Sunday, January 19, 2014

Doki Doki Precure Ep 48: Mega Lance vs King Jikochu!

King Jikochu tried to smash the girls to the ground but they managed to escape. Cure Heart suspected that his heart was moved for a moment earlier and used Lovely Pad to seek an answer.

They discovered the King is trapped in King Jikochu's heart and decided to enter his body. The others were wondering if they can do it but Cure Heart claimed she will save him as she proclaimed she is the Student Chairman of Oogai Middle School-Aida Mana.

Her proclaim was broad casted and everyone including friends and families know who she is. However everybody began cheering for them and they went to confront King Jikochu again. The Jikochu Trio tried to stop them but they were quickly dispatched.

Cure Rosetta used Lance Balloon to create a giant size Lance doll and it held King Jikochu at bay so that the others could enter through his mouth. Cure Diamond stay behind to stop the oncoming Jikochu monsters and Cure Sword hold off another group when they landed on solid ground.

Cure Heart, Cure Ace, Regina and Ai-Chan arrived at the heart and they were attacked by many Jikochu guards. Several of it became a giant Jikochu and overwhelm them at first. Meanwhile, Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta used up all their powers to end the battle. Suddenly the King was able to feel their emotions and his heart turned good.

Cure Heart told the giant Jikochu that there is nothing wrong with helping your family even though the King and Ange sacrifice their country for their loved ones. She held the Jikochu back while the other three head for the King. Cure Sword arrived and deal the fatal blow to the giant Jikochu and claimed that there is nothing wrong with love but it is those who misled those feelings that should be dealt with.

The King was able to break his seal and saw Ange in the three girls. When the King was released, King Jikochu was finally destroyed and everyone make it back to the ground. When Mana and the others woke up, they were surrounded by their families and friends who welcome them back.

Suddenly Bel appeared holding a small piece of King Jikochu. He swollen it and become the new King Jikochu...

I think the makers used all their budget in this episode as it is non-stop action every minute compared to the previous episode. With combination attack from Cure Ace and Regina to a giant size Lance bear fighting King Jikochu in Godzilla Style, it was great. Of course, everyone got their spotlight and for a moment, you think it is a repeat of Sailormoon Season 1 final season where everyone were defeated, leaving one last man standing. I am glad it was Cure Sword who get to preach to the giant Jikochu before he died and not Cure Heart.

I thought that after saving the King and defeating hordes of Jikochu, you think that everything will be over. But no, Bel is still obsessed of being No.1 and finally got his chance. By swallowing King Jikochu, he now become the final boss in the series! At least, he did what Joker from Smile Precure couldn't do and the girls must muster their last strength to battle him one last time.

However, the next preview episode already spoilt us with Cure Heart getting one last power up but will the others get it too? So how will the story end? Will Rika get on with Ira? Will Alice become the richest little girl in the world? Will Makoto have another shot in stardom? Will Aguri enjoy her sweets again? Will Regina stop being a spoilt girl? Will Mana become the love of the town? Too many questions and we can't wait for the grand finale next week! Until then, one last hurray before we welcome Happiness Charge Precure next month!

P.S: Thank you everyone for voting who is your favourite Happiness Charge Precure lead. People like Cure Lovely and Cure Fortune the most follow by Cure Honey and Cure Princess. I guess spoilt princess characters are not on everyone's love list. Anyway, it is just a first impressions and it might change as the series progress.


  1. The sky is still blue even if Bel becomes the new king jikochu.

  2. I think DokiDoki Precure is the first season to have the episode title named after Cure Heart first finishing move.