Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 17, Samurai Flamenco Ep 16, Robot Girls Z Ep 4-6, Wonder Momo Ep 1

Kill La Kill Ep 17: Satsuki returned to the academy and announced the Cultural and Sports Festival to be held in three days time. At the same time, Ryuko refused to battle but after Mako and Seketsu convinced her to battle, she agreed to join forces with Nudist Beach. Satsuki also recalled how her father presented her Junkentsu claiming it is her "wedding dress"

She later learned from Mikisugi that Tsumgu's sister was Ryuko's father's assistant however she died while trying an incomplete Kamui. Ryuko's father carried on her legacy and finally completed Senketsu using her DNA.

Mako's family was invited along with the rest of the citizens to the festival and make to wear the clothings filled with Life Fibers. Ryuko and the others learned about the festival and rushed to stop them. Ragyo arrived and activated the Life Fibers on the clothes, sucking every one's life (Except Matarou) force for the Life Fibers to be born. Ryuko arrived and confronted Ragyo when suddenly Satsuki stabbed Ragyo in the back and claimed her true motives was to rebel against her mother and the Life Fibers...

When I first saw Ragyo and her motives, I have a feeling that somehow she is the true villian and Satsuki dislike her methods. Furthermore, Satsuki is more honorable in her actions unlike Nui and Ragyo who used underhand methods. Now the truth is out that Satsuki created the academy is to rebel against the Life Fibers after knowing their true nature. But somehow Ragyo won't go down without a fight in the next episode, can Satsuki and her men overcome her or Ryuko forced to team up with her hated enemy?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 16: Masayoshi is wanted for treason and everyone connected to him have been interrogated or in jail. Meanwhile, Mari refused to make peace with Moe and Mizuki, claiming Moe humiliated her during their capture from King Torture.

Mari ran away and ended at the abandoned Torture Base. Moe explained she respected her a lot and Mizuki have been working hard to keep the group together. They finally make up (Literally) after that.

Masayoshi was angry about the Prime Minister's comments on television that he fainted due to lack of food. He woke up in an old man's shed and offered him some food. The old man explained he was once rich but lost his money by a friend. One day, he was beaten by a thug when Samurai Flamenco saved him. The old man then decided to help others in need which what Masayoshi needed now. He then went to find Goto who offered him his help...

This is how heroes should stood up in times of need. First, Mari finally learned that Moe and Mizuki are her true friends and make up. (With a Kiss!) Masayoshi has his back on the wall and nearly give up but it was Samurai Flamenco who inspired the old man to help up that he decided to ask Goto for help. Will Masayoshi and Goto be able to turn the tides of the almighty Prime Minister and what is his secret since we know he has super powers?

Robot Girls Z Ep 4-6: The first story is the introduction of the original Robot Girls-Team T that consists of Gaiking, Ga-Keen, Barattack and Danguard Ace and their rivaly with Team Z went way overboard during a marathon race. The next is Minvera X was sent to seduce Z-Chan and discovered Minvera X is a cross dresser. The last story is Grenda decided to help Idol Lorelai to battle Belgas V5 which used sound waves to make people drunk...

Since we get to see Team T in action, when are we going to see Team G which is Getta Robo and Jeeg as next episode is the final episode?!

Wonder Momo Ep 1: Momoko is an inspiring Idol/Student. When a strange ball given by a stranger enter her body, she used it to become Wonder Momo to defeat aliens from outer space!

Sounds simple? Based on the web comic of the same name, this is a sequel to the original Wonder Momo series. Momoko's power suit is more revealing rather than the 80s high heels and long socks power suit of the original. The action was old school with sounds effects appearing on screen like the 60s Batman series. If there is one grip is that Momoko's seiyuu Fujiwara Yuka sound like a dead fish which I am guessing she is not a trained seiyuu at all and furthermore, this episode is only 7 minutes long! But I will be following it since it is confirmed that the original Wonder Momo voiced by Momoi Haruko will appeared in the series.

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