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Quick Picks: Gatchaman Crowds Ep 12 FINAL, Fantasista Doll Ep 12 FINAL and other shows that I watch to the finale...

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 12 FINAL: The battle continues as more people become CROWDS and creating more chaos in the city. The Gatchaman were tied and Berg decided to kill JJ and enter the lair.

However OD was there and transformed to a Gatchaman. They began to battle and somehow OD defeated him but at the cost of his life. Rui had an idea to motivate everyone into using the CROWDS for good. He gave them missions in the GALAX app and soon everyone was helping up.

Berg saw that everyone was helping rather than killing. He was outraged and Hajime convinced him to give up. One year later, the CROWDS are still helping around and Berg got turned into a ribbon and wore on Hajime's uniform...

So if you are expecting the Gatchaman to become a fiery fire bird or JJ becoming G-1 in the final episode, you are clearly disappointed. Instead Hajime used a pacifist way to end the battle and Berg was convinced and even become good.

Final thoughts: Gatchaman is one of the best classic series about good vs evil. Using the names and references for this show is a big responsibility and somehow it didn't go so well. The first two or three episodes will have make people stay away from it, seeing we have an odd ward main character who think TOO out of the box. I stayed on and the ten episode was really the highlight. Seeing the Gatachman in action was great and I thought Berg Katze will be defeated in classic hero style.

But then No. Berg is like the Joker from the Dark Knight who want to spread anarchy and chaos. However people will make the right choices and it was these choices that Berg lost. Overall, Gatchaman Crowds was an all right show but because the Gatchaman title was slapped into it, fans of the original series including myself felt cheated out of it.

Fantasista Doll Ep 12 FINAL: Years ago, Komachi were best friends with her doll, Sonnet. However her card was damaged beyong repair while trying to save Komachi from a truck. In the present, Uzume and her began to battle but Proto Zero was too strong for them.

Kagami and Makoto met Anna who asked him to find a method to repair Sonnet. Komachi asked Uzume what will she have if she has one desire? But she is unable to reply. Komachi answered that her sole purpose is to revive Sonnet at the cost of all the dolls' data.

Kagami and Manai also joined into the fight but Proto Zero is too strong for them. However she started showing emotions and refused to fight. Uzume then told her that Sonnet will never allow her revival to be at the cost of others.

Anna and Makoto arrived and explained they found another way to revive Sonnet. Her data is spread all over cyberspace and they have to find every piece of her. The other doll users from the past also arrived and aid Uzume to find the data.

The dolls entered cyberspace and began searching. As dawn approached, Uzume's dolls were on top of a Ferris wheel and a flower bloom revealing a revival Sonnet. Komachi was touched and Uzume was glad that everything was over... (She did found the birthday present by the dolls.)

A better finale that Gatchaman Crowds. Komachi became obsessed with reviving Sonnet that she is willing to sacrifice everyone to do it. But thanks to Makoto and Anna, the battle was halted and everyone including the doll users Uzume battle before, joined in to search Sonnet's data. It was a bit rushed for this ending but I am glad it ended with a good note.

Final Thoughts: When I first see this show, I was thinking...if Uzume was a male, this show will become a Harem anime. But instead, we get a good show about friendship. I love the cast especially Katina and Miko's friendship. The minus point of this show is since this is a show about a Smartphone card battles, they didn't really do much explaining of the rules and everything randomly appeared out of nowhere from their cards. If they do explain what is going on, it will be a better show but then it will be as long as Yugioh.

I did watched other shows but didn't have the time to review it as there were too many. Here are some of the shows that I felt was either a miss or a hit.

Silver Spoon: This is one of the better shows that I have seen this whole season and the characters are lovable. You might shed a tear especially when Hachiken's pet pig was sent to be slaughter. Recommend as one of the better slice of life shows this year!

Love Lab: A white lie caused Riko to be mistaken as a Love Guru. Maki is one naive girl who imagine all sort of love scenarios with hilarious results. The last two episodes was a bit heavy but I hope for both Riko and Maki to find their true love...

Hyper Dimension Neptune the Animation: Combining the three game installment into a twelve episodes series is not easy but the characters are fun to watch and an unexpected enemy from the past brought them together to overcome it. Great show if you know your video games references!

Geni'o Kakeru Taiyo: Based on the tarot cards and battling corrupted souls, it started strong but the last few episodes was confusing which leave more questions than answers...

C3: Suppose to be the spiritual successor of K-ON, however an unlikable main character and less interesting supporting characters make it a downer. Especially when Yura behaved like a jerk for the last few episodes...

Dog and Scissors: Writers used their words to fight and I wonder how many people know that they are talking to a dog who used to be a human? An interesting show but the random plots here and there was a turn off.

Danganronpa the Animation: A murder mystery that keep you guessing who is the mastermind until the end. Although the survivors make it but a more bizarre world is awaiting outside..remind me of LOST...

Fate Kaleid Prima IIya: A spin off from the Fate series and it was pretty good and intense. Especially the battles with Dark Saber and Dark Berserker. There were some yuri tension between IIya and Miyu which seem to be resolved at the end. A second season is confirmed which introduced more Servants from the Fate universe.

Rozen Maiden 2013: The show spend almost 3/4 showing Adult Jun making a doll which is a trap for him to kill off Shinku. The final episode ended with a cliffhanger as young Jun is in a coma and his adult self need to come to the N-field to rescue him...Disappointed for a show that we have been waiting for more than 5 years...

Kiniro Mosaic: A sweet show about two England girls who came to study in Japan. There were some sweet moments especially Alice who remind me of Chiyu from Azumanga Daigo. The characters were fine but it felt like your generic Slice of Life show...

Watamoe: You really feel sorry for Tomoko who is considered a broken girl who is treated like a nobody in school, have an only friend who is a hottie, a younger brother who is better than her and her life is nothing but hoping to get laid by a 2D bishouen...

Ro-Kyu-Bu SS: You will cheer for Tomoka and her friends at the end of this series. Even though they have moved on to the next phase of their life, you will cherish those moments together! Recommended despite a lolicon show...

High School DxD New: We have two storyline for this season and it was interconnected. Issei's life changed completely after meeting with the White Dragon. Furthermore, the girls are moving into his house which complicated things further. If they do a third season, I will follow it!

Tamayura Aggressive: The second year for Fu and her friends and despite some slow moments, it was very good in it's pacing. As the third year began for them, it could mean the girls might go their separate ways after graduating. But I will still cheer for this show like how I like Aria the Animation!

Mushibugyo: This is one underrated Shouen anime. Set in Edo Japan where giant insects attacked the city. A young Samurai, Jinbei joined the Mushibugyo to battle it. The pacing was pretty fast although the ending is different from the manga but at least it was a good one!

To Aru Kaguku Railgun S: I reviewed some episodes and the SISTERS storyline was not so good but the second storyline-Silent Party was actually good and the finale was one of the better "everyone come and help" for a while. Recommended but watch the second half!

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