Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 40: Listen to my Song!

The girls managed to escape back to the real world as Regina was thrilled with her new power. However Bel has his own theory about her. Aguri told the others they have to defeat Regina if they even want to get back the Glavie however Mana believed that there is still good (love) in her heart.

Aguri took the Lovely Pad to figure out more of it's powers and instructed the rest to be careful. Makoto too felt there is still good in Regina despite her being a Jikochu. Later, her casual talk with Haruna (the idol from Episode 5) got Makoto to compose a new song for Regina.

She hoped that her new song will be able to touch Regina's heart and worked all night over it. Meanwhile Regina was praised by King Jikochu for getting the Dragon Glavie and wanted her to invade Earth. But Regina want the humans to suffer before they attack and came up with a plan to destroy music.

Makoto slept during class and she was reprimanded twice by the teacher. Mana and Rika found out from Alice that she is working on her new song but suffered a writer's block. The girls decided to help Makoto in her song (including Aguri who was snooping at them)

The song is finally completed and Makoto's boss agreed to use the song for her next live performance. On the actual day, Regina corrupted Makoto's boss and turned him into a Jikochu. Makoto transformed into Cure Sword and confronted both the Jikochu and Regina.

Regina caught Cure Sword in a bind however the others have arrived but have to deal with Ira and Mammo too. Cure Sword decided to take a gamble and de-transformed. She started to sing her new song and it affected Regina. She walked toward her as the others protected her from attacks.

I want this to be my new Avatar!

She finally reach to Regina and for a moment, she felt peace but immediately reverted to her evil self. Regina fired a shot with the Glavie but Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta and Sword stood their ground. A flash of light protect them and a new Lovie appeared.

They used the new Lovie and the Lovely Harp was formed. They then used their new attack-Royal Lovely Straight Flush to defeat the Jikochu. Regina and the others retreated after that. Although the performance was ruined, Makoto thought her song could get through to Regina however the others told her it did affected her somehow and hope they will save her once more...

Finally a great episode for Makoto (After that silly dentist episode) Makoto's new song was clearly the main focus in this episode. With the help of her friends, Regina was affected and for a moment, she became good. Like what Mana predicted earlier, that there is still good in her heart. Aguri was clearly against it at first most probably because she has the least contact with Regina which I am guessing it will take an Aguri focused episode to see things progress with her.

I think everyone agreed that Makoto walking toward to Regina was awesome and her transformation with the hair flicking out got me turned on. (The last time such a thing happened was with Cure Aqua's Sapphire Arrow) The Lovely Harp make it's appearance and compare to Lovely Pad's attack, it was an improvement although Toei choose the easy method by just adding the word "Royal" and somehow it was just the girls standing there and firing a blast. (If they want to be awesome, they should just charge their way through and finish it with a finale pose like Suite Precure)

So next episode, it is Alice as she settle her differences with Reina again. It seems this final arc will have the girls settling their issues before the final battle. (Makoto's song, Alice's rivalry with Reina and I believe the next few episodes is Rika, Aguri and finally Mana) Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. Is Bel suspicious about why Regina can wield the Glavie?

    1. Yes, he suggested that Regina might not be a Jikochu at all.

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  3. Best episode of all the time!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I love Makoto!!! She's is the best!!

  4. To me this was the equivalent of Cure Beauty vs Joker Episode for this series .... well the insert song and battle bit made it so for me anyway ...