Sunday, December 8, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 43: Me and my Grandma Part 2

After a battle with a Jikochu, Cure Ace de-transformed after her time limit and was spotted by Mari. Both of them were in a loss of words when it happened.

Later, Aguri locked herself in her room as Mari tried to call her out for dinner. Mari then confessed that she knew she was special and explained where she came from. A year ago, Mari spotted something from the sky crashing in the forest. She approached it and discovered a baby girl. A Jikochu appeared but the baby's cries vanquished it. The baby then grew into a young girl within seconds.

A mysterious voice (Ange) told Mari the baby's name is Cure Ace and a warrior of the light. Aguri was shocked by her own past and ran away from home. Mana and the others saw her crying in the street and took her back to Mana's home.

Aguri explained everything to the girls including the dreams she has recently. However the girls told her to take it easy and to explain to Mari when the time is right. Furthermore, Mari called Mana's home and she asked Mana to take care of Aguri. The girls have a sleepover at Mana's home and released the tension for a while.

The next day, Aguri's school was holding the Parents' visit in school. Mari arrived to see Aguri in class and the teacher told the students to draw their important person. Regina who was at the school too, dislike the picture describing friendship and create a Jikochu from a teacher.

The Jikochu started erasing the pictures everywhere which alerted Mana and the others. Aguri joined the others and they transformed. They drove the Jikochu out of the building but Regina threw a stack of drawings from Aguri's class into the air.

Cure Ace managed to grab all except her and the Jikochu erased it. She was furious at first but Mari arrived and she told Cure Ace even if the picture is gone, it will never "erase" the bond between her and Aguri. Cure Ace hugged her creating a flash of light that weaken Regina and the Jikochu. The girls then finished the Jikochu with Royal Lovely Straight Flush.

After everything was restored including Aguri's picture, Aguri accepted Mari's love and they went back home for dinner...

This is a pretty good episode for Aguri as we learn more of her past. Apparently, she crash landed on Earth and with a last message from Ange, we could deduce that Aguri is from the Trump Kingdom. But who is she related to? I got a feeling her origin is similar to Hikari/Shining Luminous where she is also born from the Queen.

The scene where the Jikochu erased Aguri's picture and got Cure Ace angry, perhaps a little joke will be someone telling Cure Ace that everything will be restored back to normal once the Jikochu is defeated and that may calm Cure Ace down a bit but then we won't have the scene of her hugging Mari which was nice.

With Aguri's arc over, next is Rika or is it Mana in the next episode? Somehow, two very familiar person approached Mana during Christmas Eve and it is a trap by the Jikochu!? See you next week for the next episode!

P.S: I created a poll to find out who do you think Cure Ace and Regina really are. Enjoy!


  1. That is Ira and Mammo in disquise in the next episode preview since their bat wings are showing. Unlike Bel, they won't recognize them.

  2. I find it odd that Ai-chan doesn't live with Aguri.