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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 3, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 2, Samurai Flamenco Ep 2, Galilei Donna Ep 2, Yowamushi Pedal Ep 3, Log Horizon Ep 1 to Ep 3

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 3: Sara tried to get a massage from Ichika however he refused as she was only wearing a shirt. The next day was the school festival and Ichika dress up as a butler to serve the customers.

He met a sales representative named Reiko who want Ichika to buy additional parts for his IS. However he declined and the girls want to take him out. Cecilla won the bet and they went to visit the music club. Later, Sara told Ichika to dress up as a prince and wore a crown on his head.

The girls tried to snatch Ichika's crown without him knowing that it was Sara's idea. Whoever could get the crown will have the right to stay in Ichika's room. All the girls tried to get it with Ichika running for his life.

Reiko dragged him to a manhole and she revealed to be a cyborg who want to steal his IS...

Despite the crazy antics by the girls, the main plot begin as Ichika faced a different kind of enemy and how he is going to get out of this? But in the next episode, the school is in a lock down as the unknown enemy is attacking them! Can they get out of this crisis!? (The identify of Sara's IS will be revealed in the next episode!)

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 2: The group began their journey to port into one of the shuttle descending to Earth. Akira refused to leave her cockpit due to her issues. Later she sneak out but was caught by Marie. However Akira accepted her as her friend.

As H-neun spotted Kriemhild trailing her, Haruto and company arrived at the shuttle and began descended. Satomi accidentally signal the Dorassia who began attacking them. As Haruto and the rest fend off the enemies, Akira recalled her childhood as she hacked into the exam system to help Satomi but got blamed for everything.

Akira managed to stop the Dorassia from attacking them but she is off course. But Haruto and Satomi got her back with her hacking skills. The group finally landed but unfortunately in Dorassia land...

We finally get to know Akira's issues with Satomi. He was pressured from young to do the best and in good faith, Akira hacked the exam papers for him. However Satomi denied anything and cause Akira to be a target of bullying and withdrawal from people. But now Satomi know what must be done and tried to save Akira. Although a minor point but I wonder what does Marie mean when she mentioned she might find her memories on Earth. (Future plot point?) But now the group landed on Dorassia Soil which mean they have to fight their way though enemy lines. (Funny, this is taken straight from First Gundam with the White Base landed in Zeon lines)

Samurai Flamenco Ep 2: Masayoshi continue his hero antics every night but the people started complaining to the Police including Goto. He tried to talk some sense to Masayoshi but he refused. He spotted Goto's umbrella has a cute mascot which he mentioned it belong to his girlfriend.

Goto also met Masayoshi's manager Ishihara and in the confusion, one of Masayoshi's toy accessories fell into her letters. The next day, Masayoshi had a shooting with the popular idol trio, MMM. He was humming a toku song during shooting and the main vocalist, Mari could recognise the song.

After Masayoshi got another complaint, Goto talked to him again and got drunk in the process. When they left, Goto's umbrella was taken by another male customer. Masayoshi rushed to get it in his superhero costume. He finally caught the guy but his actions is filmed and uploaded online.

As people wondered who Samurai Flamenco is, Mari found him interested and started humming the same toku song Masayoshi did...

We finally get some more backstory on why Masayoshi wanted to be a hero due to his childhood day accidentally taken another classmate's umbrella and cause the student to get sick. Although his actions is caught on film but people are starting to know him. But now Ishihara found the toy accessories in her letter and Mari seemed to be a toku fan too. Although I wonder about the guy, Konno who talked to Ishihara and his motives?

Galilei Donna Ep 2: Hozuki revealed herself to her family as the pilot of the Goldfish Airship. She explained she found an old blueprint in the attic and build it based on it's design. Hozuki went back to the house to find her pet goldfish however a lady, Anna asked her to come with her instead.

The rest of the family were detained by the police and they demanded to know the location of Galileo Tesoro-an unknown object which is a world changer. Sylvia was released by her boss who also want to know the location. Geshio was approached by a man, Roberto who threaten his daughters if he doesn't reveal the location too.

Anna explained to Hozuki that she is an expert in Galileo's works and decided to help Hozuki. They break into the police station and rescue her family. Geshio stayed behind to fend off the police while the three sisters board the airship now called the Galileo. Roberto received a call from Sylvia's boss claiming she is badly hurt...

So the men from the previous episode are Sky Pirates and it seems everyone-the government and various corporations are after Galileo Tesoro which is supposedly based on an unknown Galileo's seventh theory which could change the world. Hozuki is also a genius who created not just the Galileo from scratch and a power suit that can absorb bullets. I wonder what else she can make?

Apparently this is also the future as there are hovering vehicles. Anyway, the three sisters and Anna are left to fend themselves as they must decide what to do since their father is arrested and their mother's fate is unknown.

Yowamushi Pedal Ep 3: Onoda started to catch up Imaizumi with the adjustments to his bicycle. After reaching the last corner, Onoda was starting to feel the strain but he was determined to win. He yelled to Imaizumi that he was always alone in middle school which is why reviving the anime club is his chance to make friends.

Although Imaizumi won the race, he gained his respect and offered his friendship to Onoda. He felt happy that Imaizumi is his first friend despite their differences. Later, Onoda went to Akihabara where a red haired teen praised his worn out bicycle...

Look like Onoda will get a new companion with this red haired teen in the next episode. I will say that Onoda gave his all in the race and somehow, Imaizumi and Miki have learned to respect him despite his love of anime. Of course, Onoda will begin his real journey to cycling once he entered the cycle racing club who find him very interesting...

Log Horizon Ep 1 to Ep 3: In a show similar to Sword Art Online, we have Log Horizon. The world's most popular MMORPG-Elder Tales caused all the players to be trapped in a game after installing an expansion pack. Our three main characters-Shiroe who is a capable wizard class but has a dark secrets with regards to his former guild. Naotsugu who is his best friend is a Guardian class who is not afraid to talk about his pervert mind. Cute Akatsuki who is an assassin class serve Shiroe after he gave her a gender change potion.

The game world is break up into several severs based on the real life cities of Japan. With no transport gate working, the only way to another sever is by foot. After Shiroe and company master their skills, they became competent and was asked by a friend of Shiroe, Marielle to rescue a member of her guild, Serena who is trapped in the Sappora sever.

Shiroe agreed to go and began their journey filled with flying giffrons and giant rats. Although Serena is rescued by a cat warrior, Nyanta, Sappora is being attacked by several groups of players who loot and plunder anyone who enter Sappora...

For one thing, it is more comedic and less dark than SAO. Furthermore, Shiroe and company have reached their cap level-Level 90. Shiroe might be only a wizard but he is a brilliant strategist which he enjoy getting with his former guild-The Debauchery Tea Party. However something happen which I am guessing is probably with a woman cause the party to disband. I also enjoy the humor and the action scenes which are more grounded than SAO's crazy Kirito going all berserk and breaking all the rules.

Unlike SAO where you really die in the real world if your HP went zero, all you have to do is to revive the person in a church and you are back in the game. For some people, it could be a dream of a lifetime however others could felt it is a fate worse than death to be trapped in a game. For me, it is better than SAO...

Some of you are wondering why I don't do popular shows like Shingeki no Kyoujin or SAO. One reason is because if everyone doing the same show, it will be more or less the same opinions unless you are a troll who complain about everything. Next is whether it perks enough interest for me to start a review for a particular series. This autumn season has more than 10 over shows that I am following personally or doing a review about it. I am also tied down with my own personal commitments added to it.

Maybe I might give up some shows if the story is really getting out of hand in the future. I make a claim to myself-If you want to write about something, make sure you enjoy writing about it rather than becoming a chore every week which I believe a lot of blogger agree with me with my statement that you will find yourself more enthusiasm in reviewing the shows if you enjoy it already. Of course, I do listen to recommendations from others to find out what they like but eventually it is up to me to make the final decision.

P.S: I personally dislike Shingeki no Kyoujin and SAO because they are overrated.

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