Monday, December 9, 2013

Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 10, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 9, Samurai Flamenco Ep 9, Kill La Kill Ep 10, Yuushibu Ep 10, Log Horizon Ep 10

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 10: The girls demanded to know Kazashi's relation with Ichika however she just state that they are only friends. After Ichika was tricked into measuring the girls' breasts during their medical examination, he commented that Houki and Rin's food were delicious

However Ceclia's food was bad and she want to learn from the other girls on how to cook better. But her meddling in the food cause all the girls to fall ill instead. Ichika decided to teach her how to make Origiri which she enjoyed his company making it.

Meanwhile, Squall tried to get Tabane to join Phantom Task. She refused at first but after defeating Madoka with ease, she agreed to help them despite knowing Madoka is Ichika and Chifuyu's younger sibling...

This whole episode is more of a filler as Cecila tried to be a better cook but instead cause the girls to fall ill in the worst kind of way. If you notice that the camera seems to focus on other locations during the medical examination and Cecila making Origiri, it seems to hint that the scenes are not suitable for viewing which mean we have to wait for the blu-ray to see the actual scenes. Anyway, Tabane being an airhead joined Phantom Task but is she really siding the enemy or is this is part of her plan to find out more of Phantom Task's motives?

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 9: I am not going to lie. I am very disturbed with this week's episode of Valvrave and thus not to talk much about it. The violence was one thing but how stupid the adults were when they were duped by Dorassia and Arus's words. Furthermore, Inuzuka paid the price after saving Haruto and his relationship with Shouko has gotten worse after losing some of his memories. With 4 more episodes left which I felt a bit too rush, can Haruto and his friends turn the tide or risk losing everything eventually?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 9: Everyone seem to show less concern every time Masayoshi battle a new Torture Monster and treat it like a norm. Mari who was angry that Masayoshi is getting the attention decided to call up Konno for a interview and challenge King Torture.

Meanwhile, Goto and Masayoshi's relationship went sour after Masayoshi became more self centered. Konno was tortured by King Torture and offered a deal-To die as a human or to live as a monster. After Harazuka explained to Masayoshi that King Torture might not be human, he received a call from King Torture and he held Mari hostage. He challenged him as it is suppose to be the "Final Battle" between good and evil.

Masayoshi decided to handle it alone and was confronted by the Torture henchmen. Harazuka arrived with some new gadgets and hold off the henchmen while Masayoshi raced to save Mari...

So everything is leading to the "Final Battle" which is like a scripted show. Harazuka also wondered why every monster exploded after defeat despite knowing the gadgets are not invincible. Furthermore, King Torture might be an alien?! With Konno becoming a monster in the next episode (which I am not surprised) Will Masayoshi defeat King Torture, rescue Mari and probably be back for his next shooting? Why I got a feeling that Goto is going to pop up during the battle?

Kill La Kill Ep 10: Inumata was recruited by Satsuki years ago after he managed to hack into their sever with ease. He transformed into his battle mode which enable him to analyse Ryuko's movements.

Furthermore, he went invisible which Ryuko decided to attack the whole stage by covering it with a large portion of Senketsu. Inumata surrendered and sat together with Gamagori and Mako. Next was Nono and she was inspired by Satsuki when they were in grade school. She used sounds to attack Ryuko and was able to fly.

Ryuko decided to take a gamble and after getting fired by missiles, Senketsu was able to fly and head up to Nono. However Mikisugi called up Kinagase that Ryuko could be evolving faster than expected...

Like the previous episode about Gamagori's relation with Satsuki. Inumata and Nono were inspired by Satsuki's actions which lead me the question is Satsuki truly a bad person or someone who believe in absolute order. With Ryuko facing Nono in a final clash, Kinagase's return could mean that he is ready to kill Senketsu should Ryuko goes out of control in her future battles...

Yuushibu Ep 10: A week passed after Pino was assaulted by unknown persons. She regained her usual self and even bought unnecessary things from online shopping.

Later, she mentioned to Raul that her father mistreated her and her mother when she was young. She dislike her father's methods and hope to start the first magic shop in the demon world and to make a better place for her kind. (She also want Raul to be the assistant manager or husband?!)

Lum was visited by Raid and claimed he will make Pino the next demon king by giving her the Bloodstone necklace while the Amanda store is preparing to set up weapon stores for the upcoming revival. Raul catch up with his old teammates, Blaze and Klein and learned that the Yuusha system is coming back soon once the new demon king is revived.

Raul then realised they are responsible for assaulting Pino. He refused to go with their ideals and left. Pino was kidnapped while making an errands. She was brought to Raid, Blaze and Klein. They told her that Raul was once a Yuusha but his dreams was ruined because of her father's death...

So this big scheme of making Pino the next demon king was actually Amanda's doing. Amanda want the demon king to revive so that they can sell their items for warriors to battle the demons but at the cost of Pino's life and for profits. It seems Lum is also a demon but she is also against the idea of Pino's revival. As Raul searched for her, Pino has to decide whether to give in to Raul's dream of becoming a Yuusha and sacrificed everything she has worked so hard for...(By the way, little Pino is very cute!)

Log Horizon Ep 10: Shiroe suggested to implement laws in the game and also to respect the NPC characters since they have gained self awareness. After much discussion, all the Guilds agreed and declared to all the players in the Akihabara sever.

Shiroe and company moved in to their new quarters and were visited by various Guilds including their former member, Nazuna who is with Souji. Later, Minori and Touya who declined to join Cresent Moon want Shiroe to accept them into Log Horizon.

He welcome them and have a curry rice dinner together. Meanwhile, the ruler of the land, Lord Sergiatte learned from his spies about the development of the various guild's new laws and discussed with Lady Lenessia...

The laws are in place and the sever is slowly regaining life. Shiroe and the others might have start this revolution but it has caught the attention of Lord Sergiatte and Lady Lenessia which I am sure our heroes are going to drag into something major in the future. Not much to say but we have to see what adventures await for our heroes...

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