Sunday, December 1, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 42: Me and my Grandma Part 1

Aguri has a dream of Ange battling King Jikochu and wondered why she keep having the same dream every night.

The next day, the girls were discussing about their horoscopes. (Mana is a Leo, Makoto is a Scorpio, Alice is a Gemini and Rika is a Virgo) When they asked Aguri about her sign, she claimed she does not know her own birthday date. Mana's mother who was listening to them later told Mana that Aguri is adopted and her grandmother Mari is not even blood related to her.

The girls was a bit embarrassed for asking Aguri such a sensitive question. However Makoto could understand how Aguri felt as she too is an orphan. She used to stay in the orphanage in the Trump Kingdom but once a while, Ange will drop by to play with them.

Mana decided to plan a surprise birthday party for Aguri and told everyone to keep mum about it till tomorrow night. Meanwhile, Regina was still affected by Cure Sword and Rosetta's words from the previous battles. She saw Mammo eating her pudding and fried her with an electric shock. Regina then dragged Ira to the human world to do some mischief.

Aguri has the same dream again and her grandmother make her some hot milk. Mari told her that she has a dream of Aguri being grown up and in a wedding dress. Aguri got emotional and claimed she want to stay with her forever. Mari ensured her it won't change anything and they slept together that night (Not sure if that is what Mari said to her exactly)

The next day, Aguri spotted Makoto and Dabi at the Supermarket but they quickly make haste. She later spotted Mana and Rika at a florist but they make an excuse to leave. Alice went to inform Mari about the party and their secret was nearly blown by Aguri. Mari later told her they are having dinner at Mana's family restaurant.

Aguri suspected something amiss and went early. She spotted the girls are putting up decorations for her birthday party. Mari sneaked behind her and explained that her friends want to give her a surprise and didn't told her earlier. Aguri was touched and the girls celebrated her birthday together.

Regina turned a man who hated parties into a Jikochu and they crashed into the party. The Jikochu fired a liquid that turned Mana's family into statues. Aguri took Mari to safety while the others transformed. After Mari left, Aguri also transformed into Cure Ace.

They began battling when Regina claimed she hated Cure Ace and attacked her. Cure Heart blocked the attack and told Regina that being born in this world is a miracle and should be cherished. Her words weakened Regina and the Jikochu. The girls then finished off the Jikochu with Royal Lovely Straight Flush.

After Regina and Ira retreated, Mari brought a Policeman to the scene thinking the girls need help. However everything was back to normal and Aguri quickly bring her grandmother to continue the celebration...

We get more back story from Aguri as she is adopted and Mari is not her material grandmother. Furthermore, the dream of Ange battling King Jikochu could mean she is also related to the Trump Kingdom. Remember, she has a sense of nostalgic when she arrived at the Trump Kingdom and seeing Ange for the first time. Aguri also loved her grandmother a lot and even proclaimed she won't leave her even if she become an adult which showed how strong their relationship is.

Regina is also feeling the effects of positive words from the girls and it will be probably a matter of time before she:
(a) turned to a good person;
(b) King Jikochu blasted her with more negative energy to make her even more evil or;
(c) Remain status quo until some miracle BS appear to settle the matter...

However Aguri's arc isn't over yet as next episode, she has an uneasy feeling which might destroy her relationship with her grandmother during her battle with a Jikochu and personal life. (Hint: Identify Crisis!) See you next week for the conclusion!


  1. I find it odd that Aguri doesn't tell the others that she keep having the same dream of Ange fighting King Jikochu.

  2. I see that finnaly we know more about Augri and I say: Finally!