Sunday, October 20, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 37: Carrots! Carrots!! Carrots!!!

The girls were having a meal together and Ai-Chan refused to eat her carrot meal. Aguri tried to make her eat her curry carrots in which Alice guess that Aguri dislike carrots too.

Aguri admitted she dislike carrots which make Ai-Chan even more distant about it. Rika tried to explain the nutritional values of Carrots with a carrot mascot costume wore by Mana to encourage Aguri to eat.

However it didn't work and Aguri went back to eat sweets again. Mana spotted a photo of a farmer holding some carrots and asked her grandfather, Sosuke. He replied the farmer is Kadono Aki who owned a carrot farm. Meanwhile, Bel who also dislike carrots ordered Ira to attack the Precures.

The girls decided to pay a visit together with Sosuke and Aguri's grandmother, Mari. Aki introduced himself to them and instructed the girls to assist in the farming. Aguri reluctantly began the work and later Aki told her the "sweat passion" of their labour which she is still not convinced.

It is the most "beautiful" thing to eat....

Ira turned a boy who hate vegetables into a Jikochu (which resembles a house coated with candies) Aki tried to stop the Jikochu while the girls quickly transformed. Aki was in shock and fainted (while standing)

Have a Break, have a Carrot!

Ai-Chan entered the Jikochu's body and Cure Ace went after her. Inside, they were confronted by carrots creatures and Ai-Chan started to cry, making the Jikochu stronger. Cure Ace stood her ground and with one bite of the carrot, convince Ai-Chan that carrots are good. It weaken the Jikochu and they escaped out of the Jikochu with Ace Shoot.

The girls then finished the Jikochu with Love Straight Flush. Later, Aguri and Ai-Chan tried some cooked carrots and they enjoyed it very much. Meanwhile, Regina is awaken from her coma...

Like the dentist episode, this time is about Aguri's dislike of carrots which also affect Ai-Chan too. We know eventually Aguri will overcome her fear but somehow this episode downplay her character. I know Aguri is just a ten year old who is suppose to be more experienced than the others. (Look at the first few episodes when she appeared) But now, the writers just make her a comic relief similar to Makoto. (Did you see the way she look at the candy house Jikochu?)

Well, Bel has finally make his move in the next episode. The Jikochu trio abducted Ai-Chan and turned her into a Jikochu?! Also, Regina has finally awake! What will happen next?!


  1. Wait a second: Aki doesn't resemble the human form of Wolfurun with darker skin and black hair?

  2. This episode reminds me to Love Momozono. She also hates carrots.

    So about Regina, I thought she will be back at episode 40+

  3. kragito, i never see you review that other series that got so popular on the web

    you know..the one that starts with that opening escenario with a huge explosion bashing through the wall of the fortress maria and they start singing...


    1. Oh you mean the show where instead of flesh eating zombies, they grow to hundred feet and munch human like cookies? I am following the manga and to be honest, it felt like a zombie show just less interesting,,, what shows do you think I should do for the autumn season?


  4. Kyoukai no Kanata?


    Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd season?

    and most importantly

    Kill La Kill?