Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 38: How to turn a Baby to the Dark Side?

The girls were happy that Ai-Chan is behaving well. However Bel plotted to influence Ai-Chan to become one of them.

The Jikochu trio used finger puppets to lure Ai-Chan out of the house at night and began to influence her. The next day, Mana noticed Ai-Chan refuse to eat her food and Mana is late for school. Sharuru and the other mascots babysit Ai-Chan however she was out of control.

The same night, Ai-Chan was lured away by Bel again which the next day, it started all over again. Sharuru decided to keep an eye for Ai-Chan at night but felt asleep. Only the following night, Sharuru spotted Ai-Chan returning back to sleep.

She told Mana about it and after school, the girls received a letter from Bel claiming Ai-Chan is with them. They went to their location and was shocked to see Ai-Chan behaving like a Jikochu. In fact, Ai-Chan is making the generals more stronger and the girls immediately transformed (Minus Aguri for obvious reason)

The girls began battling Ira and Mammo but were overpowered. Aguri tried to get back Ai-Chan but some pillars fell on them and the girls have to stop it. Cure Heart rushed to get back Ai-Chan and they were trapped inside a pillar. Cure Heart gently console her which finally reverted her back to normal.

The two of them escaped and Aguri transformed to Cure Ace. With the help of Ai-Chan, her Ace Shoot was able to defeat Ira and Mammo. Bel took the dark rings from them and become Super Bel. But the Love Straight Flush was quick to defeat Bel and the generals retreated.

Everything went back to normal eventually. Meanwhile, the generals reported back to King Jikochu when they saw Regina has awaken from her sleep...

So Bel's plan to use Ai-Chan nearly succeed but because Cure Heart was able to talk through Ai-Chan, his plan backfired. But I am more concerned of his monologue of him planning to overthrow King Jikochu and become top dog. I know the minute I saw Bel that I am reminded of Smile Precure's Joker who has a secret agenda. But with Regina's return, it might put a wrench in his plan.

Regina's return will begin the final quarter of the series. From the preview, Aguri and her will be deeply involved. The appearance of a sacred spear which looked like one of the three legendary Precure's weapon-The Miracle Dragon Glavie and why Joe is smirking? However we will only able to know these answers in the next episode which will be aired on 10 November! See you in two weeks time!


  1. Super Bel was an absolute fail...

  2. Bel is actually going to try and betray King Jikochu?

  3. I wish it had been Aguri that talked Ai-chan back from being a jikochu. They're supposed to be partners after all.

  4. Super Bel was a amazing fail!!!! hmmm joe might take the spear and use it on regina...

  5. the "just as planned" face that joe is making at the last pic!

    ha! ha!

    Kragito don't forget my last request from the past two reviews!

    bye now!

  6. The look on Regina and Aguri's face in the preview is like they got poisoned.