Monday, August 19, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 29: Leave it to Sharuru!

Mana is busy with her student council works and other commitments. Sharuru want to help but couldn't due to her small size.

Later the girls were having a meeting at Joe's shop. (Where is he anyway?) Sharuru asked Dabi how to transform to a human like her. Rakeru and Lance were also curious and they begged her to teach them. She told them they have to focus their thoughts but warned there are certain things they couldn't do as a human and it require a lot of energy to maintain the form.

The three fairies tried but failed the first time. They tried again and finally become humans. They went to tell Mana and the others who were surprised to see their new appearances. The three fairies claimed they want to help their partners which the girls are touched.

Sharuru was helpful and Mana was impressed. Rakeru tried to help Rika's home works and dinner but she has already done it. Lance sing a lullaby to Alice but instead fell asleep first.

Reva and Gura are frustrated that their plans to find Ange failed and plan their next scheme. Sharuru transformed to a student and offered to help Mana's chores. A member of the student council, Jujo asked her to do some works which she perform well and was impressed. He even commented that Sharuru and Mana looked like twin sisters.

Mana's teacher asked Mana to deliver some documents to the middle school but she is engaged in  volleyball practice later. Sharuru offered to deliver and left the school. Along the way, she helped an old lady to carry her luggage and saved a boy from an accident. But the documents landed behind a truck and she went to chase it back.

She retrieved back the documents and continued to the middle school. Meanwhile, Reva and Gura created a Jikochu from a jealous volleyball player and damaged the gym. The girls want to transform but Sharuru isn't here. The others hold the fort while Mana went to find Sharuru.

Cure Ace also arrived and fired Ace Shoot at the Jikochu however it has another face and it is restoring the other's health. Without Lovely Force Arrow, they are unable to purify the Jikochu from both sides. Mana found Sharuru and told her what has happened. Sharuru realised she is unable to sense the Jikochu in human form which was what Dabi was warning her before.

She apologize but Mana didn't took it to heart and they quickly transform to aid the others. Together with the others, they joined forces to defeat the Jikochu before Cure Ace de-transformed. After the battle, Sharuru apologize to everyone for the trouble but they didn't mind. They know Sharuru wanted to be human to help Mana because she care for her. The old lady and the mother's boy earlier came and to look for Sharuru to thank her. The girls told them that they will pass the message to her and she is their good friend.

Aguri arrived and told the girls that they have achieved a stronger bond with their fairies and it is time for the final test...

A episode that focus on the fairies and it is pretty nice episode showing the "human" side of the fairies. Although everyone transformed, it is focused on Sharuru and Mana's relationship. Sharuru was lovable and helpful and even though she messed up a bit, she get the job done and everyone was impressed about it. Rakeru and Lance were all right and I like Alice's thoughts of having Lance as a younger brother.

The battle was an excuse to see Cure Ace teaming up with the girls and I am worried that future episodes will highlight Cure Ace's five minute form as a plot device to show she is not invincible. (That's suck since she is one of the strongest characters up to date) Furthermore, Aguri told the girls to prepare for the final test to prove their worthy in the upcoming battle and you know what that means? A new upgrade!  

Unfortunately we won't be seeing the next episode until 1st Sept as the next two weeks, no Doki Doki Precure! But it will be a good time to reminisce what has happen so far before we move to the second half of the series. Until then, see you in the next episode!

P.S: Quick Picks will be out later as I was busy last week. Anyone playing Disney Infinity on the PS3? It is pretty fun as I bought the starter pack and the remaining members of the Incredibles! Maybe I will get the Lone Ranger set although the movie sucked...


  1. I like this episode as well. The human forms are alive and adorable, especially Lance! =D

  2. Alice hasn't been wearing her school uniform.