Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 15, Samurai Flamenco Ep 14, Wake Up Girls! Ep 3

Kill La Kill Ep 15: Satsuki joined in the fight and battle the last head of Osaka, Takarada. With the four kings wearing their new three star goku uniforms, they defeat Takarada with ease.

Ryuko and Maho arrived and challenged Satsuki. The Nudist Beach rebels led by Mikisugi and Tsumugu arrived to aid her. Satsuki activated Junketsu and battle Ryuko. She is having a losing battle until she risk her life wearing the incomplete Senketsu.

But she managed to blind Satsuki with her own blood spilling from her clothes and snatch back the gloves. With a complete Senketsu, they began battling each other to a stand still. Ryuko want her to withdraw her men for the damages they caused which she agreed but not after destroying the Nudist Beach hideout which is their true motive all along. Mikisugi then promise Ryuko to tell her the truth about her father's works...

With another awesome over the top action filled episode, Kill La Kill has been doing well for the second half of the season. Ryuko's battle with Satsuki was one of the highlight and it took a daring and unpredictable move to defeat Satsuki and withdraw her men. We also get to see the Nudist Beach rebels who are hilarious with their battle suits. So what secrets will Ryuko learn from Mikisugi about her father? We have to wait next week to find out!

Samurai Flamenco Ep 14: After Masayoshi announced on live television that From Beyond is planning to launch a full scale invasion, the telephone lines started ringing everywhere and it is the members of From Beyond minus one person proclaiming they will attack the next morning.

Masayoshi was slapped by the Prime Minister for causing widespread panic and later met up with Ishihara and Konno. Konno knew the info from a Japaneses Ambassador overseas and returned to see the outcome. Masayoshi went online and told people to head for shelters and not to panic.

Goto told Mizuki and Moe about Mari and left to assist in the evacuation. The Flamengers began battling the monsters and were outnumbered. A giant machine is drilling into Mount Fuji hoping it will cause an explosion. Suddenly, Kaname in his Red Axe suit arrived and he brought his allies-the Super Heroes from Masayoshi's childhood who apparently are real and they began to defeat the monsters together with the people.

The Flamen Robo defeated a giant monster who is guarding the drill when they heard a voice though their comm. It was the leader of From Beyond and he happened to look like Masayoshi and claiming to be his brother...

What can I say? This is how Super Hero Taisen should be! Heroes uniting together to overcome evil. The first half was pretty gloomy with everyone feeling the impending danger. Goto want Mari to make up with her friends since it might be the end of the world. Masayoshi gave an encouraging speech to think positive and despite being a slightly unreliable commander, Kaname came back and he brought friends-Super Friends to be exact. But wait! You mean that all those heroes are real and not actors in suit? What kind of world is this anyway?! But now, we finally get to see the big leader of From Beyond but why does he look like Masayoshi? Can't wait for next episode to find out!

Wake Up Girls! Ep 3: The girls finally get to be on a variety program and they spilt up to do a gourmet segment and a weather report segment. They face some problems in the beginning but finally got some success especially Minami who is very popular with her new catch phase.

Matsuda learned from Tange that Minami do volunteer work in an old folks' home and became the joy for them. The old folks decided to cheer Minami in her upcoming mini concert and she was happy about it. However one of the old folks-Isokawa who Minami love her dearly was admitted to hospital.

Minami decided not to perform and went to meet Isokawa. But she told Minami that she should go as she describe as the sun who shine on everyone. She went back to meet the others and had a successful concert. However the media caught hold of Mayu's return and decied to exploit it...

This episode focus on Minami who is the dearest in the group. She is a big eater and finally get to do what she love-Eating. Minami was also the joy for the old folks since she spent a lot of time with them and making them happy. Isokawa was also dear to Minami since she gave her a charm to wish her well in the audition. Although Isokawa was happy to see Minami but she want her to share her "brightness" to everyone and the concert was successful. But what will happen to Mayu since the media are aware of her comeback? As the next episode is titled "Scandal", we know the girls are going for another whirlwind next week!

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