he could be a potential danger for the girls in the future. Although I am curious, since Blue said that the world is invaded by Saiark then who is protecting the other countries from them? Senior Precures? (Crossover potential!)

This episode is also about Hime overcoming her weakness. Ribbon claimed she is the typical Princess before the Saiark invasion which means she is probably never have any training and had to learn everything on the job. Fear is expected from her but she never gave up after many setbacks which Megumi hinted her that it is admirable. Thank to Megumi, she overcome her fear and won her first victory.

By the way, Heart Destruction sounds like something Sailormoon will have come up with and the way Cure Lovely used it is pretty crazy like a mad man shooting randomly with a machine gun. We also see how the different Precards is used like the Detective Costume card which enable Megumi to act like a real detective. It remind me of Sailormoon or Cutey Honey that also used various disguises to aid them.

So our Precure team for 2014 is finally formed! It will take some time before Cure Honey and Cure Fortune to join the two girls but until then, I am pretty happy with the two origin episodes! Next week, the next Saiark general which is the female one appear and Seiji got entangled with the Precure's fights! See you then!

P.S: Cure Dream is this week's Cure to start the opening which means we won't be going in order but in random every week!

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