Monday, January 6, 2014

Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 14, Buddy Complex Ep 1, Witch Craft Works Ep 1, Robot Girls Z Ep 1-3

Log Horizon Ep 14: Regan explained to Shiroe and Akatsuki about a strange occurrence that happen three times in their world known as World Fraction. He explained that their world was once a peaceful country but demons started appearing including different races like elves, dwarfs and cat people. The demons were overwhelming them until the "adventurers" appeared and saved them.

Shiroe deduced that Regan is probably explaining the Elder Tales' back story but somehow the people of the land regard it as real history. Regan also explained that all adventurers have two elements-Psyche which is a player's abilities and characters and Anima which is the players' experiences and memories. If a player is revive after death, he actually lose some part of his past memories in the process. Shiroe realised that the players are in danger of losing their real life memories if they died in battle.

He decided to keep the secret to himself and instructed Akatsuki not to reveal to anyone yet. Meanwhile, Minori's party are in low spirits after their last battle. They decied to try again in the afternoon and Minori suddenly speak out her mind...

So a shocking truth as the players will lose some of their memories if they are revived. If they are revived too many times, they might end up being a vegetable for life. (Sounds like a bit of Valvrave in it) Furthermore, the occurrence known as World Fraction is the cause for the players unable to log out from the game but who is responsible for it? Regen claimed it is by the gods who create the effect twice but I am guessing there is more to it. Minori finally spoke up (took you long enough!) to point out their problem as a party which I hope they will finally be able to overcome the dungeon with ease...

Buddy Complex Ep 1: Watase Aoba is just a normal teen but somehow his classmate, Yumihara seems to be interested in him. But when a giant robot tried to kill Aoba, Yumihara piloted another robot and take it down.

She explained her real name is Hina and she is sent from the future to protect him. But before she could explain further, the enemy robot tried to self-destruct with them. Hina flew with the enemy into a wormhole in the sky and destroy the enemy. However she began to cease to exist and left Aoba in the future. When he woke up, he was in a different robot and in a middle of a crossfire...

A time travel story with robots in it? Terminator! (Just kidding!) I was upset that Hina just suddenly cease to exist (which sucked that the female lead hit the bucket in the first episode) But how did Aoba ended up in a new robot and it has already recognise him as a pilot? If this is the future where there is a war with giant robots going on, it mean something terrible must have happen to cause all this! But why Aoba is being targeted? I am guessing he is the catalyst that started it which we have to see more to find out!

Witch Craft Works Ep 1: Takamiya Honoka was attacked by a witch named Tapopo and her killer rabbits robots for no reason. But he was saved by the most popular girl in school, Kagari who happen to be a witch nicknamed the Witch of the Flame.

Kagari told him that she is to protect him in the open but he became the most hated person in school as Kagari started accompanying him by her side. Tapopo attacked him again and Kagari got stabbed badly. Honoka was touched by her actions and agreed to allow her to be his bodyguard. She managed to drove Tapopo away but the next day, she came back to the school with four more transfer students (who are also evil witches) and enrol in their class...

I got to say this...I like Kagari! She is cool like Saki from Azumanga Daigo and bad ass like Kusanagi Kyo from KOF! Yes, she has a nice rack to go with it! It is also interesting that all these witches have different elements powers which we will see in the future. It looked like Honoka is also be learning some magic tricks since there is an obvious reason why he is being targeted. So eat your heart out, Harry Potter!

Robot Girls Z Ep 1-3: I won't go into full details since this is a slice of life comedy and I don't want to ruin the punchlines. The first episode is just the Mazinger Trio went all WMD and defeat Baron Asura and her robots girls. The second episode has Dr Hell producing enemy robot girls to defeat the Mazinger Trio with hilarious results and finally the third episode have the trio battling the ocean robot girls but thanks to some fishermen, they save the day. A fun show and did Doublas M2 make you lose a heartbeat for a moment when you see her?

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