Sunday, September 29, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 34: Baby Blues

The Precures are battling a Jikochu in the city and after defeating it, Ai-Chan started crying and it gave Ira and Mammo a sudden increase in Jikochu energy, They overwhelm the Precures however Bel activated their curse and they retreated.

Dabi looked cute in a doctor's get up!

Later, Dabi checked on Ai-Chan but there was nothing wrong with her. The girls tried to cheer her but she keep throwing tantrums. They were worn out by Ai-Chan and took a break at Mana's family cafe.

Even as a baby, Mana is hyper active!

Rika's mother, Youko dropped by and Rika asked her tips on taking care of babies. However Youko told them that babies are very unpredictable and mentioned that Rika used to cry a lot when she was an infant. Mana's mother Ayumi told them that Mana was very playful as when she was a child which got her embarrassed.

Mana apologise to her mother for causing so much problems as a baby but she didn't mind and advised her that she need to maintain positive and smile for the baby. Rika too felt sorry for giving her mother problems as a baby however she was proud that Rika has become a fine girl now.

Rika went to take care of Ai-Chan on Mana's behalf and didn't get enough rest. Meanwhile, Bel ordered Ira to make Ai-Chan cry as to confirm his theory that she can give them more power. Alice and the others arrived to meet Mana and Rika and again tried to cheer Ai-Chan up.

Ira turned a motorcyclist into a Jikochu and attacked the girls. The girls transformed but the appearance of the Jikochu caused Ai-Chan to cry and giving Ira and the Jikochu a power boost. The Precures were getting beaten and Cure Diamond rushed to console Ai-Chan. The others tried to stop the Jikochu as Cure Diamond ensure Ai-Chan that everything will be all right.

A Diamond for you! (I like this shot of Rika!)

Ai-Chan stopped crying and the Jikochu is weakened. Cure Diamond used her new attack-Diamond Swirlier (Not sure if it is correct) to seal the Jikochu. They then finished it with Lovely Straight Flush.

After Ira retreated, the girls wondered why Ai-Chan could transmit power to the Jikochu. The Mirror Lovies was flashing and it revealed a comatose Ange in the mirror....

An another arc begin as to why Ai-Chan is able to give the Jikochu a power boost. I know something was suspicious the moment Ai-Chan was introduced to the series. Like Chiffon from Fresh Precure, she could be part of a bigger plot in the near future and somehow I suspect it could be connect to Ange and King Jikochu. This episode is also about the sacrifices and love that both Ayumi and Youko gave to their daughters and Mana and Rika appreciate for what they did. Rika tried her best to be a good "mother" to Ai-Chan and managed to console Ai-Chan. (Guess we all know that Rika is the "mother" of the group!)

Mammo is on a eating spree!

Makoto's smile! It overwhelm people!

Next episode, we discovered that Makoto hate visiting the dentist! Can she overcome her fear as the others were captured by a Dentist Jikochu? Find out next week!

P.S: I will be in Japan next Friday for a week and will be watching the next episode over there. I will be back on the 12th so until then, see you in the next post!


  1. The next episode is similar to that one episode in Sailor Moon SuperS.

  2. Diamond's attack is called "Diamond Sparkler"