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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 6, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 5, Kill La Kill Ep 6, Samurai Flamenco Ep 5

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 6: Ichika used part of his Byakushi to protect from Madoka's gun. Laura arrived to aid him but Madoka escaped in her IS. Later, Char asked Ichika to protect some new equipment and was attacked by industrial spies.

They managed to defeat them but a stray bullet hit a trailer and the two of them caught in the blast. Although they were all right, Ichika was unable to summon his IS and Chifuyu ordered him to remove his bracelet for checks.

What stripped underwear you want me to wear, Ichika?

Char felt responsible for it and secretly protect him from further attacks by Phantom Task. Meanwhile Laura want Ichika to choose a stripped underwear and got the others all worked up. Char realised her body is affected the same way as Ichika's bracelet and is unable to wear any underwear.

Very Close....

She tried to avoid any sudden movements and nearly got caught. Char accidentally spilt out about Ichika's bracelet to the other girls which they insisted on protecting him but Sara punished them for using their IS in school.

Char remember her mother's words about honesty and told Ichika about her underwear. However her underwear came back again and Ichika accidentally took a peek at her...

So this episode is more of a filler with Char trying to move around without her underwear. I was expecting them to talk more about Madoka and Phantom Task but it seems the plot only begin in the next episode. Laura has better not seek advices from her vice captain who seems to give all sort of silly advices about Japan culture and Anime. But then it was cute to see Laura acting girly like...

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 5: The group mourned for Marie's death and Haruto, L-elf and Kibukawa demanded answers from Pino about Runes. She claimed it was memories or life force that powered the Valvrave and Haruto is slowly being affected like Marie.

L-elf tested a fake sortie to see Haruto's reaction and truth enough, he was disturbed by Pino's words. He later instructed the group to spilt into two teams-Yamada and Akira are to find Saki while him and Haruto were to find the location of a Dorassia Sub called Phantom that the Dorassia Royalists asked them to do.

X-enis told H-neun that he is going to meet Cain at a secret location believed to be a castle. H-neun sneaked in while Haruto and L-elf followed the sub. They realised the sub does not belong to any known organisation and entered further. H-neun was caught by Cain and he shot at H-neun.

H-neun saw Amadeus and the Magius together with Prue. However Amadeus does not recognise him and Cain caught him. Haruto and L-elf discovered the Dorassia are sucking Runes from hundred of people for their own use.

The others were being attacked by Dorassia forces and Haruto was furious about the Dorassia's Runes plans. After destroying the sub, L-elf tried to get Satomi to pilot Valvrave Red however Haruto make up his mind that he will bear the curse alone. He defeated the Dorassia forces and the group escaped. Later X-enis arrived and discovered that Cain is soaked in blood, claiming they have to find their "energy source" somewhere else...

So the Magius which I am guessing they are aliens have been turning humans into runes as energy. I am guessing H-neun is probably dead or worse, replaced by a Magius like how Amadeus is too replaced in the first episode. (Body Snatchers reference?) By the way, Saki and A-drei are rescued but how long can Saki keep up this charade?

With the fear of losing one's memories and life, Haruto could be in danger if he continue to pilot it. L-elf's idea of Satomi piloting was to save Haruto as the students in the school are compatible to pilot Valvrave. But Haruto being Haruto just want to shoulder the burden himself which I am sure it is going to back fire in the future...

Kill La Kill Ep 6: Ryuko demanded answers from Aikuro about his connections with Tsumugu. Despite claiming he is from the anti-government group, Nudist Beach, Ryuko think he is crazy.

Later Sanageyama demanded to Satsuki that he challenge Ryuko and truth enough, Ryuko accepted it. She defeated him with ease and Sanageyama was humiliated. He went to the head of sewing club to have his eyes sewed up, causing him to go blind.

He challenged Ryuko again and this time, he was more stronger than her and was overwhelming her. However his suit was overheated and Ryuko managed to escape. Satsuki respected him more and invited him for tea...

We get to see Sanaeyama's relationship with Satsuki in the past and he is a hungry wolf demanding the best to challenge him. Although he lost in the first round, he came back as a more dangerous person after he went blind and giving Ryuko a hard time. Ryuko is really pushed to a corner this time, can she find a way to defeat Sanaeyama in the next episode? Also, Satsuki's mother make a call to her which I am guessing she is involved in their feud somehow...

Samurai Flamenco Ep 5: After dealing with some thugs, Masayoshi realised Mari is more popular than him (A reward of 2 million yen for the identify of Flamenco girl is posted online)

He later accepted an acting role in a toku show and informed Mari he is unavailable. Meanwhile, Goto was assigned to be part of the taskforce to take down Samurai Flamenco and Flamenco Girl. Masayoshi tried to give some pointers to the toku director but he was not interested claiming it is now a job rather than a passion to do such shows.

Is that spoons as feelers?

Double Flamenco Kick!!!

Masayoshi returned home to find a parcel sent by his late grandfather (via his old friend) Inside, a letter from his grandfather of the meaning of Samurai Flamenco and a new helmet. He went to help Mari from being ambushed by the thugs in the beginning and later announced the end of their parther ship.

Why have one where you can have three?

Mari was fine with it and later, she asked her team mates, Mizuki and Moe to become the Flamenco Girls which it caused more problems for Masayoshi and Goto...

It seems Konno who posted the rewards is determined to get what he wants and I am sure we are getting it soon as you see, for every hero, there will always be a villain in the near future. Masayoshi's questions to the toku director was heart jerking. There will come a time when you realise you don't have that passion in a certain thing and you are treating like a chore like how the director complained that he is doing it for twenty years and his passion has diminished.

Masayoshi's grandfather words touched his heart and he realised he should not be pushed around and is determined to be a true hero. (He still get his asses kicked but loved the Double Flamenco Kick) Although his partnership with Mari is over, I am sure they will cross paths and team up again. But Goto is part of the task force to catch them which is going to create more problems in the future.

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