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Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 15, Samurai Flamenco Ep 12, Kill La Kill Ep 13, Buddy Complex Ep 2, Witch Craft Works Ep 2

Log Horizon Ep 15: Minori told everyone that they should start introducing themselves and their skills. She took down notes of everyone and finally came up with a plan to attack the dungeon.
Everyone follow her plan and they successfully clean the dungeon.

Later, she inform Shiroe about their progress and he was proud for them. Rundel and Izuru were getting along well and she want to add Rundel into her friend list but somehow it rejected his entry. The next day, a large horde of Sahuagin or Fish people creatures attack the beach causing panic everywhere...

Finally after 4 episodes of politics, we are going to see some action again! But it won't be a easy ride as the unusual appearance of a large Sahuagin army is going to be question and it look like it is related to the strange happenings that is going on so far. But with Shiroe and company away at the captial, can Marielle and the others hold off the monsters before it is too late?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 12: The Flamengers continue to battle the rest of the From Beyond monsters and became well known. However they lacked team unity on and off battle. Masayoshi visited Goto and he returned his helmet to Masayoshi.

Goto told him that everyone was well after the battle with King Torture. However MMM took a hiatsu break and Mari went missing. When Masayoshi left, it was revealed that Mari has been staying with Goto all these while. The From Beyond General-Musashi 34 turned the cities into a ice age and the Flamengers still couldn't work together which result Musashi 34 held two teens hostage.

Masayoshi reprimanded everyone about teamwork and they finally accepted it. They saved the hostage and defeat Musashi 34 with their newly upgraded Flamen Robo. The team finally ate dinner at Masayoshi's place when new From Beyond generals appeared to challenge them again...

It is what they called the never ending battle? Masayoshi have problems trying to get his team together and after a near miss, they put aside their pride and win their battles. But with new villains appearing every week (Joke!) will their battles ever end? What about Goto and Mari? Goto felt that Masayoshi might get carried away again and having Mari as his room mate is going to rise problems later. Mari have to learn how to get back on her feet after her humiliation and I won't be surprised if she join the Flamengers in the future. (Beside they kinda of lack a yellow ranger in the team)

Kill La Kill Ep 13: Satsuki prepared her troops for invasion to West Japan and Ryuko suffered a phobia of wearing Senketsu for fear of going out of control. A newspaper reporter student Nagita tried to convince Ryuko to fight Satsuki and got Maho into trouble.

Maho was sent to the supporting team as punishment for the upcoming invasion. Nagita was being chased by Satsuki's men which got Ryuko to wear Senketsu. However Nagita was actually Nui in disguse and she tore Senketsu to pieces. Satsuki warned Nui to leave and took Senketsu away. She planned to use the remains of Senketsu on her men and Ryuko was left with one shed of Senketsu when she was saved by Mikisugi...

The war begins but with Ryuko losing Senketsu to Satuski amd Nui, it will take more than a miracle to get it back. But Nui has proven to be stronger than Ryuko and with Maho being taken away, can Ryuko stand up again with a small shed of Senketsu?

Buddy Complex Ep 2: Moments before Aoba arrived from the past, the Confederation of Liberty forces were battling the Zogilia Empire. Dio, Lee and Jarl were to protect the remaining Buddy Robot, Luxon from the Zogilia.

Aoba arrived inside Luxon and was registered as a pilot. Dio was ordered to "couple" Aoba and their two robots-Luxon and Bradyon were working at full power. Aoba was able to defeat one of the enemy using Dio's battle knowledge. After the Zogilia retreated, Aoba was brought by Dio to Vice Captain Rene and he tried to convince that he is from the past. He asked Dio if he know Hina but he do not know her.

As Zogilia commander, Alfred Gallent ordered his men led by Tusais to attack the Liberty forces. Aoba was allowed to remain on the ship as they prepare to abandon their base and head to allied ground. But Tusais' forces were close by and one of the new pilots happen to be Hina...

Aoba was sent 70 years into the future-the year 2088. Somehow, Japan has allied with the United States of America to battle Zogilia Empire which look like Russian and China together. We finally get to look at the "Coupling" power that our two main robots-Luxon and Bradyon has. It remind me of Super Robots Wars OG's Arad and Seolla's Wild Ruger and Wild Falken which has similar abilities. The only difference is that both of them shared each other battle knowledge which is like Valrave. 

But why Aoba was ordered by Hina to find Dio before she "disappeared?" Did something went wrong in the future that resulted Hina to go back to the past to find him? Dio himself does not know Hina but he probably know her sooner that expected since she is one of the Zogilia pilots. With so many questions asked, we probably will know the answers soon and hopefully not another cluster mess like Valvrave did.

Witch Craft Works Ep 2: Honoka went to school and found Kagari torturing four of the Tower witches. He asked them why is he targeted and they claimed he has a "white liquid" in his body that they want. Before he could continue, a fifth witch ambushed them and bit Honoka on the neck. Kagari felt the pain too but managed to save him instead.

Honoka realised she is hurt as she wore a scarf to cover her wounds. He asked her to make him her  apprentice and she agreed. They met each other on Sunday and she brought him to a cafe where witches gathered and explained the witches' origins. When they were attacked by tower witches again, Kagari saved him and a little lost girl that he was protecting. She later introduced him to her mother Kazane who is the school principal and a witch also...

So the tower witches are after Honoka because of some white liquid in his body? (It is not what you think!) Kagari also explained that she is a Workshop Witch that protect people and the tower witches who abuse their power for evil. Honoka decided to become an apprentice so he can protect himself and her which I am sure it is going to be useful in the future. Although you might have spotted that Honoka's younger sister, Kasumi seems to be spying on them wherever they go which suggested she is also a witch too. So what will Honoka's world be as he now entered the world of witch crafts and magic?

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