Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 5, Yuushibu Ep 5

Log Horizon Ep 5: Serara informed her guild that she is all right and Shiroe is bringing her back to Akihabara. They camped for the night but the food they have are tasteless. Suddenly they could smell cooked meat and realise that Nyanta is cooking real meat.

Nyanta's sub class is chef which enable him to make real food instead of digital food. Everyone was filled with happiness after eating real food for a long time. Shiroe remembered a pair of siblings, Tohya and Minori in the past. He used to teach them using the Teacher System (Temporary lowing his levels) and they were included in his friends list. However when they were all trapped in the game, he recall seeing them being recruited into a guild.

The group later stopped at a village for shelter and an old man, Fedor was kind to lend them his barn and introduce his grandchildren to them. Meanwhile, Tohya and Minori were being mistreated by their guild who do show no concern for his members. As his guild is moving off, Tohya saw Shiroe's group returning to Akihabara but could not do nothing...

First, the Apocalypse (which the players are calling it when they are first trapped in the game) is that NPC (non-player characters) have personalities and behaving like real people which caught the attention of Shiroe. The next matter which will be the plot line for the next few episodes will be how some guilds are mistreating their members and Tohya and Minori are being forced to give their supplies to their leader. Since Shiroe is back, there is a chance he will get involved with the siblings...

Yuushibu Ep 5: Sera held an emergency meeting (in an oden shop) after learning a large corporation, Amanda have set up a large department store near the train station. She suggested that Raul and Pino were to sneak into the crowds to find out more on their opening day.

Airi make a cute bunny girl!

Raul and Pino joined the crowds (Elsa and Ramdia were behind them) on the opening day. Airi was working as a bunny girl in the same place and pray no one recognize her. Raul and Pino were impressed and speechless of Amada's department store. After helping an old lady in finding the air conditioner section, Pino suggested that they should hold hands if they are in trouble. (Sera told her that Pino should act as Raul's girlfriend) Meanwhile, Sera got a visit from the head company.

From left: Tomatsu Haruka, Minako Tsumugi, Takagaki Ayahi, Toyosaki Aki -They do look like their real life counterparts.

Raul realise Pino does not the meaning of girlfriend and got embarrassed. Raul was also impressed by a salesman in his recommendation of a camera which make him depressed. The two of them later went to see a live performance of Sphere on Amanda's roof stage in which Raul accidentally met Airi...

So the presence of a large department store got Raul and Pino to go on their first date (Undercover!) Raul realised they are very small compared to Amanda. Furthermore, the sales people are well versed in their products however they lack the human factor. Nobody went to help the old lady and Raul's work habits assisted her in the end which is a true fact that in a large store like this, there will be some customers slip away. But now Raul discovered Airi working as a bunny girl there, will she swollen her pride or carry on with her lies?

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