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Quick Picks: Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 1, Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 1 and Ep 2, Galilei Donna Ep 1, Samurai Flamenco Ep 1, Yowamushi Pedal Ep 1 and Ep 2

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 1: Continuing from the last season, the heads of Dorssia and Arus met in a secret meeting by the cult group, Magius. They turned the head of Dorssia, Amadeus into a superior being like Cain.

Cain overpowered Haruto and managed to break open his core, revealing Haruto's AI, Pino and Prue as siblings. However Cain's AI, Prue felt a strain and they retreated from the colony. Two months later, the school managed to get supplies however Arus refused to accept them as an independent state.

Haruto locked himself up to prevent him from attacking anyone. Later, L-elf lead a small group to Earth hoping to rally support and to find out more of the Valvrave. All the Valvrave suddenly lose power as they discovered it needed RUNES, a power source that recharged each time Haruto feeds on a person.

Saki want to sacrifice herself but Haruto refused. He later met L-elf and after some preaching, Haruto feed on L-elf and swore to find a way to undo his curse. The Valvrave units broke through the Dorssia blockage and head straight to Earth. Meanwhile, Amadeus and Cain supervised the construction of artificial created Valvraves...

They didn't waste anytime reintroducing what has been going on. Instead this episode jump straight to where they left off and man, there are more questions to be answer! First, we have Magius who are like the shadow government and I got a feeling they are behind Valvrave. Who are Pino and Prue? Haruto is the centre of the team and if he does not get a regular supply of RUNES, the Valvrave aren't unable to function. (The scene where he bite L-elf's neck again could have some wrong interpreting to some viewers) So what will happen next when the team goes to Earth? Will they be able to find the answers over there or more questions revealed?

Waking up with Laura in a school suit is fine with me!

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 1 and Ep 2: Ichika had a nightmare of Chifuyu killing him. When he woke up, Laura told him about the Pool and night festival and suggested going together. Instead, Ichika invited all the girls to go with him. Laura and Char beat up some robbers in a cafe but flee the scene before anyone could question.

Meanwhile, A black-clad Chifuyu was seen attacking a military base and nothing seems to stop her. The girls were upset that Ichika has invited everyone to the festival. But everyone got along in the end. A mysterious girl then watch claiming it is her turn.

The next day, the mysterious girl approached Ichika and cause him to be late for class. She was later revealed to be Tatenashi Sarashiki, the head of the student council. Sara (for short) told Ichika she is assigned to be her personal coach. He refused at first but lose in a wager with her.

Despite Sara is the strongest, I am still supporting for Houki!

Sara was tough in his training. Later she filrted in an apron skirt and got Houki jealous. As the days goes by, Ichika wasn't getting better and felt asleep when the girls are discussing about the upcoming school festival...

So Ichika and company are back and Sara entering the picture (Nobody seems to like her) She has her own reasons of pushing Ichika to his limits. Reasons could be that black-clad Chifuyu attacking a military base and that nightmare Ichika has. If you realise the first episode seem to be a bit odd ward at the end, this is because there will be an upcoming director's cut edition of the first episode which is supposedly 40 minutes long.

Being the strongest in the school, Sara is no pushover against any of the girls. Her filtrate attitude could get Ichika into a lot of trouble but I am sure she has her own issues which we will see in the future episodes.

Galilei Donna Ep 1: Three Sisters who has different personalities were nearly abducted by a mysterious group. Elder sister Hazuki is training to be a lawyer, Second sister Kazuki is an Introvert and Youngest sister Hozuki is good in fixing things.

But the girls have one thing in common. They are the descendants of the legendary scientist, Gailieo. When the mysterious group tried to kidnap them again, Hozuki piloted a flying goldfish mech (I am not kidding!) and drove the kidnappers away.

So far this first episode is pretty fun as the three sisters have unique personalities and even their parents couldn't handle them. I will watch more to see if I want to continue review. So far, it is quite promising.

Samurai Flamenco Ep 1: An off duty policeman, Goto spotted a naked Masayoshi in an alley. Masayoshi claimed he is a superhero but he was beaten by a drunk who was crossing the road illegally.

Masayoshi is later revealed to be a top model and is a fan of Toku shows. He was so inspired that his grandfather make a superhero costume and named himself Samurai Flamenco. Masayoshi later tried to convince some teens to amend their ways but got beaten again but not before Goto arrived to aid him...

So a show which I am guessing is influenced by the America Comics, Kick-Ass but without the brutality. This show is pretty tame but the chemistry between Goto and Masayoshi was spot on and I am enjoying it. Even though Masayoshi know it is fiction but he hope he can do right in the city which I am sure Goto will get dragged into his antics.


Yowamushi Pedal Ep 1 and Ep 2: Onoda want to revive the Anime club in his high school after it was closed down. He also has a casual bicycle which he used to travel to Akihabara every week and this caught the attention of a cyclist, Imaizumi who saw him riding uphill with ease.

He challenge Onoda to an handicapped race to the rear gate of the school. Onoda was doing well but Imaizumi overtook easily at the hill. However fellow classmate, Miki (whose family own a bicycle shop) re-adjust Onoda's bicycle and to his surprise, he is actually catching up Imaizumi!

We have three sports theme shows this season. Ace of Diamond felt like an old school style with the rookie working to gain the respect of his new team. Kuroko no Basket is an continuation so the action and humor is spotted on! So we came to the underdog-Yowamushi Pedal who already has 29 volumes of manga under it's belt but only recently got noticed due to it's live action series. Even though I know nothing about competitive cycling, it make me want to go take a bicycle for a spin!

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