Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quick Picks: Yuushibu Ep 6, Log Horizon Ep 6

Yuushibu Ep 6: Airi admitted to Raul that she lied about her working in security but is now a bunny girl for Amanda. Raul accepted her reasons and want her to guide them around the store.

Although Airi know that both Raul and Pino are spying Amanda, she went along with it. Later, Airi got harassed by a customer and Pino chase him leading the store manager and the camera sale man to approach them. Sera and the others went to a factory and also discovered Amanda has monopolise their goods. Raul and Pino were outclassed by the store manager and were chased out.

The group reported their findings in the shop and were completely defeated. However Sera suggested for Raul and Pino to dressed as Mascots to attract customers.

Raul spotted the old lady previously at Amanda and she want to buy an air conditioner. He immediately assist her and ask Lore to help in the installation. Lore then requested him to find out the trouble at their usual hangout-the sweets shop.

Raul, Pino and Nova went to the shop and discovered something odd about the magic engine. Pino placed her hand in it and out came an energy eating slime. She quickly destroyed it (and got goo in her face) and the matter is resolved. Lore called Raul and told him something has happened...

Raul was nice enough to accept Airi and she herself admitted that her skills was redundant in the real world. But the store manager was a jerk but there was nothing Raul could do and watch Airi suffered. (It sounds like Amanda is like the big boss and Airi is the princess which Raul have to save her)

The old lady told Raul about her problems at Amanda claiming the sale people are very persistent and using a lot of big words which she does not understand. At least Raul was kind enough to guide her to get a new conditioner but now what did Lore spotted that caught Raul's attention?

Log Horizon Ep 6: Shiroe and the others celebrate Serara's return to her guild. Later that night, Marielle explained to him that there are several large guilds which rule different parts of the sever causing uneasiness to all the players.

He agreed as he felt the players have fear in their eyes and the guilds are treating it too seriously. Nyanta had a chat with him and remind him of how they enjoyed themselves in their old guild. Shiroe know what to do next.

He first contacted Minori and learned how they were mistreated by their guild as they were forced to surrender their experience points bottles to their leader every day. Shiroe then demanded a large capital from Marielle as he want to start a guild of his own which he named it Log Horizon...

This episode is more of explaining the situation in the severs. With several big guild controlling the land, it has become more of a conquest for some as they determined to make their land bigger. The smaller guilds also couldn't get along as explained by Marielle because of mistrust.

Learning the abuses from Minori, Shiroe decided to take a stand and change the power balance of the game. Hopefully with his new guild (which he called it after the show's title) he will make a difference and his first task is to rescue Minori and Tonya...

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