Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quick Picks: Kill La Kill Ep 14, Samurai Flamenco Ep 13, Wake Up, Girls! Ep 2

Kill La Kill Ep 14: Ryuko woke up from her injuries and Mikisugi was the one who saved her. A small shed of Senketsu is with Ryuko and he is still able to communicate with her. Ryuko decided to take back all the pieces from Satsuki who have already distributed to her men.

Satsuki ordered her troops to attack the schools in West Japan and they were initially overwhelm by their opponents but once they used pieces of Senketsu, they were unstoppable. Maho on the other hand escaped from her captions and started enjoying the sights and sounds of Osaka (With a huge dough of money taken from the West Japan students)

Ryuko arrived and started getting back all her pieces. She met Maho along the way and Senketsu told her that there is one remaining piece to recover and it is on Satsuki's wrist...

Not much to say but an all out action episode with the generals battling the West Japan schools with ease. Maho was hilarious as she begged one of the shooters to shoot her with money (Literally!) and started enjoying herself. Ryuko also arrived but can she take back the last piece of Seketsu from Satsuki who have also joined in the battlefield?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 13: The Flamengers analysed their previous battles and learn that From Beyond is a huge organisation and it will take more than 300 years to defeat all of them. Furthermore, all the secret bases of From Beyond have been cleared and it is believed that they are planning an all out attack.

The date happened to be February 7th and they informed the Prime Minister. He ordered them not to spread the news as it will cause widespread panic. But he allowed them to bring 5 people into the shelter before the invasion. Masayoshi went to visit Goto and saw Mari in the room. However she was still angry with him and refused to talk.

Later, Kaname abandoned his post, leaving Masayoshi to take over. Feeling the pressure of not knowing what to do next, he later went on live television and told everyone to evacute immediately...

Finally Masayoshi cracked under pressure and learned that it is not easy being a hero. Furthermore, he is now part of an organisation and there are red tapes all over it. Although I am starting to think if all these are actually part of Masayoshi's imagination? It is like a dream to him from the moment he started being a super hero. Anyway, what will happen now to the country when From Beyond begin their all out attack? Can the Flamengers stop them? Will anyone able to? By the way, Konno is back!

Wake Up, Girls! Ep 2: Sudo told the girls to wear bikini swimsuits and to perform at an Inn. The girls reluctantly performed and have to serve the male customers. Miyu couldn't take it anymore after a male customer tried to kiss her during a game and quit the group.

Matsuda tried to cancel the performances with the owner of the Inn but he insisted in the refund from Sudo. Suddenly Tange (who was at the same Inn) arrived and beat Sudo to a pulp and demanded him to return the money back. The girls demanded an apology from Tange which she reluctantly did but insisted them to bring back Miyu.

Mayu, Airi and Nanase found Miyu working at her old Maid cafe and asked her back. Miyu told them being an idol must have a certain level of resolve which she is afraid to commit. However during her maid performance, her fans supported her to go back being an idol which she finally agreed. It also make Mayu realise how passionate fans could be to their idols. Later Tange informed she got them a small role in the afternoon news TV program...

I was right that Sudo was a sketchy person and he humiliated the girls to perform in the Inn where the male customers took advantage of them. It was a blessing in disguise as Tange was also at the same Inn and she managed to settle the problem (With her fist!) before the girls got into trouble. But it also show that being an idol, they need a certain level of resolve to accept any jobs. (Of course, if the jobs is kind of sketchy, that is out of the question!)

Mayu almost forgot that fans are the true supporter of any idols and she too learned a bit more of herself. So with a TV program job on the way, can the girls truly begin their first step to a bigger world? (By the way, I am sure that after this episode, some doujin artist is already planning an "extended" version of the girls' performances in the Inn. I am sure to look out for that! Hehehe!)

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