Monday, November 11, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 39: Regina's Back! AKA Where's my Tako?!

Regina started bossing the Jikochu Trio and Bel served her a plate of Takoyaki. Unfortunately, Regina dislike the Tako inside it and demanded for a new plate. Ira and Mammo explained to her that the Precures have gotten stronger after getting the Precure Love Pad aka Miracle Mirror which is one of the three legendary items.

Regina suggested that they go and get the Dragon Glavie which is struck at the bottom of the palace. However Ira claimed they are unable to pull it out due it's positive energy. Bel suddenly came up with an idea on his own...The girls were hanging outside Joe's shop when he appeared. They asked many questions but Joe was unable to reply.

Where is my Tako!?

He claimed they need to retrieve the Dragon Glavie to revive Ange. Joe also claimed he is able to teleport them to the Trump Kingdom. They have some Takoyaki made by him but there was no Tako in it.

They arrived at Trump Kingdom and Aguri commented she felt a sense of Nostalgic here. Joe led them to a tunnel and using the map on the Love Pad, they found the Glavie. The girls turned around and exposed Joe as Bel in disguise. They knew it all along the moment Bel called Ange "Your Highness" as he always call her by her first name. His appearances was also a give way which caught Bel off guard.

Mana explained they played along as they want to persuade King Jikochu to return the Trump Kingdom and help Regina. Bel summoned a Tako Jikochu and the girls transformed. Cure Ace battled the Jikochu while the others tried to pull out the Glavie however it didn't budge.

Suddenly Regina arrived which got Cure Heart to hug her immediately. Regina remained cold hearted and even as the girls tried to talk her through, she became furious and was able to make the Jikochu more stronger. The girls quickly used Lovely Straight Flush to defeat the Jikochu.

Regina was able to wield the Glavie and fire at the girls. Cure Rosetta used Rosetta Reflection to protect but it was too strong. Suddenly the Love Pad was able to teleport them back to the Human World and they escaped. Regina claimed she will defeat them the next time they meet...

Bel's plan to trick the girls backfired as he thought the girls will believe him as Joe. But he left too much openings which the girls already figure it out but played along in order to get to the Trump Kingdom. It's looked like the Dragon Glavie choose who is worthy to wield it and it chosen Regina for some reason. I am guessing that Regina is somehow connected to the Legendary Precures and with the Glavie at hand, can the girls overcome her power? Furthermore, Aguri mentioned she find the Trump Kingdom very familiar which could be an important plot line in the future.

Singing isn't Mana's strong point...

However the next episode, we are back to regular lives as Makoto is trying to write a new song for her album but got a writer's block. Shouldn't this episode be an earlier one as we are already at the final arc with the search for the final item-The Eternal Golden Crown?


  1. I believe the Eternal Golden Crown will be the Magical Lovely Harp, similar to how the Crystal Mirror turned out to be the Magical Lovely Pad.

  2. Lol, Mana doesn't even realize she is a terrible singer.

  3. The way Cure Heart hold Regina in the air is like they are dancing.

  4. Bel said he could lose his life if Regina is taken which means what happens to Regina will be Bel's fault.