Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 37: Citizen Reika

Reika goes about her chores in school and even greeted her fellow classmates every morning. Miyuki suggested that Reika should be a candidate for the upcoming student council head election.

Once again, Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles!!

However Reika felt she is not worthy to become the new head and the girls were disappointed. Meanwhile the three Bad End Generals suggested if they become student head in a school, they could do whatever they want. Majorina gave them badges which transform them to human and infiltrate the Precures' school.

No more Homeworks!

Tea Time everytime!

Comics and Games!

Later, Wolfrun, Majorina and Aka Oni announced they are entering the election and promised the students that no homework and all fun and games if they become the new head. Reika was furious by their actions and decided to join the election race too.

The other girls supported her and they tried to rally support before classes. However the three Bad End Generals disrupt them and influence the students further. Reika argued that such actions shouldn't be the role of a Student Head. Wolfrun challenged her what she will do if she become the head however she is unable to reply.

Reika felt disappointed by the support and the rest of the girls tried to cheer her up. The next day, the candidates were supposed to give a speech during assembley and the three Bad End Generals got a lot of support from the students.

When it was Reika's turn, she claimed she will make the school a better place to study and enjoy school life. Wolfrun mocked her which she became angry. Aka Oni accidently fell on a wire and reveal his true form together with Majorina. They quickly retreated after that.

Six more turns!

The girls realised it was all a trick. Wolfrun immediately sucked Bad End energy on the students and challenged the girls outside. The girls transformed and began battling a Voting box which become a Hyper Akanbe.

The Precures were overwhelmed and Cure Beauty was upset that she can't do anything. Suddenly Cure Happy and the others rebutted Wolfrun that they believe in her and everyone will understand her feelings for the school in the end.

Eight more to go!

Cure Beauty was motivated, stood up and took down Hyper Akanbe with ease. They then used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat it and got a new Decor.


Wolfrun (Still in human form) didn't want to give up the election and challenge Reika for the seat. Reika went to give her speech which touched everyone in the end. Finally the result was out and Reika become the new Head of the Student Council...

Compared to last week's episode which is about Akane, I find Reika's episode a bit predicatable expect for the ending. Firstly, you know that in the end, the three Bad End Generals will get exposed. I was suprised that they didn't use any underhand methods to cheat. Reika is basically herself only more focused and it was the other girls' speech that motivated her to do the right thing and yeah, her speech is a bit preaching (It is basically mean-Be good in school and have a wonderful school life)

I was thinking that Wolfrun will run away after Hyper Akanbe was defeated but he want to stay till the end and find out the results which is obvious Reika won the seat. (But did anybody notice that Wolfrun vanished into thin air after he lost? Wouldn't anyone suspect that Wolfrun and the two Generals are not human?)

I need to go to the Bathroom!

Sorry about last week's election...

Next week, I am on the fence for the next episode. Because it is another one of Majorina's invention went wrong and the girls including Candy, Wolfrun and Aka Oni becoming little kids. I was expecting next episode should focus on Nao because she is the only one with experiences with kids but no, everyone is a kid. Well, see you next week for some kiddy talk!


  1. A bit of a letdown after the drama in last week's episode with Brian x Akane which was ace. I'm sorry but Reika you come across as a bit boring!

    Human Aka Oni was hot...*walks away quietly*

    1. Anon1 here. Yep if that makes me a weirdo so be it. I seem to be the only female fan who likes him...Can't help it though, Aka Oni was my favorite right from the start. I dig big macho guys with afros...and horns... Episode 25 with the speedos was pure fanservice for me!

      To the other anon - I like the idea of Wolfrun x Reika way more than Joker x Reika. Joker is just way too evil whereas Aka oni, Wolfrun and Majorina I don't see as truly evil, maybe brainwashed and may turn good in the end *SPOILER* like Trio Minor in Suite did.

    2. Oh and if anyone knows where I can buy an Aka Oni plush like this:

      plz respond. Jeez I would give almost anything for one of these!

    3. You could commission someone to make one for you.

  2. Fortunately, it will take a one-week break for the new episode. November 11th is the returning date.

  3. If we're on the subject of it, Human Wolfrun was hot as f...fudge?
    Also, I'm so confused like I really shipped Miyuki and Wolfrun (who have not had much interaction lately,) but then...Human Wolfrun was like invading Reika's personal space so muuchh and hnggg and then the preview of the next episode! I don't knoow whaat to dooooo !

  4. I'm glad they made royal Rainbow Burst a lot shorter this time. This episode was a bit too generic though.