Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 16, Witch Craft Works Ep 3, Buddy Complex Ep 3

Log Horizon Ep 16: Shoryu and some of the adventurers fend off many of the Sahuagin but they are still coming in hordes. Naotsuge and the students make camp to plan as Nyanta reported that armies of goblins have been sighted north.

Shiroe and the adventurers in Akihabara were informed of the situation and conducted a live chat. They believed that due to the adventurers did not accept any request, the number of monsters rise at a fast rate and now a special quest-Revival of the Gobin King has caused all the monsters to pop up everywhere.

Soujiro and his party went to assist Shiroe at the capital as he told Crusty and the rest about the loss of memories if they are revived after loss of HP. Crusty could vouch for it as he died twice and now couldn't remember his cat's name in the real world.

Minori's party wanted to help the village that is being attacked by the monsters which Naotsuge reluctantly allow them to go. They encountered some goblins and deal with them easily. Naotsuge and Nyanta was following them behind after knowing they will get into trouble. Minori instead suggested they should go for the offensive and take down the monsters...

It seems they have some kind of safety level in this world that indicate the number of monsters appearing. If they ignore it like not accepting any requests which in this case, since many of the players just want to go back to the real world, the monsters increased and the safety level hit critical with the revival of the Gobin King is at hand.

Shiroe mentioned of the memory loss was proven since Crusty has experienced it first hand so the only way to avoid it is by not dying. As Souji and his party went to assist the capital, Minori and company decided to take the first strike to take down the monsters before they ravaged the town completely. Can they overcome impossible odds with the number of players they have?

Witch Craft Works Ep 3: Kagari started training Honoka and everyone was envy about him. They were boarding the bus together when they were attacked by Chronoire and she stabbed Honoka in the stomach.

However Honoka did not feel pain but it was Kagari that felt it. Chronoire suggested that Kagari used "Damage Transfer" so that all of Honoka's injuries are transferred to her at a cost. Chronoire taunt Honoka to swollen a ball that will awaken his power to save Kagari. However Kagari woke up and stab Chronoire in the neck. She admitted defeat and told her they will meet again at Walpurgis Night.

Both of them recovered and the next day, Kagari taught him the usage of the witch robes. They even sat on Kagari's flying broomstick and enjoy together. Honoka spotted a girl being bullied and tried to help her. Instead he crashed into them and had to be save by Kagari who claimed the bullies are Tower Witches too. Later the girl told Honoka's sister Kasumi about the strange happening...

We finally get to see how dangerous Kagari can be. Instead of red flames, we have green flames and a dragon behind her back which is awesome But Chronoire is no push over and claimed they will meet again. Honoka kept the ball given by Chronoire which I am sure he will use it out of desperation in the future.

Kagari is less compassionate as her mission is protect Honoka and despite calling themselves as protecter of the city, she felt that the girl who got bullied is not worth helping even claiming the witches are not supposed to reveal their identifies or powers to ordinary people. Of course, Honoka who is a nice guy went to help and got Kagari to save him again. Although in the next episode, Honoka's younger sister Kasumi is also a Workshop Witch and she is not happy about Kagari getting well with her brother...

Buddy Complex Ep 3: Aoba was given a lecture of the history of the war that has been going by Mayuka and felt asleep half way. They later went to the hanger to see Luxon. Dio who was there gave Aoba the cold shoulder but the Zoliga forces were behind their tail.

Dio, Lee and Jarl sortie out and battle Bizon and his forces. They fall back after a few rounds when Alfried fired the Cygnus's engine. Hina also arrived and battle Dio and Alfried. Aoba was requested by Captain Gengo to pilot Luxon and he sortie out. He activated the coupling system with Dio and started overwhelming Alfried and Hina.

Aoba managed to break open Hina's cockpit and found out she was piloting it. He tried to tell her about him but she shoot him, grazing his helmet. Their coupling system was deactivated by force and Dio nearly crashed into the sea. Bizon arrived and rescue Hina while Aoba was brought back by Lee and Jarl back to the Cygnus...

Aoba finally met Hina however it is not the Hina he knew. It is obvious that the present Hina has not went back to the past and her reasons why she went back to get Aoba. We also learn the war broke out after a discovery of a new energy source called Nectoribirum was found. The Zogila empire conquered the countries around it to gather all the Nectoribirum. Japan and the United States of America found the Liberty Alliance to battle the Zogila. The Coupling System is very similar to Pacific Rim's Drift Compatible since they shared each other knowledge and emotions during battle and only certain people are able to do.

But what will Aoba do now since Hina is a Zogila soldier? Furthermore Dio is not in good terms with him claiming he is not a soldier and he is forced to do the coupling with Aoba twice. Well in typical Sunrise fashion, Aoba will find a way to work with Dio and they will definitely get along in future episodes.

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