Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gatchaman Live Action Movie Review (Spoilers Included)

My thoughts on the 2013 Live Action Movie. Spoilers Included!


  1. well....

    it's almost two months left before the ending of the year...

    and you know what that means!

    it´s not chiken pox or lady gaga's new album

    wanna know what it is? really? well, here goes!

    A N E W P R E T TY C U R E S E A S O N

    so brace yourselves, it's gonna be a wild ride!

    PS. Haruka, i miss you a lot!

  2. one more thing, they need more info and publicity on the classic characters,Tatsunoko made some of the most incredible line up of heroes during the superalloy craze in the 70's

    fun fact: Mazinger Z was the rival of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman during the TV airways of 1972.