Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 18, Samurai Flamenco Ep 17, Wake Up Girls! Ep 6, Wonder Momo Ep 2, Log Horizon Ep 20

Kill La Kill Ep 18: Satsuki announced her men to prepare for battle against Ragyo as she send Shiro to destroy the original Life Fibers. Ryuko and the others were shocked by the turn of events. Satsuki's claim is her father and her unnamed young sister was killed by Ragyo because of her obsession of the Life Fiber.

Nui arrived but was confronted by the four divas. She handled them with ease while Satsuki has already released the audiences from the Life Fiber. Mako was immediately ordered to evacuate the audiences while Ryuko and the others prepare for battle.

Ragyo managed to break free and control all of Satsuki's men with her own Life Fiber. She then used to control Ryuko and started attacked Satsuki. But Ryuko break free of her control and transformed.

Ryuko was much stronger and was actually overwhelming Nui. Satsuki decapitated Ragyo but she is still alive and beat her to a pulp. Ragyo then removed Junkentsu from her and wore it. The Original Life Fibers were awaken and appeared in the sky. Ragyo then went to pierce Ryuko's heart and claimed she is her daughter and Satsuki's younger sister...

Satsuki's father married Ragyo due to his research of the Life Fiber however she has other plans and tried to sacrifice Satsuki and her younger sister. Her younger sister was abandoned and believed to be dead however it turned out to be Ryuko which explained why she is able to adapt the Life Fiber so well. But Ragyo proved to be too strong and the Life Fibers begin their invasion of the world as we see in the next episode preview, the world has went to hell because of the invasion. What a plot twist but I like it!

Samurai Flamenco Ep 17: Goto ordered Masayoshi to wear a gas mask as they fight their way against the police. They met up with Harazuka, Konno and Mr Justice who agreed that Prime Minister Okuzaki must be stopped before he pass the bill to outlaw costume heroes.

They headed to the Diet house and battle many guards before Okuzaki. He wore a battle armor and was incredibly strong due to the support given to him all these while. Masayoshi was fighting an uphill battle as the Flamenco girls arrived to aid them.

Okuzaki started preaching Japan doesn't need heroes and he will rule the country with an iron fist. Suddenly Masayoshi was able to damage his armor which Okuzaki realized his support was dropping rapidly. Konno appeared and has been streaming their conversation online. Masayoshi and Goto immediately did a double kick on Okuzaki and he was defeated.

Mr Justice suddenly appeared and revealed that he is actually Alien Flamenco. Okuzaki explained that the world's leaders has been replaced by aliens and his reason of getting rid of the heroes was hoping that he alone will be able to handle the alien invasion. But now he was defeated, the aliens now has their sights on Japan which a giant sphere appeared in the sky...

From one alien invasion in Kill La Kill, we have Samurai Flamenco having to handle another Alien Invasion and this time they are not kidding around! Okuzaki's reasons may be reasonable but because the heroes are considered outlaws, no one is able to protect the country now. So with Samurai Flamenco and the Flamenco girls left, it will take a miracle to defeat the new alien invasion!

Wake Up Girls! Ep 6: A music composer Hayasaka offered to help the girls to become a better Idol group. After much discussion with Tange and Matsuda, they agreed to his terms that he will have them trained every Saturday and three separate concerts the following week and he will be in control of them for the time being.

The girls agreed and went through his rigorous training. Hayakasa later told Tange and Matsuda that Airi is the weakest link and want to eliminate her out of the group. Meanwhile I-One's manager, Shiraki stressed to the group that he want a 100% audience attendance despite all the tickets sold out. He claimed that the Wake Up Girls took the 3 empty seats from them and does not want to be successful.

Later Hayasaka told Airi that she has no personality in the group and was recommended to leave the group. During their performance, she fumbled on stage and was reprimanded by Hayakasa. When the girls went for their training, Airi was absent and Hayakasa told them he want Airi to quit the group and if they refused to accept it, he will have no choice but to fire all of them...

The girls got their first taste of real Idol training and their first major setback. If you really must know, real professional idols have to take many abuses and insults in order to become good which you can tell that the girls were not ready to handle it. Airi who initially joined out of interest has realised she does not bring anything value to the group. Although Hayasaka might be harsh but I believe he has his reasons in doing so.

Furthermore, he was responsible for I-One's success and now he is doing it to spite Shiraki who has become more of a tyrant to his group. You know it's funny that the rival groups are always a bunch of jerks just like Idolmaster's Jupiter and Love Live's A-Rise. But with Hayakasa announcing a deadline, will the girls side Airi or forgo her for the group?

Wonder Momo Ep 2: A third year student, Terashima who found out that Momoka is Wonder Momo tried to probe more from her. However they were attacked by aliens who invaded a cosplay event. Momoka transformed and started battling the foot soldiers.

Suddenly a female masked warrior (Amazona) help her and she is revealed to be popular idol, Akiho. Momoka tried to befriend her however Akiho claimed she is not the real Wonder Momo...

If you do not know, Amazona is actually a tribute to Amazon who is the original Wonder Momo's rival. But how did Akiho got her power is yet to be revealed. Furthermore, she claimed that Momoka isn't the real Wonder Momo which means she has seen the original Wonder Momo years ago. But with a show that last only seven minutes, it is kinda of rushed for the plot to move so fast...

Log Horizon Ep 20: Shiroe and Akatsuki rushed to Minori's location by his Griffion. He then instructed Minori, Serara and Isuzu to use their revival spells on Rundel every eight minutes till he arrived.

Crusty was informed by Misa about the Goblin General forces approaching while Lenassia became the adventurers' admiration. Along the way, Shiroe decided to take a gamble on a new spell after remembering what Regan explaining about the MP and HP is to them in their world.

When he arrived, he instructed Minori to add him in his party and used a Mana-Channelling to distribute to Rundel. He then used Revival Incense to wake Rundel up for three minutes. Shiroe told Minori's group not to reveal what is going to happen next and presented a written magic contract that enable Rundel to become a real adventurer in his guild. He accepted the terms and signed the contract. With it, Rundel can be revived in the church as his new status as adventurer.

Crusty and Marielle successfully drove off the monsters and everyone took a well deserved break. Rundel woke up in the church and checked that he has become an adventurer. Isuzu arrived and started reprimanded him for all the troubles he caused. He apologized and the two make up...

So Shiroe has successfully turned Rundel from a NPC character to an adventurer which is uncalled for. While everyone celebrate for their victory, I got a feeling that Shiroe's new spell is going to led to more problems in the future if the NPC characters will to get hold of this new spell. It could result the NPC characters to have almost immorality status which is dangerous for the adventurers. But for now the war is over and everyone celebrate in the next episode but what events could be happening next?

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