Monday, January 13, 2014

Doki Doki Precure Ep 47: The Pulse in your Heart is called Love!

The battle begins as King Jikochu ordered his men to attack the city. The media captured the Precures now in Angel Form hovering the city, preparing to attack them.

Alice's mother is a Hottie!

Everyone started battling the generals. Cure Sword, Cure Rosetta and Cure Diamond battled Bel, Mammo and Ira respectively. The generals started tauting them claiming that it is furtile to battle however the girls did not give in and claimed they believe that Love will overcome it.

Cure Heart and Cure Ace approached in front of Regina and King Jikochu. Regina asked why she came here which Cure Heart remembered her promise to talk some sense into King Jikochu over their relationship. King Jikochu swept them away with his hand and tried to step on them. However both of them resisted and told him they will protect not just everyone but also King Jikochu and Regina's smiles.

The generals told them they want to turn Earth into the same fate as the Trump Kingdom, claiming people will start having fears and selfishness in them when they see what has happened. They will then use their weakness and turned them into Jikochu. But Cure Heart claimed they are wrong as she could still hear the pulse in everyone's heart and she was right. All of the people (families, friends and former Jikochu victims) are helping one another and their plans failed.

King Jikochu was furious about it and destroy the Clover Tower with one shot. Regina then begin battling Cure Heart alone. However Cure Heart did not want to fight with her and could felt her sadness. Regina tried to deny it but Cure Heart hugged her and ensured they can try to bring King Jikochu back to his senses. Regina finally admitted she love her too (As a friend! Stop pairing these two together!)

King Jikochu saw what has happened and tried to kill them both but Regina used the Dragon Glavie (which is now glowing with Light Energy) to blast his blast away. Regina told him that she love him and Cure Heart. Everyone else also tried to talk sense into him which finally Cure Ace told him that she is her father. He saw that Cure Ace look similar to Ange and a small pulse could be felt in King Jikochu's heart. He denied it is love and tried to kill them all...

So the final battle begin and everyone battling their opposite. The Jikochu's plan was to turn humans into Jikochu the same way they did to the Trump Kingdom. However because of the Precures' intervention in the past, the people learned to help one another in time of crisis. Cure Heart also convince Regina to accept the truth and helping her father in regaining his senses.

This whole episode sure has a lot of preaching about Love and a drop in quality since everyone's attacks are not stock footage but rather just showing the attacks sweeping the grunts without even showing the girls using the attacks. King Jikochu is a whinnier-all he does is denying everything that is good and tried to show off his strength by destroying the Clover Tower and the girls. However he saw Ange in Cure Ace which got his pulse beating for a second which mean there is a little spark of good left in him.

Next week, the girls travel into King Jikochu's body to save him and the fate of the world. Only two more episodes left before the Grand Finale! See you next week!

P.S: Thank you everyone who voted the last poll and it seems people like the Happiness Charge Precure Transformation. Now we like to ask people who is your favourite Cure in Happiness Charge Precure based on their first impressions and vibes before the first episode aired on 2nd February. Enjoy!

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