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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 5, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 4, Samurai Flamenco Ep 4, Kill La Kill Ep 5

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 5: Ichika was lured into a room and was tied up. Yamada told him today is "Serve Ichika Well Day" and the girls dressed up to serve him.

Houki is Hot!

Cecilla is Sexy!

Char is Cute!

Houki was the first one and she served him with Japanese Tea. They were about to get intimate when Yamada told them time is up. Cecilla taught Ichika to play billiards, Char tried to feed cookies to him (with her mouth) Laura played darts with him but suddenly the lights went out and Sara snatched him away from them.

Sara wore Rin's cat costume and tried to seduce him. However everyone arrived and she retreated. Chifuyu appeared wearing a maid costume and a sign board appeared stating Ichika's birthday. The whole charade was to celebrate him birthday and Ichika mentioned that Chifuyu has the best service (which got the girls pissed off with him)

Later, Ichika walked back to his dorm when M appeared. She revealed her name as Oriuma Madoka and fired a gun at him...

Today's episode is a real fan service with the girls wearing different costumes. (Love Houki, Cecilla and Char's costume! I am sure a doujin about them is on it's way!) Even the stern Chifuyu wore a cute Maid costume that showed her feminine side. But the more important matter is that Madoka has the same family name as Ichika! Could it mean that she is related to the siblings? I am guessing twin sister but why Chifuyu didn't mention a thing about it?

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 4: The Kirchbaum piloted by X-eins and H-nenu were overwhelming Inzuka and Yamada. Meanwhile L-elf learned that A-dies has arrived and decided to activate the explosives to create a landslide.

Some missiles felt on Haruto, L-elf and Marie and they got separated. Marie hide inside Red Valvrave and Pino explained she took away Marie's memories as a source of energy aka RUNES. She also told Marie that she used to be a test pilot for the Valvrave however the constant testing cost her memories to be erased. If she tried to pilot it again, she risked losing all her memories and life.

Meanwhile, A-dies told Saki (in her child form) that his team once killed a comarde who is a suspected Royalist in order to save themselves. Marie decided to pilot Valvrave Red and drove off the Dorassia. Akira hacked into the system and gave L-elf and the others a chance to hijack a transport ship. (At the same time, she received a transmission from the Royalists)

Marie fought till everyone was on board and finally used Harakiri on the Dorassia. Haruto called out to her in the comm but she is dead...

So Marie was a test pilot for Valvrave however each time she piloted, Pino sucked her memories as a source of energy to power the Valvrave. Although Marie claimed she can always make new memories after recalling her first meeting with Shouko but it is too late. We also learned that a rebel group called the Royalists are against the current Dorassia government which could prove useful in the future. But with Saki still trapped with A-dies, can the group actually make it out of the country? (By the way, did Rizelotte enter an UV chamber?)

Samurai Flamenco Ep 4: Masayoshi became well known in the city after training from Kaname. He decided to patrol a rough part of town however Kaname who promise to follow him, went to Hollywood for filming.

After running from crazed fans, Masayoshi tried to stop some gangsters from stealing a car but got captured instead. When they tried to remove his mask, a girl in a super heroine costume save him and announced her name as Flamenco Girl. She already guess that Masayoshi is Samurai Flamenco in return, he realise that she is Mari from MMM.

Lesbian Kiss!!!

Mari took him to her place and she is a big fan of Masked Heroines. She want to partner with him but she want to have the spotlight. He agreed and they began their escapades in town, causing a new topic. Goto learned about it and received orders from HQ to arrest them on sight due to their vigilantes actions.

He went to warn the two of them but Mari stunned him instead. The next day, Masayoshi brought Mari to the Police Station to apologize to Goto. Instead, Mari got infuriated when she saw Goto in his Police Uniform...

Like I mention before in the last episode, Mari joined Masayoshi as Flamenco Girl and she is actually better than Masayoshi with her custom magical stick that come with blades and tasers and her favourite move-kicking in the groin! (Ouch!)

Although they are preventing crimes however their actions are getting the attention of the Police which is giving more problems to Goto. Furthermore, it affected Masayoshi and Mari's day time jobs (Hot Lesbian Kiss with Mari and Moe!) But now Mari seem to be attracted to Goto or his uniform? Anyway, I am enjoying every moment with this show!

Kill La Kill Ep 5: A Sniper, Tsumugu tried to kill Ryuko but was interrupted by the Gardening Club. He defeated them with ease and later ambush Ryuko. Tsumugu want to destroy Senketsu but was interrupted by Ryuko's teacher. Aikuro (who is secretly helping Ryuko all these while)

Mako's family can really eat!

Later Aikuro and Tsumugu met and he was actually part of a group-Nudit Beach who hunted down Kaimu suits. Tsumugu claimed that Senketsu will consume Ryuko if left unchecked. The next day, Ryuko and Tsumugu battle again but the combined forces of the gardening, poet and rakugo club interrupted them.

Shove a broom in your ASS!!!

Although Tsumugu defeated all of them, he managed to paralyse Ryuko enough to a halt. Senketsu told Ryuko to leave him but she refused. Instead Senketsu remove by himself and was stunned by Tsumugu. Suddenly Mako arrived and preach that Ryuko and Senketsu trusted each other. Furthermore, Nono of the Elite Four tried to attack both of them but Tsumugu cover their escapes and flee.

Tsumugu decided not to go after Ryuko but warned Aikuro that he will be back if Ryuko could not control Senketsu...

Tsumugu is one Bad Ass and I like him. He always preach two things before doing anything and he has his own tragedy as someone he care was killed by a Kaimu after it consume her. He turned his hatred into an obsession by hunting the Kaimu which I wonder why he didn't go after Satsuki too. Anyway, this episode was pretty fun with Tsumugu a one man fighting machines with unlimited supply of needles. By the way, Mako's preaching to Tsumugu was hilarious!

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