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Doki Doki Precure Ep 35 (Just the Highlights) and Ep 36 Review: Butt and Cheek!

Hey everyone! I am back from Japan and man! I got a lot of things to catch up since we have more than 10 over new shows plus Episode 35 and Ep 36 of Doki Doki Precure!

For Episode 35, since Kokoda Koji has already done his review for it, I will just highlight the important moments in the episode.

This is probably the funniest part in Episode 35!

Episode 35: According to Ange, Ai-Chan is a "Shield" and if she started crying, the shield will be weaken and the Jikochu will get stronger. Makoto's first time visiting the dentist was funny but a bit out of character since she is suppose to be the tough girl.

Cure Sword's new power Sword Hurricane is nothing special. Seriously, the new powers that the Lovely Pad have so far are not cool compare it to Smile Precure's Ultra Form attacks. Aguri felt a sense of nostalgic when she met Ange for the first time. (Major Plot Highlight for future episodes!)

Episode 36: Sharuru and Rakeru transformed to their human forms and offered to help Mana and Rika. A fellow student, Yashima came in and asked for their help to find the school rabbit.

Rakeru managed to find it and hand over to Yashima. She was touched and called Rakeru her hero. He felt a sense of anxiety later that night and later told the others that his heart is throbbing. Furthermore, he blushed every time they mentioned Yashima's name.

Makoto...not an expert in love!

Dabi deduced Rakeru has a crush on Yashima but adviced him not to get his hopes high since they are from two different worlds. But Sharuru defended him and got into an argument with Dabi. (Makoto also felt helpless since she know nothing about love)

Rakeru went to help Yashima in the pet shed and save her from being stung by a bee. She was about to leave when Rakeru asked her to accompany her for 30 minutes. She agreed and they went to the park.

The Jikochu Trio were in the park and as Ira and Mammo went to search for new targets, Bel has an interest in Ai-Chan. Rakeru and Yashima were riding on a boat in the lake and she mentioned she loved the park scenery which make Rakeru more infatuated with her.

Butt and Cheek Attack! It's Super Effective!!!

Ouch! My Head!

Mammo corrupted a heart-broken girl into a Jikochu and it started polluting the water in the lake. The girls arrived and Rakeru joined in and is all pumped up for action. The girls transformed and started battling the Jikochu. It caused even more damages to the park and it angered Rakeru so much that he literately dragged Cure Diamond into the air and does a Butt and Cheek Attack on the Jikochu's face!

The girls then finished it with Lovely Straight Flush and the park is restored. Rakeru rushed to Yashima's side and found her with a man. She introduced the man as her boyfriend. Rakeru was heartbroken but remain strong. Later, Rika consoled him and he admitted that Rika is still the best...

I felt this episode is more of a filler episode since it only develop more on Rika and Rakeru's relationship. Other than that, everyone else felt completely redundant. Funny, this episode is something which Sailormoon or any of the Mahou Shoujo Sentai Series will have done it. The only difference is that Rakeru got so pumped up that he jump in the air and landed on the Jikochu with his cheek and Cure Diamond's butt which is hilarious by the way!

The plot is nothing special since we have seen it before with a young character's first love and usually it doesn't really end with an ideal ending. (But it depends) So with Bel's eyes on Ai-Chan, it is just a matter of time before he will make his move.

Hi, I am Mr Carrot!

Next episode, Aguri dislike carrots and so everyone "drown" her with the benefits of carrots. But more importantly, Regina is back! Until then, see you in the next episode!

P.S: For those waiting for me to do the reviews of the new shows, give me some time as I am still sorting out my personal commitments but rest ensure, the reviews will be out soon! If you have any recommendation of what new shows should I review for, just drop a comment below! See you!

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