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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 4, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 3, Samurai Flamenco Ep 3, Log Horizon Ep 4, Yuushibu Ep 1-4, Kill La Kill Ep 1-4

Before I began, I will be dropping Yowamushi Pedal and Galilei Donna for Yuushibu and Kill La Kill as a request by Manuel. So, Manuel, this is for you!

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 4: Reiko revealed herself as Lady Autumn and she belong to the organisation-Phantom Task who was responsible for Ichika's kidnapping years ago.

Chifuyu monitored everything and alerted Houki and the girls for battle. Rin and Cecilla were to intercept an approaching IS while the others went to aid Houki. Cecilla spotted the IS as an advance model of her and was startled. Ichika got caught by Autumn and tried to steal his IS with a device.

Sara appeared and Autumn stabbed her however it was a mirage. Sara reappeared and she wore an IS codenamed "Mysterious Lady" and free Ichika. They battled Autumn but the mysterious IS (codename-M) bailed her out and they retreated.

Later, Chifuyu suspected that the mysterious IS named Silent Zephyrs is a new unit stolen from a military base. Sara also explained to Ichika that she is instructed by Chifuyu to guard him and because she got the crown during the game, she get to stay with Ichika.

Autumn and M reported to their leader, Squall which M later was holding a necklace with Chifuyu's picture and claimed her revenge will be soon...

We finally see Sara in her IS and she is awesome since her abilities used nano machines to create water and mist and you know you can't hit water with brute force. So we have a new evil organisation-Phantom Task and you can be sure they will return to steal Ichika's IS. M is a spiliting image of Chifuyu and she has a vendatta with her but what could it be? But M return in the next episode in front of Ichika which will raise more questions than ever...

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 3: L-elf came up a plan to get a Dorssia Transport to flee the country. He brought Saki and Akira to his former training school and jack into two child soldiers. They tricked the Dorssia forces to an ambush while Akira sneak in to get a transport.

Meanwhile, Marie suspected that Haruto is not normal after seeing his wounds heal instantly during the landing. She sneaked into Haruto's Valvrave and was greeted by Pino. She claimed she know Marie which puzzled her even further. Inuzuka and Raizo defeated the first wave of Dorssia but a new mech-Kirchbaum damaged Raizo's Valvrave.

Marie demanded to know more from Haruto but L-elf shot her in the head. As Haruto argued with him, Marie suddenly stood up from her wound...

I was right that Marie is a secret and is somehow connected to Pino. Furthermore, she could stand up after getting shot in the head which could mean that she is like Haruto and the others. But there is no time to ponder as Kirchbaum is attacking them and can Saki and Akira managed to get a transport in time?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 3: The news was filled with Samurai Flamenco's escapades however Internet news reporter, Konno Akira offered a reward of One Million Yen for the identify of Samurai Flamenco which caused a stir.

Masayoshi and him appeared in a talk show when they were interrupted by a man dress up as Samurai Flamenco. The man is Toku actor, Kaname Joji-the actor of Red Axe. (Masayoshi's favourite show) Joji claimed he is Samurai Flamenco which got Masayoshi in anger.

He later challenge Joji and they appeared in their costumes. Although Joji didn't care who is he but he was touched by Masayoshi's hot blooded speech. Joji agreed to step down and train him to become a "hero." Mari who watched everything on TV claimed that Kaname isn't the real Samurai Flamenco...

So we have a has-been actor who suddenly regained his fame after donning the Samurai Flamenco costume. Masayoshi was pissed at first but his actions convinced Joji to step down. However I am more concerned of Konno's motives and he even claimed he will do anything including hurting others to get the results which I am suspecting a villian in the making. Now Joji is training Masayoshi to be a hero although Goto has doubts about it and I am thinking Mari will get involved in their circle real soon...

Log Horizon Ep 4: Shiroe and company have finally arrived at Sappora. He suggested Akatsuki to do recon while he and Naotsuge went to find Serara. When they arrived, Shiroe was surprised that Nyanta was Serara's protector and they were from the same guild before.

They planned to leave however the guild of the town led by Fighter class, Demikas blocked their way. Nyanta went to challenge Demikas and Naotsuge battled his minions. Although Nyanta's HP is dropping, Shiroe was unmoved and order Serara to use her healing spell when needed.

Finally the order was given and Shiroe used Thron Bind Hostage twice on Demikas with Nyanta's rapid attack leaving Demikas with 1 HP left. He tried to attack one last time but Serara deal the finish blow and the rest of the guild retreated.

After Akatsuki dealt with the rest of the minions, the group summoned the griffins and escaped Sappora...

A good episode showing the trust and team work between Shiroe and Nyanta. They know each other abilites and without telling, they lured Demikas into a trap and defeat him eventually. Serara was very worried at first but was left speechless in the end. Natotsuge and Akatuski also played their part in supporting the two of them and I hope Shiroe will eventually create his own group since they are all well versed in their ways.

Yuushibu Ep 1-4: In a fantasy world, Raul was trained to become a hero class warrior hoping to kill the demon king. However the demon king is dead and because of that, Raul ended up working as a sales assistant in a Magic electric shop.

His new colleague, Pino is put under Raul's care which he later discovered Pino is a girl and is the daughter of the late demon king. Raul desperately tried to hide her identify from others since the demon races are not a welcome group in their world.

Raul met his former team mate, Airi and she claimed she is working as a civil servant but you guess she is hiding something from him. Later, a faulty machine went haywire and started grabbing the girls with tentacles. Raul used his old sword and Pino's help managed to switch off the machine.

In the latest episode, Elsa from the connivance shop next door asked for help for one day. Pino went to help the store and learn more about customer service. She got along with Elsa and Ramida and even give them a new recipe for Undo. Meanwhile, Raul is sexually frustrated when Nova told him she doesn't mind being groped by Raul in the bottom.

So far, the female cast are pretty sweet and Raul isn't a useless person as he know about customer service despite being a trained hero class. Furthermore, you do wonder what happen if the demon king is defeated before you get to kill him? You find that your talents is useless in peace time. But Raul was able to use his skills in episode 3 to save the girls and the shop in the process. Overall, an interesting show with Raul surviving every day in a magic shop.

Kill La Kill Ep 1-4: In a post apocalyptic Japan, a powerful student council rule the city with an iron fist. A girl named Matoi Ryuko who carried half a scissors blade finding her father's killer and her only lead is in the Honnouji Academy. She was defeated by Gamagoori, one of the Elite Four at first and later Ryuko found a sentient sailor uniform created by her late father.

She named the uniform, Seikatsu and wore it which give her super abilities to match up with the student council. The head of the council, Satsuki claimed she is the murderer and it got Ryuko pumped up. However Satsuki has her own suit-Junketsu and fought Ryuko to a stalemate.

Ryuko realised she has to throw away her modesty (The suit was too revealing like a thong) to use the suit's full potential. In the latest episode, a crazy race filled with obstacles was laid for the students to get in school in time. However Seikatsu is in the dryer leaving Ryuko in her sleeping gown. Ryuko and her friend Mako met an injured classmate, Maiko and the three of them rushed to the school however Maiko was revealed to be one of Satsuki's followers and tried to sabotage them.

She even steal Seikatsu for herself however it was too tight that she is unable to move. Ryuko got back Seikatsu and rushed with Mako by taking the express cable car and arrived in time (Destroying the classroom in the process)

For those who are familiar the art style, it is done by the people who did Gurren Lagann. It is both a comedy and an over the top action series. I like how the characters don't take themselves seriously and despite the amount of punishment they get, they keep coming back like a Looney toon! Ryuko's hatred for Satsuki is extreme but I got a feeling that Satsuki isn't telling the whole truth despite admitting she is her father's killer. First thing, where is the other half of the scissor blade? Overall, a show that doesn't take it too seriously and if you like crazy action and comedy, this is your cup of tea.

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